Thoughts And Quotes

Thoughts and quotes give us primarily two things.
They give us great insight in a few words only, that stir of mind and shape our mindset.
They convey a message to act more compactly and effectively.
Thoughts are the foundation of every action. Thoughts make us great or mediocre. When we don’t know the thoughts and quotes of great people, then we don’t develop enough vision to act boldly.
When you act little, you become little.
When you don’t have great thoughts yourself, then you are not going to inspire others with your thoughts.
When you don’t inspire then you expire.
This category of thoughts and quotes is to build your vision. When you become a visionary, you change your life and the lives of many others, and you become a role model for society and for all those people who are associated with you. You inspire many.
When you achieve this level with the help of a greater mindset and services done by counselandqote, then the purpose of this category is fulfilled.
You are not only an individual, you are also an institution. People are reading you and learning from you. Your actions are being monitored and reenacted by your coming generations. Learn to serve yourself and society better.
The sole aim of this website and category is to serve you.

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