10 Best Inspirations From Can’t Hurt Me By David Goggins Summary

Inspirations From The Book Can’t Hurt Me By David Goggins summary are penned down here. The points mentioned are life-changing. 

If you apply these principles in your life, you witness a transformed life.

Can’t Hurt Me By David Goggins summary is no ordinary book. It is a reservoir of ideas. It is full of life worth living.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a working person or a student, a male or a female, a black or a white, it equally affects you and gives your life a paradigm shift. 

You improve and change your level. 

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Can’t Hurt Me By David Goggins

But before knowing about the book by David Goggins, let’s know some facts about David Goggins.  

maximum pushups by Goggins

How David Goggins Developed A Callous Mind? 

How David Goggins Developed A Callous Mind?

  • His hands developed callous skin because of the friction between his hands and pull-up bars. 
  • This callous hardening of the skin blunted the pain. It sparked an idea in his mind. 
  • He concluded that the same thing happens with our minds. 
  • When you create mental friction by going against your mind’s constant need for comfort and thrust yourself into intense physical and mental challenges, you gradually callous over your fear of discomfort and increase your pain tolerance. 
  • This way you become mentally strong. Issues which are problems for common people become opportunities for you.  
  • Your mental toughness converts into your actions, behaviours and favourable results.

Quote By David Goggins

David Goggins Life & Achievements

  • David Goggins was born on February 17, 1975. His parents were Trunnis and Jackie Goggins
  • He had an abusive childhood
  • Goggins and other family members suffered regular and harsh abuse from his father. 
  • He escaped from him along with his mother to Brazil, Indiana in the USA.
  • He had talked about these issues in the book Can’t Hurt Me
  • He converted all his sufferings into stepping stones and took massive actions. 
  • He achieved all the greatness through guts and grit. 
  • He begins racing on a 1-mile track with zero training. 
  • His 260 pounds weight was a big negative for him. But his determination smashed all boundaries  
  • He had broken all the smaller bones in his feet and lost all his toe-nails 
  • He is the only person in the world who has completed NAVY SEAL Training, the US Army School Ranger Training, and the Air Force Tactical & Air Force Controller Training. 
  • He ran for 205 miles without stopping.
  • He has a Guinness World Record for the most pull-ups in the world. He has 4030 pull-ups in 24 hours.

The 10 Inspirations From The Book Can’t Hurt Me By David Goggins Summary

This Book Can’t Hurt Me is a memoir by David Goggins.

The book essence Can’t Hurt Me By David Goggins is summarised in 10 points. 

These pointers will inspire and energize you. They will motivate you and instigate you to take massive actions in life.

David Goggins Book

Now, go step by step to understand the book Can’t Hurt Me.

1- You must have An Accountability Mirror

  • An accountability mirror shows you who you are
  • When he decided to join the Air Force, the mirror showed him an over-weight 260 pounds man 
  • It was a handicap in his pursuit of becoming an athlete
  • He converted the mirror into an accountability mirror.
  •  He started sticking daily goals on the mirror and patting himself after achieving these goals
  • You can also write your dreams, goals and weaknesses on paper and stick them in the mirror. Be honest to accomplish them. You are your best evaluator. 

Accountability mirror 1

2- Know Your Barriers Which Is Stopping You   

  • Unless you know your weaknesses, you can’t eradicate them
  • Failure to know them will hinder your progress
  • You can never touch your peak with your weaknesses
  • Abusing and impoverished childhood was David Goggins’s biggest barrier. It had given him bad memories, torture, poverty and no love
  • Goggins says that you have to write all your pains on a piece of paper and repeatedly read them
  • You have to feel the pain. It will shake your emotions.
  • Show your courage to master these negative emotions. This is the first step towards rebuilding a new thought process. It will shape you into your best version 

Know your barriers 2

3- Accept Discomfort & Love Them 

  • One day, after returning from his job, David Goggins opened the TV set. A documentary about NAVY SEAL training was running on TV. 
  • He was inspired by the training and in the heat of the moment decided to become a NAVY SEAL trainer
  • But his 262 pounds body was the biggest hindrance
  • He became obsessed with his goal
  • He reduced 106 pounds in 3 months to make himself eligible for the training. Such was the madness to reach the target
  • How did he do it? He did it by training his mind.
  • When you do something consistently with a positive belief, your mind accepts that as a reality and starts responding to you with positive results 
  • You have to leave your comfort zone and smash all barriers. You have to push yourself and embrace all discomforts that come the way 
  • Challenging yourself and fighting with the challenges will convert all the impossibles into possibilities. This is the only way to accomplish big things in life

Accept Discomfort & love them 3

4- Go The Extra Mile For Taking Souls

  • Hell Week is the hardest and toughest part of the NAVY SEAL Training. Almost 2/3rds the candidates quit the training in between. 
  • Goggins also discontinued this training twice. He had developed pneumonia and fractured legs.
  •  But on his third attempt, he finished the training. He earned a promotion not only for himself but also for his team 

david Goggins book

  • Goggins elucidates that you have to apply “Taking Souls” tactics to accomplish anything
  • Taking Souls- Taking souls is acknowledging your opponents and using your feelings toward them to fuel your best work, take them by surprise, and earn their respect.
  • You have to impress other people’s souls with your hard work.
  • Whatever you are engaged in, do one step more than required from you. It will become an investment from your side, and you will reap a compounding return.  

Go the extra mile for taking souls 4

5- Visualize Your Success  

  • During NAVY SEAL training, candidates had to run 60 miles a day. Goggins got his knee injured.
  • He was not seeing his injury, he was seeing his goals. 
  • When you visualize your success, your joys undermine your pains. You achieve impossible results in life.
  • Very often, we people live in the present moments of our lives. So the joy of the present or the pain of the present affects your final results.    
  • When you learn to visualize your success, you are less affected by the joy or pain of the present. You are energized for the final blow. 
  • Make your mind so powerful that nothing can stop you from visualizing success. You will cross all hurdles without hurting yourself.   

visualize your success 5

6- Dismantle The Governor From Your Mind

  • Goggins repeatedly says in the book that we all have governors in our minds. 
  • The governor stops us from exploring 100% of our minds. It makes us underachievers. 
  • Mainly people use 40% of their minds. It puts us in the category of average people.  
  • If we want to achieve anything bigger in life, we have to first and foremost chase away the governors from our minds.
  • Remember the 40% Rule– The 40% Rule says that when your mind first tells you that you are done, you are only 40% done. When you go deeper within yourself, you realize that you have not even tapped your half of the potential. 
  • What you are capable of is much more than what your governor is signalling you. 
  • So when you get a signal from your mind that you are exhausted, know that still you have 60% more reserves available.   
  • If you run for 10 miles and your mind says it is done, don’t listen, go for one extra mile. When 100 push-ups exhaust you don’t stop, go for 10 more. This way you expand your limit and achieve bigger feats in life.

7- Maximize Your Time

  • Hard work is more important than talent. 
  • If you are talented and lazy, you will be defeated by a person who is hardworking and less talented in the long run
  • Mainly people complain, they don’t have enough time to do anything new or start any new habit or learn any new lesson. It’s not true.
  • Goggins says to note down where you are spending your time and prepare a chart for it. It will give you a trend for your time-spending. 
  • Take a 3-week challenge. 
  • In the first week, track the time on your various activities and note them down
  • In the second week, make 20 minutes block for your activities. See how many blocks you require to finish those activities.
  • In the third week, you will realize that you have enough time for other things.
  • This way, the management of time will maximize time for you. 

maximize your time 7

8- Keep On Improving Yourself

  • Don’t stop after getting some initial successes. You will become a failure again. 
  • Keep on improving by setting new targets for yourself.
  • When you use success as a cushion, you will become lazy. Success loves hard-working people. It will leave you and shake hands with the one who is more willing to get her.
  • Success is not the name of a destination. It is a journey, one station after another and then another. Don’t make your last success an enemy for your next success.

keep on improving yourself 8

9- Stock Your Cookie Jar 

  • The list of your achievement is your cookie jar.
  • If your cookie jar is empty, you will not feel inspired. 
  • It is our fundamental responsibility to fill them on regular basis. 
  • Little achievements pave way for bigger ones. They energize you and motivate you. 
  • When you stumble upon new opportunities and your cookie jar is empty, you feel depleted. This is the common story of every average person. 
  • Fill your cookie jar.

stock your cookie jar

10- Learn From Your Mistakes   

  • Failure is your best teacher. It pushes you and allows you to work on your weaknesses.
  • When you don’t make mistakes or face failures, it’s even worse.
  • It means that you are not trying new things in life. 
  • You are not using your creativity and innovation. 
  • Goggins failed twice in his push-up attempts before making a Guinness world record. 
  • Convert every failure into a block and use them in building a ladder of success.
  • Always analyze your failures, their reasons and your improvement areas. It will guide you towards your success track.

Can't hurt me

Key Takeaways From Can’t Hurt Me By David Goggins

  • Barriers are always in the mind. Remove them to improve your performance

  • Convert your stumbles into stepping stones

  • Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done. 

  • Compete with your abilities 

  • The stock of your cookies moulds your moves

What changes your circumstances? Your thoughts and actions on them. 

This book is full of thoughts. It has changed many people’s lives.

Maybe someone somewhere wants to change their circumstances. 

Please help them by sharing this article. 

You are a catalyst of change. May God Bless You. Amen.

Thank You. 




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