Richard Feynman IQ & 10 Lessons From Richard Feynman’s Life

What is Richard Feynman IQ? What are the important lessons from Richard Feynman’s Life? We will deal with these two questions here.

Who Was Richard Feynman? 

Who Was Richard Feynman?

  • Richard Feynman was a world-famous physicist from America.
  • He was born on May 11, 1918, in Queens, New York City. He left for the heavenly abode on February 15, 1988.
  • Richard Feynman IQ and life-changing lessons from this Nobel laureate scientist have always been the talk of the town. 
  • Richard Feynman was a physicist and Nobel Prize winner. He earned this prize working on quantum mechanics and particle physics. 
  • Feynman received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965 jointly with Julian Schwinger and Shin’ichiro Tomonaga.
  • His brilliance and creative thinking earned him a reputation as one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century.
  • Feynman was famous for his exceptional problem-solving abilities. His ability to explain complex scientific concepts in simple terms was phenomenal.
  •  He was a profound philosopher and had a natural inquisitiveness about the world around him. His curiosity plus his strong work ethic helped kept him ahead of other scientists in the same field.

Nobel Prize Ceremony

What Was Richard Feynman IQ?

What Was Richard Feynman IQ?

  • Though his IQ(Intelligence Quotient) was officially never measured, it is widely accepted that his IQ standard was pretty high. He was highly intelligent. 
  • Some experts estimate that his IQ was in the 160-165 range. This is the range of “genius” category people. Some predict it to be around 125. An IQ test administered in high school estimated his IQ at 125.

Richard Feynamn IQ & Intelligence

  • Feynman’s intelligence was not limited to just physics. He was second from none in mathematics and greatly understood engineering and computer science. 
  • He was able to make connections between different fields and used his interdisciplinary knowledge to make groundbreaking contributions to physics.

IQ Level Richard Feynman

  • The great physicist was also known for his ability to think creatively and outside the box. 
  • He often approached problems from a different perspective and was not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. 
  • This approach, combined with his exceptional problem-solving skills, authorised him to make great advancements in the field of physics. His Nobel Prize is proof of it.
  • Feynman’s intelligence was not just limited to his academic abilities. 
  • He was a born teacher and communicator. You won’t believe that his physics lectures continue to be widely observed and appreciated even today. 
  • He took complex concepts and explain them in lucid ways.
  • Earlier this kind of information was accessible to people with a wide range of backgrounds and levels of scientific knowledge.
  • Feynman was also known for his virtues and honesty. 
  • He was a firm believer in the scientific method and was not afraid to speak out against scientific fraud or mischief.
  • Overall, Richard Feynman was a brilliant physicist and an intellectual whose work and legacy continue to influence the field of physics and inspire people around the world.
  • His outstanding brilliance, along with his innovative thoughts and adherence to scientific integrity, makes him a true icon of modern science.

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Lessons From Richard Feynman’s Life

There are numerous success lessons we can learn from his life. Here we are giving the 10 best Lessons From Richard Feynman’s Life. 

1- Be Curious. Be Flexible

  • Richard Feynman says you must be curious. Your curiosity takes you towards new ideas and new perspectives. When you don’t use your curiosity, you become stagnant. You don’t pose any questions. If your mind is not asking questions, you will not search for answers. 
  • New ideas and new answers can guide you towards new directions. When you get new smart ways, you must accept them to proceed further in life. Always show your curiosity and flexibility. They are the food for your growth. 

Understand more 3

2- Challenge Old Beliefs

  • Don’t become a follower of ideas in every aspect. Know them, understand them, process them in your mind, and then accept and assimilate them. 
  • This way you will not be following anything blindly. This thought process will make a difference between you and others. This world will recognize you only when you are different from others.    

3- Learn The Art Of Learning

  • Richard Feynman reminisces, Einstein’s disciples and MIT students could not produce the theory they knew only because they only memorised it and don’t try to understand it. Understanding is the most important part of learning. 
  • When your learning process is wrong, your thinking and comprehension methodology will not help you in climbing the ladder of success. 

4- Learn From Everyone

  • Feynman says you can learn from everyone. Don’t think that you have insights so you know everything. It makes you haughty and halts your progress. He cites his example that he thought he knew everything in the early days. It kept him behind momentarily unless he realized his mistake and rectified it.
  • Learning from everyone is an attitude. Keep yourself open to ideas and people around you.

Love new challenges 4   

5- Challenges Are Better Than Conformity

  • When you are well set in the rut of the routine, you feel comfortable in that setup. You live in your comfort zone. It is dangerous. The same kind of understanding and living may cast you dear in the progress of life. Love new challenges and surmount them.
  • Challenges expand you and force you to think of new strategies. It causes you to grow. Your gamut extends and so is your clout. Your power and value grow.   

6- Breadth & Depth Both Are Important

  • Breadth is your base(your support). Depth is your height(your power). There must be a right ratio between your breadth and height. The right ratio can be exemplified by setting a ladder against a wall. When your base is more your height is short. When your height is more your base is short. Maintain the right ratio between the two. 
  • The right kind of proportion makes you a broad personality. You shine in every circumstance. 

7- Have Fun In Whatever You Do

  • After working on the Atomic Bomb, Feynman suffered from burnout. He decided to find the fun part of his work. He also developed the habit to do big things more lightly.
  • Fun energizes you in your work. You don’t feel exhausted in doing them. It restores stamina and empowers you for bigger challenges.   

8- Your Expansion Depends On Your Experiment

  • When you don’t experiment, you don’t get new results. Your new thoughts and findings expand you. 
  • Never stop trying new things in life. They have the key to your mental progress. The Nobel prize is an award for your new actions.

9- Failure Takes You Towards Success

  • Whenever you embark on a new journey, you may face failures. Failures don’t halt your progress. Only not trying new things stop your progress.
  • Richard Feynman says that he failed in many experiments. But he earned the coveted Noble prize only because he continued with his experiments. 

10- Continuously Polish Your Knowledge & Skill

  • Keep on polishing your knowledge and skills. Keep yourself abreast with the latest. 
  • Your advancement of life is hidden in movements. Move on don’t stop. 

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The Richard Feynman IQ and Lessons From Richard Feynman’s Life are stated here. There are many motivations and inspirations available here in his suggestions. 

We can learn new things and progress in life by following them. If we want to serve humanity, we have to become an example first. 

These principles by Richard Feynman will help us become successful people. We will be able to serve humans and humanity.

Please share Richard Feynman’s ideas with your friends and relatives. They may find any spark which can ignite their life.

May God bless you. Amen. 

Thank you.




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