Failure To Success- 10 Best Ways to Grow

Your success is your reward. Your success is your life. Your failure to success is your happy journey The bigger question is not, How to become Successful? How not to embrace Failure? but the question is Why success would come to me? What is that very special I have? What is that very unique I am doing persistently? How failure to success journey is covered.

If you don’t have a clear cut answer to these questions then the chances are high that you are living a “Failed” Life. Your failure to success mission is in danger. But if you know your purpose, you understand your actions, then “success” can be delayed but it can’t be denied.

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Your “failure to success” journey has a pattern. Let’s analyze the pattern. You are your best judge. Try to answer these questions to yourself. When do you wake up? What is your morning routine? Who you are hanging with most of the time? What books you are reading? What new skills you are learning? What good habits you are building? on and on and on……keep on asking these questions to yourself. If you get more answers in affirmations, you are on your way to success. if your majority of answers are in negation, then you need to review your life plan.

These questions open you to judge yourself. When you are true to yourself, you are best to yourself.


Failure is not one- day affair. It is a series of events that lead you to catastrophe. Failure is a product of negligence. When you don’t focus regularly, when you don’t learn new skills, when you don’t have a clear life purpose, when you don’t have persistence and regularity, then chances are high that you would drift away towards failures of life. Your failure to success journey is going to hit hard.


As we know that success has a pattern. It becomes easier for us to track success. That is why becoming successful is easy. Now we will focus on the trends of success. Every Successful person has these traits. It does not matter what area or department the person belongs to. The thing which only matters is your habits, your characteristics, your traits. The beauty of these traits is that whosoever follows them embraces success. Failure to Success is guaranteed.


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The following points are very crucial. They can set your life off towards a settled and happy life. They can give you glory. They can make you rich. They can give you a good position in life. They can make your relationship stronger. They are the tools of success. Now, the thing you have to learn is how to use these tools in your personal life. You are on for failure to success trip.


This is your first step towards failure to success. Your purpose in life is your goal. It is also the vision of your life. Your all activities must revolve around your purpose. Your goal of life must be well defined. Your efforts and steps must be in support of your purpose. Your life’s purpose is the foundation of your life. if the purpose is hazy the structure is going to be dilapidated. Let’s take an example to understand it even better.

Suppose you want to become the owner of an Organisation in a year. This is the goal you have set for yourself. A goal must be specific and time-bound. Here, you want to become the “owner” is specific, “in a year” is time-bound. Now, you are in a position to track your progress in a time frame.


How you are going to achieve your purpose? This image must be clear in your mind. There must not be any doubt in your mind regarding your purpose. Your mental clarity is going to be transformed into your physical activity. Any successful activity can’t be met if we have doubts. If the goal and purpose are not clear in your mind, then your imaginary power is only going to create a false impression of that structure. You will always miss your target. Every successful person has mental clarity regarding his target and goal. If you are confused then your journey of failure to success will meet with an uncertain threat.

As your goal is to become the “owner” of the organization. Here, you must conceive the steps and efforts, which you would take to become the owner. You must feel like and behave like an owner. You must realize in your mind that you have already achieved it. This good feeling will give you a thrilling experience. This thrill will motivate you towards your goal. A wonderful book on this topic is available on Amazon.


Your failure to success trip requires massive preparation. You have defined your purpose and goal, the mental image of your target is very clear. Now is the time to keep yourself prepared in alignment with your goal. What new skills you have to learn. What new ideas you have to employ. What new tricks you have to extract. What kind of communication you have to make. What kind of environment you have to generate. So on and so forth. These all are your future maker. Every successful person is ‘well prepared.’ You have to be well prepared.

As your goal is to become an Organisation owner, how you are learning Organisation behaviour, Leadership skill, Crisis handling, Negotiation, Communication, Management skill, Marketing,

Accountancy, Product strategy, etc. Though as an owner your main job is Leadership, you must need a bird’s eye view of all these.

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This is very important. I give it the single most important tool for success. Every successful person and Millionaires are all masters in it. They are very action-oriented. Now is the time to put all your goals, mental images, and preparations into activity. Be alert. Don’t think about perfection. Don’t think that once you will get full mastery then you will make your actions. You will be getting perfected by doing it repeatedly. Set the action button on and start your journey of success. Your run from failure to success is handicapped without it.

As an Organisation owner, you have to think about your lower management, middle management, and higher management. Products and services. Market scenario. Competition. Put your vision and preparation into practice now.


Your habits and behaviours are the stamps of your identity. If your habits and behaviours are not in equation with your purpose and goal, then you will find an inner resistance in you. That resistance will not give you the freedom to flow. It will slow down your growth.  Your habits are your identity. They are instrumental in shifting you from failure to success. All successful people love what they do. You must love what you do or do what you love.

If your goal is to become an owner of the Organisation and you have habits of an accountant, then go and pray to God. Only he can save you from disgrace.


Your environment means your surroundings and your associations. You must be surrounded by those kinds of people who are akin to your vision. You are an average of 5 people who you spend the most time with. Your environment is your mood maker. It can broaden your vision. It can narrow your vision. It depends mainly on the quality of the group and things around you. It is very crucial. Successful people are very choosy with their environment.

If your vision is to become the owner of the Organisation, then negative people and lazy people will destroy your future. You must be surrounded by like-minded people.

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You need guidance and vision throughout your life. Successful people believe in unending improvement. They have always somebody who they can fall back upon. You must find your mentor. Your Mentor will teach you and guide you when things are not in control. Your mentor will steady the rocking ship. You will find solace in him and solution in him.

Being an owner of the Organisation, you need to share your ideas with somebody who can guide you and correct you. At the top-level, your smallest mistake can ruin your reputation and organization.


Your creativity shows your level. The more creative you are the better the chances of success you have. When you are creative then you are full of ideas and imaginations. Your new ideas will give you new conversations. Your new conversations will pave way for new experiments and results. All Super Successful people are very creative people. They anticipate the environment better and come up with better plans with their creative power.

As an owner of the Organisation, your creativity will help your organization grow manifold, as you can strategize better and plan better.


There is no replacement for hard work and energy. 90% of people don’t fail, they leave after two unsuccessful attempts. When your first and second attempt fails, it means to come back more strongly. Those who are highly successful are very consistent. They are not quitters. Consistency always pays. It has a 100% track record.

When you face a tough time in your Organisation as an owner, don’t quit. Come back with a better plan, stronger vision, and more enthusiasm. Your organization is getting energy from you.


Someone has rightly said ‘Anything your mind can perceive, you can achieve.’ Your self-belief is your biggest asset. When others think that you can’t do, when they doubt your mission then your self-belief is your succour. If you believe in yourself then no barrier and hurdle can stop you. You will reach your target. You must reach your target. You are unstoppable.

Your self-belief on your actions and strategies will keep the momentum afloat. Your Organisation will shine. You will shine. If you are thrilled to know someone who has made all these possible, then here it is mentioned. Read about them, inspire and follow their style and lifestyle. You can find them on lifehack.

This article is not meant to read, this article is meant to study. When you read this article you will get the general impression of Successful Principles. A general outlook will not help you in becoming special. When you study it, it will uncover hidden treasures in you. It will make way for your success journey. These principles are tested and benefitted by many. Now it is your turn. Start making progress day by day. Your Goal is very near. Life is smiling at you. God is blessing you.

So this is my article on Failure to Success for you and I will keep on revising and reviewing it from time to time. Let me know please, how helpful you find this article. Your opinion and suggestion matter to me a lot. Please write to me in the comment box.

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