What Is A Lockdown? Healthy or Lengthy! My No. 1 Take!

What is a lockdown? What is a lockdown? was the clamour everywhere outside. That fine morning I wake up with the news that I am in a Lockdown. It is also dawned on me that there is the threatening disease marauding outside, so lockdown is imminent. I jumped out of my bed with shock and apprehension. The news was big and going to impact our lives. Most of us were aghast.

What is a lockdown?

What is a lockdown? my neighbour asked me. I replied a lockdown is a temporary shut down of any or all activities in a particular area. For safety and security, our Master has ordered us not to step out. He also instructed us not to worry about this uncertain and hard time of the lockdown as everything is in control.

My business is locked but I am happy that I am safe. My master also suggested to me that this is a free time and you spend quality time with your family. What a lockdown! what is a lockdown? was still the topic of discussion among everybody. People were still in confusion.

what is a lockdown

My Family Is Happy

My mother asked me “What is a lockdown?”. I replied to her in the simplest form that a lockdown means keeping at home and not going out for safety measures.  My old mother and suave wife are happy that Master is so careful about our Physical Health. They are also happy that I would be with them at home.

They think that this lockdown is given to me some needed rest from my struggling life. My daughter is happy that she has no more morning classes, and she can now wake up till late at night with her smartphone. My son is also happy but a little confused as no more outdoor games are allowed in this lockdown. He continuously fights with her sister for that smartphone as he can’t go outside to play.

What is a lockdown? This Lockdown Is Testing

 What is a lockdown? Good or Bad. We start living within four walls of our house. I had little savings to fall back upon in times of dire needs. Essential items supply were available, but money was drying and my courage was dipping. I very often go back to my old reminisces which I miss so much nowadays in the period of lockdown.

This lockdown which has stopped me from going out and restricted my life. This restriction has little impact on my mother, as she hardly moves out. She remains inside the house most of the time.

Memory Of My Happy Old Days

I remember those days when I was free to move out. What is a lockdown? If it is of relationships also. I miss Anil’s tea shop, where I used to stop by daily while returning from work. A cup of tea, few chatters with friends. That was not a tea shop, that was a meeting point for us. Then comes the sweet shop where I used to purchase sweets and curds. Those were not mere items for the home but were a source of joy for home.

I Am Missing My Kingship

Even my ten minutes delay from my usual time would give jitters to everyone. The sound of my two-wheeler would give them a sigh of relief. My son would eagerly wait for me in anticipation of sweets and curds. He would almost snatch the packet from my hand in excitement and jostle with her sister to gulp down the things first.

The satisfaction of my mother after seeing me, the contentment of my wife, the hurrying of serving a glass of water to me, all these were teasing me now. How good were those days? Now I miss them all. Those were not days those were memories.

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I Feel Like Lagging Behind

What is a lockdown giving me? In this uncertain and difficult time of lockdown, I am outwardly smiling and inwardly weeping. My family is with me but my business is away to me. My life is around me but my lifeline is snatched away from me. I always look at my Master with hopeful eyes that he will allow me to step out. But he always convinces me for a few more days of support.

I Am Getting Anxious

The lockdown is running, days are passing and with the passage of fleeting moments, my hopes and energies are also wilting. My physical health is fine. but my mental health is crumbling day by day.

I have an ailing old mother to take care of, a doting wife to love for, two lovely children to guide for. I am getting more and more desperate. So many burdens are pushing me, so much safety is killing me. You can find more of this kind of feeling on Etsy.

I Am Burning From Within

My physical health is fine but my stress is mounting, my energy is sapping, my finances are dwindling. I am more confused than clear. This is the month of April and I have to join my son to a more upgraded school. I have to buy new school books for the new classes for my daughter and my son. Hot summer has just knocked on the door and my wife has requested me to purchase a cooler for home. She rarely asks for something.

My Dear Mother Is Calm

My patient mother has no demands but I know that she has to attend two marriage parties next month, which are happening to be a relative’s and a neighbour’s. She has no party dresses. she wants to present some nice gifts to them, which only I can understand. I want to purchase two sets of clothes for her, and gifts of her choice.

She only consoles me that everything would be ok. What is a lockdown? even bigger threats can be braved, she smilingly counsels me. I feel at times guilty and at times incapable. I am not able to do what I want, and what I am doing is not what I want. My feelings are only known to me. 

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My Mental And Financial Health Also Matters

Why my master is only concerned about my physical health? My mental health is getting deteriorated seriously and he has no problems, my financial health is getting plummeted badly and he has no issues. Why my master is not listening to me while I am listening to him. I don’t understand whether my questions are right or I am just overthinking. You can find here a guide to a better life living when in stress and anxiety.

I Am Very Curious Now

What is a lockdown? which I am not understanding. When my physical health is intact then why this mental stress is there? Why I am feeling heavy? What is this distress which I am feeling? Why I am not enjoying it even though my beloveds are around me? Why I am So aloof even though I am among them? How will I re-run my business?

How will I set things again? What will happen to my customers’ needs? How the market is going to behave? How will I manage my basic financial needs? How can I survive if the same situation continues for months? I love safety and security but this lockdown is teasing me? 

You can also find a lockdown story on Deccan Herald.

I love safe And Happy Life

I love to Stay Safe. I love to Stay Fit. I love this lockdown safety. But I don’t like my mental and financial crunchI am divided between my body and my mind. Both are asking for a different treatment. I am always battling within me. What is a lockdown? Everyone has their version of the lockdown story. Some say it is good for life. Others say it is bad for business. I listen to them all.

Try to figure out any balanced opinion. But my imagination always stops at the locked door of my business, future uncertainty, and life-work instability.

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I Need Your Help

Now, I am missing my trusted friends even more. There is a phone. There is a conversation, but personal contacts give more solace and warmth. Their emotional touch is missing. My mental confusion is growing. My mental clarity is not growing. I am no more the same person. Only a few days have transformed me. Only a few days have transformed my life. Oh my Lord kindly help me. I am coming to your resort. 

So this is my article on What is a lockdown and lockdown for you and I will keep on revising and reviewing it from time to time. Let me know please, how helpful you find this article. Your opinion and suggestion matter to me a lot. Please write to me in the comment box.



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