How To Be Happy With Yourself-77 Steps Of Personal Glory

How to be happy with yourself depends on how pleasant an environment you build around yourself.

Happiness is like oxygen in the atmosphere. As your life suffocates without oxygen, in the same way, your life becomes your long funeral without it.

Happiness is the name of that pleasant atmosphere around you. Your attitudes develop that environment around you. 

How to be happy with yourself is an attitudinal question. So the answer lies in your attitudes.

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Take my case. I have a big flat nose. That covers one-third of my face. My friends and relatives kid me for that, and I retort back that a big nose is symbolic of the big honour you receive in life, and we all laugh together at the conversation.

I can grudge at them, or I can grin at them. My attitude is my choice, and I choose happiness every time by choosing to laugh together.

How to be happy with yourself 

To be happy with yourself is not about what you have, but it is about what you do with what you have.

Happiness is about giving value to what you have and loving events, things, people, and places in your life.

You may not have all the things you want in life, but that must not sadden you as you have all the things you need in life.

Think it over and over again, you will realize that you have happiness and contentment in life, but your pursuit for the things you don’t have in life has somewhat dulled your pleasure and peace.

Seeking a better life is very good, but that must not come at the cost of your happiness.

Primarily your life covers seven different aspects of you.

  1. Your Physical Self
  2. Your Emotional Self
  3. Your Spiritual Self
  4. Your Financial Self
  5. Your Relational Self
  6. Your Social Self
  7. Your Professional Self

These seven areas can make your lives happier and merrier when you live them meaningfully.

Let’s take them one by one and see how they are instrumental in your happiness.

How to be happy with yourself

Your Physical Self

Your Physical Self

Your physical self means your body and all activities associated with your physique.

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Your happiness and your physique have a strong connection.

Your Body

You are born with this body, and this is the only place you have to live with your soul for a lifetime.

When you take care of your body, you are physically strong and robust. Your fitness brings hope to your life.

Hopes, bring happiness in life. You will be happy when you have hope. It also brings positivity to your life.

Take care of your body. Exercise daily, eat healthy food, and it will add to your happiness in life.

 2 Your Daily Routine

Your routine gives you your purpose. Your physical self gives you the liberty to pursue your goals in life.

Your purpose and daily pursuits of the purpose gives you happiness. You feel contented and fulfilled.

Without your daily routine, you are like a vehicle that has no real destination. When you have nowhere to go then you will land at no destination. 

Think of your school days, how memorable they were? You had a specific schedule to follow. 

The enjoyment of your classes, your friends, recess-hullabaloo, studies and plays were all giving you a routine. Without them, your life would have become very colourless.

Your daily routine adds to your happiness by supplying energy and life pattern to you.

Without a proper routine, you can not fully enjoy the happiness of life.

3 Your Work

Your physical self influences your work. The better the state of your physique, the more the involvement of your work.

Your work gives you happiness. Without any proper assignment, your life is a waste.

You are known for what you do. Your work gives you honour and prestige in society. 

Recognition and glory bring happiness to your life.

4 Your Connection

The kind of people you are associated with indicates, how you are going to fair in your life. The secured the future you have, the better the level of your happiness.

5 Your Movements

Your healthy physique gives you the freedom to move freely and act fully.

Your movements give momentum to your life. 

Your momentum of life breaks the inertia in your life. Your life gets a much-needed pull. 

New happenings without inertia in life give you solace and happiness.

6 Your Relations

Your healthy physique improves your mental health also. 

Your relations improve when you are mentally sound. Happy relationships give stability and peace in life.

When relationships are loveless, then life becomes meaningless. 

A healthy body is thus instrumental in making your relationships stronger and happier.

7 Your Body Energy

Your body energy comes from your Physical, mental, and spiritual state.

Your body energy keeps you lively and energetic. It also affects your physical state. Your physical fitness gives you the freedom to enjoy your body energy. You derive happiness when you feel energetic.

8 Your Hopes

When you have good health, you have a good physique. Your healthy body gives you hope in life. 

Your hopes bring energy and happiness to life.

9 Your Future

Do you imagine your future without any notable physical fitness?

Your healthy physical self directly affects your future. That is why your future and happiness is a product of your physical self.

10 Your Ability To Learn New Skills

Your good physical state helps you in learning new skills and techniques.

Your new learning gives you more advantages in life. More benefits bring you accolades and happiness. 

How To Be Happy With Yourself

Your Emotional Self

Your emotional state and your happiness have a relationship.

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When you are emotionally high, you feel energized. You can use this energy in your favour or against you. 

It depends on the level of your emotional intelligence.

1 Your Mood

Your mood is a part of your emotional self. Your emotional state is a pointer to your happiness or sadness.

There are three things in combination which make your mood.

A. Your Biology(hormones, and brain chemicals)

B. Your Psychology(thoughts and personal philosophies)

C. Your Environment(people and things around you)

Most of the time you are in command of your biology, psychology, and environment

That is why your mood heavily depends on you.

Make them in your command, and your mood will always keep you happy. 

2 Your Language

Your language is representative of your stature and personality. It tells about your nature and behaviour.

How emotionally intelligent you are and how good a learner you are makes your language better.

Your language brings respect for you. 

Your respect is your happiness.

3 Your Body Language

Body language refers to the nonverbal signals that you use to communicate your feelings and intentions. 

It includes your posture, your facial expressions, and your hand gestures.

Your emotions affect your body language positively and negatively.

Your face and facial expression tell about you. 

Your body language is your unspoken element of feelings and emotions. 

Once you come to know that your body language is all that important, you always pay attention to your posture and countenance.

Your good and confident kinesics will bring accolades and happiness for you.

4 Your Mental Chatter & Mental Clarity

Your emotions determine the kind of thoughts that dominate your mind and your mental peace.

That is why your emotional self heavily drives your mind. 

What you talk to yourself is your mental chatter and what options you choose and make any decision depends upon your mental clarity.

Never allow the dominance of your emotional self to such an extent that, it eats away your happiness and prosperity. 

Groom your emotional self for good mental chatter and clarity. Happiness will be yours.

5 Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the measure of any individual’s ability to recognize and manage his emotions.

The more emotionally intelligent you are, the better you are going to decide for yourself and others.

When bad situations visit you and others, your emotional intelligence will work as an asset.

It helps in accomplishing your personal, professional, and relational goals. 

It is also an indicator of your maturity.

6 Your Perception

Your perception is how your mind perceives things in different circumstances.

We form our perception through our sensory organs(Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste).

Some other senses are also instrumental in perceiving things such as poise, time, body position, acceleration, and body language.

Perception works as a filter that allows you to know and interpret the world and actions.

The same action can be perceived by many in different ways.  

When you focus on good things and take difficult moments in your stride happily, then you remain calm and composed in your life.

Happiness is also a perception command. 

7 Your Behaviour

Your behaviour is the way you act and interact with others.

Your behaviour is affected by your feelings and emotions. 

Your optimism, positivity, environment, and energy build your behaviour. Your cordial behaviour keeps you contented and fulfilled.

8 Your Environment

The surroundings around you are your environment. People around you and things around you affect you and your decisions.

Always surround yourself with people who are happy and purposeful. They will keep you mentally joyous and on the right track. 

Your positive environment emanates good feelings for you.

9 Your Progress

The balance of your emotional self and your progress are correlated.

The more emotionally balanced you are, the more progressive you become.

Your happiness lies in your progress. 

10 Your Calmness

Your calm state is the epitome of your happy life. You must train your brain to drive you towards glory. 

Your composure develops the maturity in you, and your emotional stability gives you peace of mind and happiness.

How To Be Happy With yourself

Your Spiritual Self

Your spiritual self is the core dimension in you and your inner self. 

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It raises in your mind the questions of the purpose of life. Your source in the world, where you are coming from, and where will you go after death. 

It talks about God the Almighty and how can you live happily by leading a spiritual mindset and life.

1 Your Peace 

Peace is the name of the tranquillity of the mind. When you are in harmony with your thoughts, then you are in a supreme state of your mind.

Meditation, Yoga, and Prayers give you peace and inner happiness. Your spiritual awareness allows you to connect with your higher self.

The better you know yourself and the more composed you are, the merrier you feel from inside and outside.

2 Your Philosophy

The kind of personal philosophy you live with determines the quality of your life.

What you think about your connection with God, Relationships, Finances, Health, Life is all the product of your philosophy.

Your philosophy makes you valuable for yourself and others. Your spirituality sets the sail for you to have a better philosophy of life.

3 Your Character

Someone has rightly said that what you do when no one is looking at you is your real character. 

Your spirituality builds your character.

It makes you humble and trustworthy. Your character defines who you are. 

A real character always takes you towards a balanced and happy life. 

When you live with your artificial self, then you outwardly smile and inwardly cry. 

You are nothing when you have no character. No character means no spirituality in life.

Spirituality builds your character and makes you more precious.  

4 Your Understanding

Your awareness, composure, mindset, are all in collaboration for you to become a person of gravity and understanding.

The better you comprehend, the more you have the opportunity to reach out to others. You become a problem solver. You counsel and equip others.

The more lives you change, the more you feel inner peace. Your inner peace leads you towards spirituality and vice versa. 

Your level of understanding determines your level of happiness.

5 Your Conversations

Your spirituality engages you in a different type of dialogue. Your conversation becomes different.

If you want to improve your relationships, then work on your conversations.

A good conversation has the key to your happiness.

6 Your Contacts

The kind of people you are associated with says everything about you. Your contacts are the outcome of your nature.

When you are spiritually at a high level, then you have an equally precious contact list. Your contacts further consolidate you as who you are. 

Your influential contacts bring happiness and guidance to you.

7 Your Behaviour

How you are with yourself and others, depend on your behaviour. Your behaviour is like a magnet. It can attract and repel people for you.

Your spiritual self moulds you in such a frame that you become humble, loving, and caring. Your hands become helping hands. 

You become a solution for others’ problem. People start appreciating you and recognizing you. Your behaviour wins laurels for you.

8 Your Contentment

Your spiritual self is for your contentment. Your spirituality gives you serenity and light. 

That spiritual light makes every object transparent to you. There is nothing esoteric and disturbing to your mind. 

There flow calmness and satisfaction. You feel freedom and happiness.

9 Your Attachment

Your attachments with all worldly things tell a lot about you. They speak about your orientation and life pattern.

Your spiritual sense works as a filter for your attachments. It guides you and garners for you the right kind of associations. 

Someone has rightly said that birds with the same feather flock together. You get the right kind of environment, and it opens many new beautiful ways for your happy life.

10 Your Thinking

You are a product of your thoughts. How you think and how you assimilate and how you act has a lot to do with your future and life.

Your spirituality influences your thinking, and that paves the way for your actions in life. Your spiritually inspired actions make your life delighted.

How To Be Happy With Yourself

Your Financial Self

Financial instability is the main reason behind many people’s sadness and sorrow. You can’t live free if you have money stress.

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Jim Rohn the world-renowned, motivator and speaker has said that,

You can have more than you got because you can become more than you are.

The other side of the coin reads that,

Unless you change how you are, you always have what you got.

These all suggest that “for things to change, you have to change.”

Your financial self is a matter of your own decisions. Your finances don’t far exceed your personal development. 

You have to develop yourself to grow your finances and happiness.

1 Your Knowledge And Skill

Your knowledge and skill give you financial awareness. Your financial literacy gives you financial freedom.

Your financial freedom gives you happiness and strength in life. 

2 Your Financial Actions

Your financial actions mean how you spend your money and how you save your money.

It is not important how much you earn, but it is important that how much you save and invest.

Your saving and investment give you confidence and stability. 

Your smooth run of life is the indication of your happy life. Your finances are the chief source of your happiness.

3 Your Financial Results

You work hard to earn money and better your financial status. The results of all your financial endeavours to live the desired life.

Certain things that speak for your financial results

  • Your bank balance.
  • Your mental freedom.
  • Your happy relationships.
  • Your Social bondings.

Your better financial results are a testimony to your happy and prosperous life.

4 Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is a reflection of your mindset. 

When your mindset functions powerfully?…. when you are financially strong, or weak 

and you the answer better.

A good lifestyle denotes your happy financial status.

5 Your Specialization

Your mastery in any field is a testimony that you are a specialist, and you have a skillset. 

When you have a high-income skill set in the marketplace, then you are precious to the market. Then only you are going to have financial freedom in life.

If you are not a specialist in any field, then it means that you are a generalist. A generalist, only going to have an average income. 

6 Your Growth

Your growth and your financial status are interrelated. Your growth and your happiness go hand in hand. 

When you are not financially growing, you are indeed professionally dying. 

7 Your Planning

Your planning takes you to your better system. Your system allows you to generate more wealth.

Your financial freedom is key to your happiness.

8 Your Learning

Continue your learning to continue your earning. 

Your learning opens new windows for you. 

The world is evolving so fast that if you stop your learning process, you also miss the opportunity to grow your finances.

9 Your Positivity

Your positivity gives you ways when others feel stuck in the same situation.

When you are positive and optimistic, you think about a solution to all problems, and you don’t bog down in the mire of the difficulties of life.

This positivity gives you pace and momentum.

Because of this attitude, you feel win-win in all circumstances.

You win, and so your finances. You feel happy and ecstatic.

10 Your Confidence

Your confidence keeps you from withstanding every hardship.

Your confidence gives you determination and punctuality. You set goals for yourself and move on with them. 

Your confidence keeps you happy and joyful. 

How To Be Happy With Yourself

Your Relational Self

Your relational self means that you are not alone. You live in an environment where others are together with you. You need me, and I need you.

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When we knit together so favourably, so we affect each others’ lives, wealth, and happiness

1 Your Relational Life

Let’s think about how your relationships are building you. 

They make you more responsible and interdependent. When you are happy in your relationships, then you are ecstatic in your life. 

Together you are more confident and loving. You feel valued and heard.

Your strained relationships keep you mentally depressed and frustrated, and they pull down your growth and happiness. 

2 Your Relational Communication

What kind of conversations you are making in your every relationship.

When your communication is direct and smooth, it helps in furthering your bonding and understanding.

Your stronger tie with others keeps you happy and joyful.

3 Your Relationships And Your Health

Everything affects everything.

When you understand it, then it becomes the gem of a philosophy. Your relationships affect various spheres of your life.

Your values, thoughts, health, and lifestyle are all affected by your health in relationships.

Your happy relationships de-stress you and make you feel more purpose-driven, and heal your pains naturally.

Your healthy relationships keep you healthy.

4 Your Relationships And Your Mind

Your happy relationships keep you mentally sharp. Your mind is not preoccupied with useless talks and toxic behaviours because of the beauty in your relationships.

When you are mentally peaceful, then you are saved by many lifestyle diseases also.

5 Your Relational Health And Your Finances

When your relationships are happy, you are more successful professionally, because you are mentally free and contented.

You become more focused and energetic. Your stronger conviction brings for you healthy professional results in terms of finances. 

Your happiness in relationships also fructifies in the success of your finances.

6 Your Relationship Gives You Energy 

When your binding is strong, it gives you energy and momentum in life. It reflects in all walks of your life. 

Your momentum gives you achievement. Your achievements give you the belief that nothing is impossible for you.

7 Your Relational Trust Is Your Happiness 

When others trust you, then this is a healthy sign of your personality. 

It shows that your life has a positive pattern that is giving confidence to others.

8 Your Sharing 

When people are comforting in you or freely sharing with you, this shows the trust and love they are finding in you.

It is the height of a great relationship.

9 Your Caring And Connection

Your good caring and connection also signify your stronger beliefs in your relationships. It brings joy to your life.

10 Your Satisfaction

Happy relationships give you satisfaction and mental peace. Your satisfaction gives you the liberty to expand yourself more.

You explore yourself more and get to know new things in you. You expand, and so is your personality.

How To Be Happy With Yourself 

Your Social Self

Your social life is the reflection of your personality.

how to be happy with yourself 7 (2)

When you are socially acceptable, then you are happy and joyful.

1 Your Social Bonding

Your social bonding means how you go along with your relatives, colleagues and friends.

When you go along with them nicely, you are happier in your life.

2 Your Social Values

Your social values are an amalgamation of your philosophy, traditions, customs, and cultures.

How well you gell with them and how true you are with everyone tell that, how happy, you are going to be in your life.

3 Your Magnanimity

How open-hearted and gracious you are?

Your magnanimity brings more friends to you. When you are magnanimous, then you are not peevish and fretful.

You are loving and adorable in your life.

4 Your Social Bubbles

When you live in social bubbles, then you are not available to everyone. You are socially reserved.

When you are not free to others, then others are not free to you.

You are happy when you are transparent to yourself and others.

5 Your Humility

Your humility is a valuable quality for your social life and inner peace.

Being humble and showing humility means being assertive without being arrogant.

Your humility shows that you recognize that others are also valuable. 

This kind of thinking helps you in making happy social bonding.

6 Your Hospitality

It shows the goodness in you and your respect for others. What you do comes back to you. You also gain respect and love from others.

7 Your Social Expansion

When you are active in many social causes, then you feel pride and goodness in you. You grow, and your personality also grows with you.

You become precious and feel happy.  

8 Your Networking And Connections

It gives you a name and fame in society. Every happy and successful person has a great network.

It affects your earning and happiness.

9 Your New Skills

Everything around you is changing, and if you are not changing with them, you will lag in life. 

New skills keep you abreast with the world and make you shine and valuable in society.

10 Your Perspective

Your thought pattern, living style, perception of others, and personal philosophy make your perspective.

How you take others, and others take you in life depend on your outlook. 

How To Be Happy With Yourself

Your Professional Self

Your successful professional life is the sum of your qualities. 

how to be happy with yourself 8 (2)

When you are professionally successful, then you are happier in life. 

Your professional happiness depends on your abilities, skills, personality, and system.

1 Your Uniqueness 

Develop your uniqueness to become irreplaceable. Your professional happiness and success require a unique you.

2 Your Ability

Your ability is a trait you have better than others. Once you become able to recognize your abilities, then make your profession in that field. You will do well in that direction and gain accolades and money.

3 Your Skillsets

Your skills are continuous revision over your abilities. You gain mastery, and it pays you professionally.

4 Your Communications

Communication is a tool that speaks about your quality. It shows that how fluent and knowledgeable you are.

Your communication level is a showcase of your personality. 

You being a leader, manager, academician, presenter, or performer require high-quality communication.

Your verbal and non-verbal communication level set the bar for your professional success.

5 Your Quality

Your quality is all the good things in you. You are your best judge. 

Explore your qualities, and strengthen them further.

6 Your Growth

You grow when you continuously learn and maximize your potentials

Develop and use all the abilities and skillsets you have and become professionally strong.

7 Your Personality

Your personality is you as a whole. It encompasses all the merits and demerits you have.

When your profession suits your personality, then your career growth and happiness know no bounds.

8 Your Style

Your style is your penchant for activities that are original to you.

Which can’t be copied by others, and only you are known for that method.

Your professional style gives you a professional edge.

9 Your Recognition

You become professionally recognizable when you ride on your skills, style, uniqueness, and personality. 

10 Your Consistency 

Consistency means repeat over and over again.

Your consistency gives your working a pattern and shapes things for you.

If you are talented but inconsistent, then you won’t succeed in your profession.

Consistency is the mother of all successes and happiness.

It is my article on “How To Be Happy with Yourself”. Kindly let me know how you qualify for this post.