Thoughts On Success- 10 Best Thoughts That Can Change Your Life.

Thoughts On Success

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Your thoughts on success show that you are desperate to change your life. Your quest for thoughts on success also means that you want a change in your life. You want to improve upon your current status to change your life

 What is success? Success is an accomplishment of a certain activity. It is a result of your effort. Success is the attainment of your desired wish.

Your focus over thoughts on success also indicates that you want a change in your personal life, professional life, family life, and relationships. 

Your this mission to change your life tells volumes about your identity. It shows that you are aware of your current position and you want to develop your personality as a more powerful and dynamic one. 

Here are your top 10 take-ups on thoughts on success. Read them, answer them, internalize them, and change your life.

Thoughts On Success

1- Know Yourself Better

Know yourself better is a conscious effort. Not knowing yourself wouldn’t help you in your quest. Your intention and purpose must come your way. Try to answer these questions to yourself. 

What do you want in life? What makes you happy? Who you want to become like? Your answer to these questions will tell you more about yourself.

How will you improve if you are ignorant about your identity? When you don’t know about your personality then others opinion about you becomes your reality. You try to fit in with what others think about you. Check yourself how you behave on a good day, how you react on a bad day. 

 When you are not sure about yourself then you become a confused identity. Your decisions become wavering. Your vision about yourself becomes hazy. Success bypasses you. Change your life and give more thoughts on success.

Thoughts On Success

2- Admit Your Mistakes To Change Your Life

You know yourself. You know your progress. Now you are in a better position to judge your mistakes. Judge yourself judiciously. Work on your mistakes. This will improve your performance, your relationship, your behaviour. This will soften your heart and give you mental peace. 

‘I am sorry’ is such a powerful statement that takes a relationship in a new happy way. Start a true conversation with yourself. Listen to your heart. When you are adamant then you don’t learn. You become stubborn and your progress stops. 

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Never focus on who is right? Always focus on what is right? When you focus on who is right then you become important and your topic of discussion takes the secondary stage. You try to thrust your viewpoint.

Either you defend what you say or you offend what others are telling. When your focus is on what is right then the information becomes supreme. You say your opinion and listen to others’ viewpoints. It spreads awareness and knowledge. You will always learn and progress if you know How to admit your mistakes. Read more on this topic here.

Thoughts On Success

3- Know Your Mission Of Life

A friend of mine failed in his first 2 attempts of clearing an administrative examination. Friends and relatives around him suggested another career option. But my friend has his thoughts on success, which was different from others. 

He had a clear view of his mission. He had a clear understanding of himself. He had a firm belief in what he was doing. He cleared the competition in his third attempt. 

Others’ opinion about you is none of your business.

When you know yourself better, you know what to do? That is why ‘know yourself better’ the first step is very important. That sets the agenda for you. 

Know your mission. Move ahead one step at a time. Every step forward will make you confident and energized. You will find motivation in your movement. Your dopamine flow will urge you for bolder steps. You will become more influential and strong.

Thoughts On Success

4- A Mentor Is Your Guardian On Your Thoughts On Success

A mentor is an expert in a particular field. Here, you need a mentor in setting your life goals in order. The mentor counsels you and helps you utilize your resources more professionally. Your mentor gives you guidance and direction. He refines your qualities, nurtures them, and makes them aligned with your future goals.

He directs you when you move away from your target. He instils confidence in you. He motivates you. He makes your mission a SMART mission. A SMART mission has the following characteristics.

S means Specific, M means Measurable, A means Attainable, R means Realistic, and T means Time-Bound.

He teaches you to focus more strongly. He makes your goal specific and measurable for you to attain it in a realistic environment within a time frame. This way your mentor helps you bring the best out of you and your mission. He makes you more optimistic about your life and goal. He coaches you to handle bad days and challenging times. 

Your mentor saves you from falling and derailing your mission. He reflects and refines your progress. He is supreme on thoughts on success and catalyst to change your life. He makes you accountable. There is a great lecture available on Youtube on this topic by Dan Lok. Listen to it for a deeper understanding of the matter.

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Thoughts On Success

5- Track Your Progress to change your life

The accomplishment of the goal is the purpose. Tracking becomes inevitable to judge the motion. The actions you are taking to pursue your mission have certain outcomes. The outcomes indicate uphills or downhills.

You can cutout your mission to smaller tasks. Make your tasks specific and time-bound. Complete them one by one. Celebrate your achievement. You will feel self-assured and motivated. Your accomplishments make you more success oriented. You will track better.

Track your tasks on a calendar. This analysis will lead you towards your planning and organizing. You will be able to plan better and analyze better. This will organize your mission. You will become more systematic and disciplined in your effort. 

Thoughts On Success

6- Keep On Improving, Don’t Stop

Keep on improving is a very important lesson to learn. Our thoughts on success have a bearing on our life. Read a good book, overcome your fear, develop new skills are some potent ways of improvement. 

Maintain your health, exercise daily. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Challenge your comfort zone to grow Your reach. Shake your routine. Do something different. When you challenge your existing beliefs then you fight for the next level.

This helps you grow your perception. Your canvas of thoughts becomes broader. You improve with the improvement in your level. Ask for feedback about you. Feedbacks give you additional areas to work on to improve. Take the help of your mentor, family friend, relative, to give feedback to you about your current status.  

Continuous improvement means knowing your flaws and rectifying them. Take massive actions. Your massive actions will take you to massive results. Inspire from others’ success. It will help you in your quest. Build good habits. Good habits give a whole new direction to your life.

An article written by me is also available on a similar topic. It is going to win situations for you. That will take you from Failure To Success. Read it for greater perception.

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Thoughts On Success

7- Make Your Relationships Lovely

The success of life revolves around love and affection. When you hold hands of your mother and daughter a sense of pride sets in you. When you are with your father and brother you feel secured and safe.

Your spouse gives you confidence and support. Friends are for encouragement and fun. When lovely relationships are not in your life than your professional success has no significance.

Human emotion is a very powerful attribute. Love and Affection give you a satisfaction of acceptability.
Healthy relationships give you energy, strength, and desire for bigger stages.

Standing tall on cosy relationships you confidently win over life’s most difficult moments.
Your good communication lays the foundation for a good relationship.

Listening to others is also a very strong tool for a healthy relationship. I love you, has the magical power to heal any disease.

Your relationship with God is also a fulcrum point for your success in life. Your strong bonding and understanding with yourself has also a positive impact on your life.

Thoughts On Success

8- Hone up Your Communication Skills & Your Thoughts On Success

Communication is an extremely important tool for your personality. Your level of communication determines your level of success. The better communicator you are, the better the chances of your success. When you articulate better people understand you better. Clarity is power. You need to work on the following points to become a great communicator.

Your Body Language- How you are talking, walking, hand movements, standing position, eye movements, etc. This tells many things about you and your conversation. You need to improve your body language every day. This will make others involved in you. Good Listening Habit- Again this is high on the list. Successful people are always good listeners. Carefully listening to others make the foundation for good relationships.

 Don’t listen to reply only but listen to understand also. This will give you a paradigm shift in the conclusion. Your words and Emotions- Words are powerful. They have emotions. They can make us laugh and weep. So chose your words very intelligently. 

Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule

Dr Albert Mehrabian’s Rule on Personal Communication states that 7% Verbal, 38% Vocal, and 55% Visual Communication is responsible for your message. These will assist your thought process and personal, professional, skills. Your Team handling, and dealing with a difficult situation become easier. Get more insight about it here.

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Thoughts On Success

9- Know How To Deal With Money

I am a Jim Rohn fan the world-renowned philosopher when it comes to money habits. He says When you have a wealth plan, you’ll be so motivated that you’ll have a hard time going to bed at night. He is given a golden rule for it to change your life.

The 70/30 Rule

Out of your Income learn to live on 70 per cent for your income. These are the necessities and luxuries you spend money on. Then, it’s important to calculate for your remaining 30 per cent. Let’s allocate it in the following ways:

A. Charity

Set aside 10% on charity purposes. Charity is an act of generosity. It makes you soft, happy, and caring. When you feel good about you you feel good about others. The act of giving is an act of kindness. You must take it as your social responsibility. 

B. Savings

In his own words “The 10 per cent should be put in savings. I consider this to be one of the most exciting parts of your wealth plan because it can offer you peace of mind by preparing you for the low moments of life. 

Let me give you the definition of “rich” and “poor”: Poor people spend their money and save what’s left. Rich people save their money and spend what’s left. ” Change your life by saving more.

C. Investment

With the next 10 per cent of your income, you’re going to create wealth. This is money you’ll use to buy, fix, manufacture, or sell. The key is to engage in commerce, even if only on a part-time basis. You can use this money for any activity to generate more money. The idea is that you trade money for money and change your life.

Refer here for the complete article on this topic.

Thoughts On Success

10- Become An Icon For Coming Generation

This is a wish. You have to commit to yourself that you have to show light to others. This commitment will make you accountable for your deeds. You will become more responsible. 

You will go for more efficiency and productivity in life. You will support more causes. You will work on your personal and public image. You will grow your awareness and perception.

An icon is a role model. An iconic mindset will support you in becoming a gigantic personality. Your towering image will inspire others to follow you. Your inspiration will change your family, friend, society, and country. You will be an ideal person. 


So this is my article on ‘Your 10 Thoughts On Success Can Change Your Life‘.  I will keep on revising and reviewing it from time to time. Let me know please, how helpful you find this article. Your opinion and suggestion matter to me a lot. Please write to me in the comment box.