Jim Kwik Limitless Book Summary, Review & Lessons

Jim Kwik Limitless Book is a master memory book. It teaches us methods to enhance memory, improve cognitive ability and unlock our full potential. 

The Limitless book is written by the world-famous brain coach and expert in accelerated learning techniques.

You can consider Jim Kwik Limitless Book as a self-help book. The full name of the book is “Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life” authored by Jim Kwik.

This book covers topics such as speed reading, memory improvement, and accelerated learning techniques.

This book is written in such a lucid way for readers to develop their memory power and overall cognitive ability.

Jim Kwik says we all have immense learning potential which is mostly underutilized. This Limitless Book teaches you to maximize your potential to change your results through stronger memory.

Here, we are giving the summary, review and lessons from the book in a unique way.

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Download Free Limitless Jim Kwik Book Pdf 

Download Free Limitless Jim Kwik Book Pdf 

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Jim Kwik Limitless Book Summary, Review & Lessons 

Jim Kwik is known worldwide for his techniques to optimize brain functions and learning skills. 

His techniques are supremely effective in training brains, improving memories, speed reading, mental agility and information retention.

In the book ‘Limitless’ Jim Kwik has given his insights in the form of tips to surmount mental barriers, empower mental retention power and develop better learning habits.

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Jim Kwik Limitless Book

This book is full of wisdom. It teaches readers many techniques to improve their brain power.

Limitless means beyond boundaries. This book and its tips make readers limitless.

Jim Kwik Limitless Book Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 1
Fundamentals Are Important

Jim Kwik says, to pay attention to the fundamentals of mind, memory and remembering styles. 

He gave a formula in his book. It is famous as FASTER. With its help, you can remember better and complete a task faster.

FASTER means

F- Forget

If you have to memorize something or to do anything faster, then you have to ‘Forget’ the distractions around you. Make the environment around you as favourable as possible. 

A- Act

The second step is to act. Once you make yourself distraction-proof, begin to act or turn into action.

S- State

Check your mental status. For speed reading, memorizing, remembering or learning your status of the mind is very important. Bring yourself into a motivational or inspirational state. It is important for learning. 

T- Teach

Teach the thing you have to memorize or learn. It is the best way to remember anything. Teach your team members. It will improve their performance and they will do things quickly to enhance the overall performance of the team.

E- Enter

Enter means participating in activities important for your improvement. You will learn and know new things. It will boost your confidence and memory.

R- Review

Review means repeat and check. It corrects you and improves you. It is an important part of learning and memory building. 

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 2
MMM Rules (Triple M Rules)

M- Mindset

Have a positive mindset. Jim Says your mindset determines your memory power. A weak mindset means a weaker memory and a strong mindset means stronger memory. Think positively and act positively. 

M- Motivation

Don’t wait for external motivation. Be in an auto-motivate state all the time. You will do things with energy. It will give momentum and direction to life. It will help your brain-power affirmatively.

M- Method

Check your working methods and keep on improving them. Adopt new technologies and techniques. It will give you improved methods and help you grow. Your mind will become curious and you learn faster and better.

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 3
The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Technique

The technique is highly useful in faster reading. When you go for speed reading technique, you can read more in less time.

You can finish your chapters faster, read more books, remember more content, and memorize better using this 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 technique.

This technique tells you to set the timer for 5 minutes and read a chapter of the book. After 5 minutes, check how much you have read. Gradually reduce this time limit to 4 minutes then to 3, 2 and 1 minute.

You are practising speed reading. Your focus is to read faster and not understand the content. Your concern is only to read faster.

Slowly, you will develop an understanding too. Continue this exercise for 10 days and monitor the result. You will notice that you are an improved reader now. You read faster than others.

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Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 4
Ask Better & Effective Questions to Yourself

Tony Robbins says, when you ask bullshit questions to yourself, life gives you bullshit replies. When you ask better questions to yourself, life gives you better replies. 

Jim Kwik tells in his book to ask these three questions to yourself daily and try to answer them.

Question 1- What can I achieve in life?

Question 2- What have I achieved so far in life?

Question 3- What is possible for me to achieve in future?

The answer to these questions tells you about your current state and future journey. They tell you about your goal-setting and past achievements. These questions frame you in the right spirit to accomplish more in life.

Always ask these 3 questions to yourself and they will direct you towards your target.

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 5
Techniques for Effective Reading

Whenever you read a book, first scan through the book and try to read fast. Mark interesting and easy chapters.

Read for the second time and you will understand the content better. Make some keynotes. Read again the same book for the third time.

This time focus more on the tough chapters of the book. You will grasp them better.

This way you make a habit of reading any book three times. You will properly understand the book by fast reading. You will get the idea of the book completely.

Then keep on scanning the book chapters now and then a few times. The book will etch into your mind and you will never forget its contents.

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 6
Judge Your Progress by Asking A Few Questions to Your Mind

Ask yourself these questions.

Question 1- Am I Still Motivated by My Goals?
It will give you your current mental state.

Question 2- Am I Still Charged Up for the Goal?
It will jolt your energy level. It will also guide you to readjust your goals.

Question 3- Why Am I demotivated for my Goal?

If you find your aim was motivated by wrong things and you are no longer inspired by them, change them and begin afresh. At least you will find your right track.

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 7
Maintain A High Standard & Healthy Environment

Jim Kwik says in his book ‘Limitless’ that your environment is an extremely important thing. Build a healthy environment around you to concentrate and focus. 

For building your environment to give more power to your mind, you can go for this three habit-building.

1- Sit at a particular place at a particular time for reading or doing something. You are training your mind to give your best concerning thoughts at that particular time. You are activating your neurons.

2- Relax your mind by listening to music or playing any indoor/ outdoor game. Indulge in some services to others to get mental peace and relaxation. It is up to you whatever you find relaxation in.

3- Don’t be distracted by anything. Keep all the distractions away from your environment.

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 8
Don’t Read The Same Chapter Again and Again Initially

If you read the same book or chapter again and again for understanding, it will break your momentum and halt you from quick reading.

Keep on reading. You aim to read and not to understand completely. This way your mind will catch fast reading. Once you get a master’s in fast reading, you automatically feel quick in understanding it too.

Many people leave a book reading only a few parts because they lose momentum. When you continue reading brain anticipates the sense and sends you the signal of general meanings of the text.

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 9
Avoid Subvocalization

Jim Kwik suggests readers against subvocalization.
He says, subvocalization cuts down on your reading pace and slows down your reading speed.

If you have this habit then change it.

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 10
Don’t Go For Word For Word Reading

Read the entire paragraphs rather than words. Try to understand the meaning of the paragraph and not merely the words. You will read and understand faster.

Your memory will retain it longer. Try to visualize things while reading.
Develop a habit of reading for at least 20 minutes every day.

Jim Kwik Book Limitless Summary/ Review/ Lesson- 11
Jim Kwik- Avoid 4-Ds

1- D- Digital Deluge 

There is so much information available on social media. Don’t watch unnecessary videos or read useless materials. Your mind will be over-occupied by these futile pieces of information. It will fail to concentrate on useful and creative things.

2- D- Digital Distraction

Your notifications and their beeps keep on distracting you. They put you off from your important work.

3- D- Digital Dementia

Almost every answer is available on Google or social media. People don’t take pains to remember them. It is weakening their memory and brain power. 

They don’t focus hard on thinking and deriving answers rather they take the support of social media and jump to conclusions. It is weakening their analytical and logical skills. It is also reducing their concentration span.

4- D- Digital Deduction

We are no more logical and imaginative because of the digital onslaught. We are less creative and thoughtful. 

10 Steps to Improve Memory by Jim Kwik

1- Stay organized
Organize your time and schedule.
2- Get Enough Sleep
Sleep for 7-8 hours.
3- Stay Active
Exercise daily at least for 25 minutes.
4- Eat a Balanced Diet
Healthy diets make a healthy mind and body.
5- Stay Hydrated
Drink enough water the whole day.
6- Practice Mindfulness
Enhance your focus and attention.
7- Stay Socially Engaged
Interacting with others stimulates your brain.
8- Use Mnemonic Devices
Mnemonic devices are an aid to your memory. Techniques like acronyms, visualization, and rhyming can make information more memorable.
9- Chunk Information
Break down big information into chunks to remember them easily.
10- Practice Regularly
Practice makes you perfect. Revize and repeat daily.


  • Fundamentals Are Important
  • FASTER Technique
  • MMM Rules (Triple M Rules)
  • The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Technique
  • Ask good questions to yourself
  • Learn techniques for effective readings
  • Judge your progress
  • Maintain a healthy and peaceful environment
  • Don’t go for slow reading. Fast reading is a must
  • Avoid subvocalization
  • Don’t go for word-for-word reading
  • Avoid Digital Deluge, Digital Dementia, Digital Distraction and Digital Deduction.

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