Relationship And Happiness

Whatever heights you touch in this world, they are irrelevant if your relationship is poor. You will never be happy in your life. When you are not happy, you are not going to be your 100%, you will only be a fraction of your potential.
A fraction of you is an incomplete you, you are only going to underperform in the race of life.
A poor relationship will never keep you focused on your ambitions, they will always distract you. You will feel demotivated, disjointed, and dissatisfied.
This category is serving you happiness and a healthy relationship style.
Your relationships influence your every sphere of life. How you deal with your family members, neighbours, bosses, peers, subordinates, clients, and strangers. The way you interact with them determines the level of trust and coordination you are going to buildup in your relationships.
Your actions are not always telling the story of your relationship, but also your inactions are expressing you.
When your relationships are strong and you feel happy, your mindset shifts from a problematic state to a productive state. You feel confident and motivated. You become inspirational for others. Your performance increases, your life become better. You achieve big things in life.

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