Why Are You Feeling Alone In A Relationship- 10 Big Reasons

Most men don’t know what to do with a woman who is not impressed by money. It is pretty easy for a man to live with a woman who is impressed by money. Real women only ask for time, trust, & attention. Men have to become real for them. 

                                                                                                                      Sajid Mumtaz

Relationships are sacrosanct. You only desecrate your relationships, when you become blasphemous for the sanctity of your relational edifice of intimacy.

Relationships are the souls of lives. When you are happy in a relationship, your soul basks in the glory of peace and satisfaction. Your inner self radiates happiness, and a resplendent smile becomes the penchant of your persona.  

But what if your relationship passes through complete chaos, your trust erodes, your tension mounts, your health deteriorates, and you suffer.

You feel rejected and dejected in your relationship and as an, after effect, you cringe within your four walls of sombre and solitude. 

Feeling alone in a relationship is the result of multiple heartbreaking factors. It is also the name of shattering of hopes attached with a person.

Why Feeling Alone In A Relationship

feeling alone in a relationship 1
When your partner makes you feel lonely then the bonding becomes bondage.

You expect your relationship to give you a sense of closeness, mutual affection, and deep rapport. What you don’t expect though, is to feel alone in that relationship.

Feeling alone in a relationship is mainly when you feel-

  • not being heard and listened
  • not being understood
  • not being properly cared
  • nothing to share
  • no hope
  • no future
  • false commitments
  • not loved
  • neglected
  • cheated
  • avoided
  • used
  • poor health
  • abusive in a relationship

These are the serious killers of your relationship. When you and your partner are not safeguarding your relationship, then these killers will intrude and wreak havoc on the very foundation of your intimacy.

Following are the 10 big reasons which are devouring your happy relationship.  

1- Don’t communicate enough in your relationship 

Less communication and no in-depth communication is the biggest problem for feeling alone in a relationship. 

When you feel not heard properly, and the atmosphere around you is heavier, then you feel yourself clung in a suffocating bond. 

When you and your partner communicate, you open up to each other and share ideas, thinking, and even differences. This clears the mist around your doubts and you both find solace in each other.

On the other hand, when your communication hovers around ‘who is right’ & ‘who is wrong’, and ‘what is right’ & ‘what is wrong, then you both only point fingers at each other.

This only exacerbates the bitterness, and make you feel more lonely.

When you don’t communicate enough in your relationship, it does not mean that you have nothing to say, but you feel so detached, that you never begin to say. 

You both resort to “guessing” that the other must be thinking this and that, and you start conversing in your mind that if he/she says this, you are going to reply that. You become stubborn and bitter mentally and physically.

This mental state widens the gulf between you and your partner. You drift away more and more from each other. 

When you don’t communicate enough with your partner then it surfaces in uglier forms. Your body language shows what your tongue hides.

Feeling alone in your relationship is the outcome of this monstrous little.

Talk more. The more differences you have the more you need to talk to each other.

When you talk more, then you open more. 

When you open more, you hide less. Sharing more and shirking less is the sign of a happy relationship.

If you want not to feel lonely in your relationship, then don’t communicate less, communicate more.

2- Don’t Spend Quality Time Together

When you don’t spend quality time together then you are together without any affection and intimacy.

You are together outwardly but remain alone inwardly. This is very common among broken relationships.

When you and your partner are together and you both are thinking something else, doing something else, accusing, finding fault, cursing, or tolerating silently, then you are trashing your time together.

You will always feel alone in your relationship when you, your partner or both are not happy in each other’s company. 

Let’s check it out, when you two are together, how you are spending time.

In your busy schedule when you are together, it means that you don’t want to neglect each other, rather you want to spend some quality time together, and always one of you start complaining about something, or not talking about each other but talking always about others are big mood switchers. It is quite natural that you become off instantly.

You both need the warmth of each other. Remaining united lovingly ignites the intimacy and strengthens the bond further. 

When you will go away and don’t get time to be in the company of each other you will rue your missed chances.

Life is precious. It smiles when you are with someone in a happy relationship. When you are together and still feel alone is a nightmare. You can’t spend time with a nightmare.

3- Don’t Have Common Goals

feeling alone in a relationship 2
Common goals are for a common future. When goals are separate, the future also separates.

Goals are always future-oriented. When you and your partner have common goals then it shows that you are eyeing your future together. 

You are enjoying your life together. You are not thinking of a short term relationship, rather you are viewing a long term relationship.

When your goals are common then you are not in a competition, you are in a companionship. You work for a mutual win.

But when your goals are not common, and you both are pulling away in your particular directions, then chances are high that you will get attracted by Fellowes who is also in pursuit of the same destination. 

This is very common in today’s environment.

You will feel alone in a relationship when you are not a part of your partner’s lifestyle. 

4- Don’t Give Priority To Each Other

When your partner is not your priority, then you will not pay attention to her needs first. Her smiles, happiness, satisfaction are secondary to you.

This uncaring attitude will bring loneliness to your relationship. Your trust level will go down and you will feel apathetic in life. 

Suppose, your partner wants to go for dinner in a restaurant with you and you have time but not giving priority to her need, then two, three instances of this kind will sulk your partner and strain the honey relationship. 

You will not interact much then and your loneliness will only grow deeper and deeper.

By putting each other’s needs first, you eliminate the self-centred perspective of a relationship, knowing that your needs are being cared for and met by each other. This only works if you both put each other first. 

You will not feel lonely when you put each other at priority.

5- Any One Of You Has Chronic Health Issues

The partner who’s sick may not feel the way he/she did before the illness. 

And the partner who’s not sick may not know how to handle the changes. 

The stress may force both people’s perception of the relationship in sickness, in different ways.

Studies show that relationships in which one partner has a chronic illness are more likely to fail if the partners are young. 

feeling alone in a relationship 6
Sometimes life becomes a long funeral.

And partners who are caregivers are six times more likely to be depressed than partners who do not need to be caregivers.

Under such circumstances, chances are high that anyone partner or both partners feel alone and discouraged in the relationships.

Very often, it has also been seen that partners feel guilty for not living up to the expectation of their relationships.

6- Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is a big factor that creates loneliness among people. Certain issues echo in our mind and give us distress. 

When you don’t share them with your partner and your partner does not realize them, it creates doubt that the partner is not caring enough and understanding enough. 

One doubt gives way to another and on and on it goes. Your mental pressure keeps on mounting and you go back to your shell and don’t open up with your partner.

Either you both have issues in everything or no issues at all to share between you. This introduces loneliness and depression in life. You feel alone in the relationship.

This happens because stress is contagious – when your partner is stressed, you become stressed. 

There would be many arguments between you that would have got escalated quickly. 

You might have got one another’s stress during the argument, which made you both feel even more boisterous and made you say things you wouldn’t have otherwise said.

Emotional stress takes your relationship to a new low level and strips you both from love and happiness.

7- Physical And Emotional Abuse

Physical and emotional abuse is the worst kind of abuse in a relationship. It shows the bullying behaviour of your partner that dents self-esteem and damage you physically and mentally.

feeling alone in a relationship 5
You can’t find me in my pieces. I am a life and spread life.

Physical abuse is a heinous kind of barbarism that one partner inflicts on another. This shatters body and soul. Even one episode of it is enough for a lifetime of pain. You will always feel scared and lonely in that person’s company. 

Emotional abuse is a way to control another person by using emotions to criticize, embarrass, shame, blame, or otherwise manipulate another person.

It destroys the relationship completely and enough to feel you alone in that relationship.

8- Outsider’s Interference

This sort of difficulty often starts when you start to discuss your relationship, or problems within your relationship, with a person who is outside of your relationship. 

You start to follow the directions of these outsiders, which are always wrong because they do not know your partner as well as you do.

This creates an environment of mistrust and ill will. Because of it, you lose confidence in your partner and avoid sharing personal matters.

You suffocate within and feel alone in your relationship.

9- Breach Of Trust

feeling alone in a relationship 3
I wait for you because I still love you.

It is a very sensitive issue between relationships. The foundation of any relationship is based on trust. When a partner feels that he/she has been cheated, then heartbreak happens.

You don’t remain calm and enjoy your relationship together. You feel lonely and hurt. 

10- Financial Issue

It doesn’t directly hamper your love and affection in your relationship, but lack of money creates many different problems which destabilise the very fulcrum of the relationship.

Your dreams and plans of living a happy life seem a far cry. The tense moments create a kind of ripple effect and give birth to many new problems.

Because of it, you lose focus and concentration on better things in life and you suffer in silence.

Your sufferings lead you to loneliness in your relationship.

These are the major reasons for your feeling alone in a relationship. 

As we pass through different phases of our life, so is the case with our relationships. As we must mature with time, so is the case with our relationships. 

When we are in a mature relationship, then it withstands the test of time. We must give our relationships that time.

Thank You.   



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