Eliud Kipchoge Training Routine- Best 10 Practices For Success

Eliud Kipchoge training’ routine is important to understand for us.   

He won the marathon twice in 2016 and 2022. He broke his record in 2022. He is the world record holder in the marathon with a time of 2:01:09 set at the 2022 Berlin Marathon.

His success is the outcome of his fitness and training. Eliud Kipchoge Training programme is discussed around the world owing to his stupendous success. 

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Eliud Kipchoge Training Routine

Eliud Kipchoge Training Routine

Eliud Kipchoge is widely considered one of the greatest marathon runners of all time. 

His training regime has played a big part in his success and here are some of the key training principles he follows. 

1- Consistency 

  • When you become consistent, your routine helps you in achieving bigger targets. It also shows commitment to your goal. You are not intermittent and moody. 
  • Kipchoge trains consistently, putting in the miles every day. He does not take long breaks from training and maintains his fitness levels throughout the year.

2- High mileage

  • When you have decided to become a marathon runner, you have to follow a strict work ethic. You have to practice hard and improve your running. You have to increase the mileage gradually. 
  • Kipchoge runs a high weekly mileage of around 150 miles, which is much higher than the average runner. It helps him build perseverance and prepare for the demands of the marathon.

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3- Tempo runs 

  • You have to put yourself through tough challenges to excel in life. Don’t be easy in life. This kind of attitude will make your life tough. The tempo running technique is to build your muscles, running and stamina.
  • Kipchoge incorporates tempo runs into his training to improve his race pace. These runs are performed at a faster pace than his normal training runs. It helps him build the strength and speed needed for the marathon.

4- Interval training 

  • You have to mix your running practice. An outburst of running and then relaxing. This practice continued on daily basis keeps you ready for bigger occasions.  
  • Kipchoge also does interval training to improve his speed and power. This type of training involves short, intense bursts of running followed by recovery periods.

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5- Hill training 

  • Toughness and resiliency convert you into a determined person. Eliud Kipchoge always gives himself tough chances. 
  • Running hills is another key aspect of Kipchoge’s training, as it helps him build strength in his legs and improve his running form.

6- Cross-training 

  • You have to have an unconventional thought. When you think like others, you become like others. Tink of preparation means which is not adopted by other opponents. You will always be a step ahead of others.
  • Kipchoge incorporates other forms of exercises too in his training. He added cycling and swimming, into his training to help build strength and prevent injury.

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7- Mental training 

  • Mental preparation is attached to your physical preparation. When you are mentally strong, you will also feel physically strong. Your mental strength solidifies your belief system. You win if you have belief in your abilities.
  • Kipchoge recognizes the importance of mental preparation in his training. He visualizes himself running strong and confident during races. This way he draws a mental image of running, going ahead, beating others, and running the race. It hugely helps him work on maintaining a positive mental attitude even when things get tough.

8- Nutrition 

  • What you eat is related to how strong your body becomes. Always eat in balance. Foods which give you strength and stamina are your diet. 
  • Proper nutrition is also important for Kipchoge. Nutritious food provides the fuel he needs to train and perform at his best. He eats a balanced diet. His diet includes plenty of carbohydrates, protein, Vitamins, and healthy fats.

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9- Rest and recovery 

  • Proper rest and recovery are also important. It manages wear and tear. Your body gets to rest and gets ready for a strenuous schedule.
  • Eliud Kipchoge takes rest and recovery seriously. He is also very particular about proper sleep and taking time off when needed. He also uses recovery methods such as stretching, massage, and ice baths to help his body recover from a tough training schedule.

10- Customized training 

  • What suits your body, your long-term goal, and your competition set the standard for you. You have your standard which is different from others. Know them and prepare accordingly. 
  • Kipchoge’s training is customized to his unique needs and capabilities. He makes exercises taking into account his strengths and weaknesses. He works closely with his coach to develop a training plan that is tailored to his specific needs and goals.


Eliud Kipchoges training is characterized by his obsessive work ethic. He works on his consistency, high mileage, tempo runs, interval training, hill training, cross-training, mental training, proper nutrition, rest and recovery. 

He became a world champion by following them religiously. His determination, simplicity, and work on basics outclass others. 

Please share Eliud Kipchoge training methodology with your friends and relatives. We all can learn from his consistency and simplicity. His work ethic and performance can motivate any ordinary person to become extraordinary. 

May God bless you. Amen. 

Thank you.

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