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Einstein’s birthplace is Ulm. Ulm is a city in the south German state of Baden, Wurttemberg.

Einstein’s birthplace Ulm city is famous for a very old church which is supposed to be centuries old. 

The huge Gothic Ulm Minster still attracts people from different parts of the world.

There flows the river Danube. There is a port in the city which is used for the transportation of goods for centuries. 

The world-famous successful boy was born here. 

Where Is Einstein’s Birthplace?

Where Is Einstein’s Birthplace?

It was the night of 14th March 1879, when Einstein was born. The world later knew him as a great physicist Albert Einstein. 

He was born in Ulm city. It is situated in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg in the German Empire.  

He was born into a family of Ashkenazi Jews. Ashkenazi refers to diaspora Jews who established communities along the Rhine in western Germany and northern France during the Middle Ages. 

His father’s name was Hermann Einstein, and he was an Engineer by profession. His mother was a homemaker. Her name was Pauline Koch.

How Was The Early life Of Albert Einstein?

When Einstein was young, his family moved to Munich in 1880. It was the Bavaria state capital and was located in western Germany. 

Einstein’s father and his uncle Jakob started a company there.

The name of the company was Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Cie. The company manufactured electrical equipment based on direct current. 

It was little Einstein’s first interaction with an electrical product and the understanding of Physics.

Einstein’s early childhood days were in Munich. His earlier education was also in Munich. 

His family migrated to Milan Italy when he was 15. 

But Einstein stayed in Munich for his schooling and studies. He was excellent in Maths and Physics. 

He had a great interest in these two subjects.

He later went to Switzerland for higher studies & PhD and then to America for his research assignments.

Let’s know who is Albert Einstein here.

Who Is Albert Einstein
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Who Is Albert Einstein & What Is His Achievement?

  • He is a theoretical physicist. He is acknowledged as the best physicist the world has ever produced.
  • He is famous for his theories which the world knew as the “Theory Of Relativity.” 
  • He has also given exceptional contributions to “Quantum Mechanics.”
  • The theory of relativity and quantum mechanics are the two important pillars on which modern physics is based.
  • He has given an equation E = mc2. This equation is an equivalence formula for mass-energy. 
  • This equation is part of a basic science which is studied around the entire world. Every basic science student knows this E = mc2 equation. 
  • He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics “for his services to theoretical physics. He had discovered the law of the photoelectric effect.” It is a pivotal step in the development of quantum theory.
  • He is the most loving scientist in the world and he is also considered the most genius person ever born on the face of the earth.

When Did Albert Einstein Die?

He died on 18th April 1955. He was 76 years old then. 

He passed away in Princeton, New Jersey, U.S. 

He never stopped his work. Till his last days, he was busy with his research papers. 

He was hospitalised a few days before he died. 

He had suffered an abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture.  

Albert Einstein's Death

What is Albert Einstein’s Full Name?

His full name is Albert Einstein. Einstein was his sir name. 

What is Albert Einstein’s Nationality?

Albert Einstein had different nationalities at different times.

  • Kingdom of Württemberg, part of the German Empire between 1879 & 1896
  • He was stateless between 1896 & 1901
  • He was a citizen of Switzerland between 1901 & 1955
  • He was also in Austria, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1911–1912)
  • Kingdom of Prussia, part of the German Empire (1914–1918)
  • Free State of Prussia, Weimar Republic, between 1918 & 1933
  • He finally applied for citizenship in The United States of America in 1940. which he received the same year(1940–1955). 
  • He remained an American till his death in 1955. 

Who Is Albert Einstein’s Wife?

Albert Einstein's Wife

  • Einstein married twice in his life. 
  • His first wife was Maric. She was from Switzerland. She was also his class-fellow and a close friend. 
  • They married in January 1903. They remained in a married relationship till 1921. After that, they separated and his wife returned to Switzerland. They had three children one daughter and two sons.
  • The reason for their separation was Einstein’s romantic relationship with his first maternal cousin  Elsa Lowenthal. She was also the second paternal cousin of Einstein. 
  • Einstein married Lowenthal in 1919. He has had a relationship with her since 1912. 
  • They emigrated to the United States in 1933 together. 
  • Elsa was diagnosed with heart and kidney problems in 1935 and died in December 1936.

What Is Albert Einstein’s IQ Level?

  • The full form of IQ is Intelligence Quotient. 
  • This IQ measurement methodology is known as Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale.
  • The IQ level or score was calculated by dividing a person’s mental age, as indicated by the test, by their chronological age and then multiplying the result by 100. 
  • Let’s take an example. A child whose chronological age is 12 but whose mental age is 15 would have an IQ of 125 (15/12 x 100).
  • The IQ level of Albert Einstein was estimated to be 160.

Where Is Albert Einstein’s Brain today?

Albert Einstein's Brain

  • Einstein died in 1955.
  • Thomas Stoltz Harvey was the pathologist at the University Medical Center of Princeton in Plainsboro, New Jersey who did the autopsy.
  • His brain was removed and cut into 240 blocks. Most of the brain blocks were cut by the university itself for future studies.
  • As of today, 170 of these blocks have been returned to the University Medical Center of Princeton. They are safely kept under lock and key as per the report of BBC 
  • Another 46 hair-thin slices of Einstein’s brain tissue are on display at the Mutter Museum of medical history in Philadelphia. 
  • Many of the other pieces are still missing.

What Are Albert Einstein’s Inventions?

Einstein’s inventions as we speak in the conventional sense are in the form of theories. 

Barring Einstein’s Refrigerator his other inventions are theories. These theories are the basis of many products. His theories and inventions are listed below.

  • Avogadro’s Number
  • Brownian Movement
  • Quantum Theory Of Light
  • Special Theory Of Relativity
  • Photoelectric Effect
  • Wave-particle Duality
  • General Theory Of Relativity
  • Bose-Einstein Condensate

Albert Einstein's Inventions

5 Best Lessons From The Life Of Albert Einstein

When we study his life, we found umpteen characteristics which are instrumental in shaping one’s life and making the life worth living. 

He was the genius most person ever born. He had given many theories which have made this world a beautiful place. Innumerable products are based on his theories. 

He was a noble laureate, a highly successful scientist and a physicist. His every quality boils down to these 5 basic attributes. 

Achievements of einstein

These 5 things are the core of Einstein’s success in his life. They are learning lessons from us. 

1- Long Term Vision

  • When we have a short-term vision, we only see a day or a maximum of a month. It is detrimental to our long-term growth. 
  • A long-term vision gives us the purpose of life. We live our lives for bigger goals. We are not limited. We become something in pursuit of these goals.
  • All the inventions which Einstein made were the result of his long-term vision. He spends his entire life for them. He served humanity with his vision.   

2- Self-belief

  • He had immense self-belief. His life is a testimony of that.
  • When we have self-belief, we are confident then. We do things with passion and confidence.
  • Self-belief strengthens our potential. We take massive actions and not half-hearted actions. Our super actions then convert into super results for us. 

3- Mastery

  • Albert Einstein’s life gives us this lesson- you have to be the master of your craft.
  • Mastery comes after intense preparation. We have to be well prepared. 
  • Mastery gives us authority and authority gives us command. When you are in command, it means you are in the driving seat of your life. You see progress in life. You change your level from level 1 to level 2 and so on.

4- Determination

  • Determination comes after the certainty of purpose and self-belief. Einstein was a highly determined human being.
  • When we are not determined, it means we are shaky in life. It further means we are not sure about our targets. When you are confused, you are bound to lose your way.
  • Determination gives us the strength to fight against the odds.

5- Gratitude

  • Einstein was thankful for many things in his life. This made him humble and humane.
  • When we are grateful, it shows that we are open to people and we are flexible. We are not stern and haughty. It is a positive characteristic.
  • Showing gratitude gives us mental peace and happiness. It expands our capacity to perform.

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Einstein’s birthplace, who is Albert Einstein, his life, death, wife, inventions, nationality, etc are all discussed here. The lessons from his life are also shared.

He is a genius who has transformed the pace of the world. 

He influenced not only humans but civilizations. 

His revelations touched every corner of our lives.

His life is full of meanings. His life is full of inspiration and motivation.   

We all need inspiration in our lives. Please share it with your friend or acquaintance. The life story may give them motivation and inspiration. You can become a catalyst for their change. 

May God bless you. Amen. 

Thank You.


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