How To Improve My Knowledge And Skills-9 Powerful Ways

The world is smart and fast. I am not dull either, but I find it tough to compete with the world.

Whatever I know seems little in comparison to others, whenever I am pitted against them.

Am I lower to them? No. Not true, then how to improve my knowledge and skills.

I can’t escape competition and comparison either. 

Because it is not me who is making it, but my teachers, bosses, and market-value are judging and labelling me as Mediocre or Marvelous.

I have proper schooling and college education to support me, but still, I find myself outdated at times. 

It is not my story alone, but many people like me pass through the same self-doubting experiences in their personal and professional world.

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The poor mentality will keep you poor. Prosperity comes from awareness and learning keeps you aware.

How To Become Phenomenal from Poor

Time is in Motion, are you in motion!

You will remain a Laggard throughout your life if you rely only on your past knowledge and skills, and you are not adding on something new and useful in your life.

You can only become a Leader in your professional and personal world when you equip yourself with new pieces of information and technologies.

When you add value to yourself, then you become valuable.

For that, you have to become a continuous Learner.

Improve the Knowledge And Skill

When you work on your knowledge and skill, then you become powerful. 

Your Improved knowledge and skill give you better options. Better options give you the freedom to take valuable actions.

Your valuable actions bring successful results for you.

Your improved knowledge and skills bring success to your life.

When you don’t learn better things, then you operate yourself with old knowledge. 

Your life is stagnant if it is producing the same kind of results.

How To Improve My Knowledge And Skills 

To improve your knowledge and skills, you need to have a purpose for gaining them.

Without any reason, you won’t be able to continue with your improvement.

There are various methods which can help you in the improvement of your knowledge and skills.

Commit To Learning On Daily Basis

Make it a habit to learn a new thing a day. It requires intention, focus, and consistency.

Motivation is instrumental in beginning a thing, but Discipline will take you far. Show your dedication to grow your knowledge and skill.

When you are continuously busy on social media, chatting with friends, watching one video after another, checking every notification, then you have never enough time in your kitty in spare for learning.

An over-busy mind doesn’t go for imagination and creativity.

Improvement comes by giving importance to meaningful things.

Researches suggest that if you continue with something for 30 days, it sets in your subconscious mind and becomes your habit.

This information is useful for you, following it you can develop a habit of daily learning.

Use Your Gadgets For Learning & Improvement

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Your gadget has the power to empower you.

When you spend 100MB of data on a time pass, it has a different impact on your life. 

When you spend that same 100MB of data on Education, it has a different result for your life.

They will take you in two different ways if you do them continuously the same way.

One will make you a Pass, and the other will Preserve you.

Use your gadgets to your advantage. They are powerful communicators. 

They have answers to your many problems.

Ask the right question to them, and they will give you the top reply.

Time Boxing Will Save You From Distractions

Timeboxing means that you preschedule time in your calendar for a specific activity. 

When the time comes, you start doing what you have planned.

Timeboxing helps you in giving you a schedule. 

Timeboxing utilises your time and saves you from distractions.

It reminds you of your determination when you think of procrastination.

Spaced Repetition And Distributed Practice of Learning

When you want to improve your knowledge and skills, then you have to show consistency in learning.

When you depend on Cramming, then it is a non-serious way of learning.

Cramming is a fit-in. It shows the urgency in learning.

When you Cram, then it means that you are not serious about learning. 

You are learning it only for a short time(like examination, tests, etc.) and after the schedule is over, you are not going to revert.

The opposite of Cramming is Spaced-repetition.

Spaced-Repetition means you learn something and revise them after an interval. You distribute your chapters in small chunks.

So you study something, then take a break, then go for it again, and the way continues.

This way, you get the gist and retain it in your mind for a lifetime.

Spaced repetition and distributed practice is an effective way of learning.

Learning By Acting And Doing

You learn something through discussing in a group, or through teaching someone or learning through actions, then this way of learning is actionable learning.

You retain it for a very long period. 

For continuous improvement and growth of your skills and knowledge, you resort to your actionable learning.

There are a few things that you learn by analysis first then you put them into practice.

Logical learning requires a thorough analysis of the subject and then its execution in day to day life.

So the complete learning is a combination of action and analysis.

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The more you know the more you become.

Reading, Understanding, Comprehending, And Observing

You can improve your knowledge and skills by reading books and materials.

They broaden your knowledge and working skills. Books are your best friends. 

They support you and groom you in all circumstances.

Understanding is also a part of learning. When you understand you develop your knowledge. 

Your perception is your understanding of the matter.

Comprehension carries its context. 

How you perceive something depends on your awareness.

Observation is your inner sense. 

How well you know by seeing something is the quality of your observation.

When you are adept at using these things, then you improve your knowledge and skills.

Learn The SQ3R Technique For Effective Learning

(As per Wikipedia)

SQRRR or SQ3R is a reading comprehension method named for its five steps: survey, question, read, recite, and review

Francis P. Robinson, an American education philosopher in his 1946 book Effective Study, had introduced this method.

The method offers a more efficient and active approach to reading textbook material.

It was created for college students but is extremely useful for young students as well. 

Classrooms all over the world have begun using this method to comprehend what they are reading.

When you apply this method in your life, you multiply your learning skills.

SQ3R(SQRRR) is the acronym of






Survey (“S”)

The first step, survey or skim, advises that one should resist the temptation to read the book and instead first go through a chapter and note the headings, sub-headings and other outstanding features, such as figures, tables, marginal information, and summary paragraphs. 

This survey step typically only takes 3–5 minutes, but it provides an outline or framework for a presentation. 

The reader should identify ideas and formulate questions about the content of the chapter.

Question (“Q”)

Generate questions about the content of the reading. For example, convert headings and sub-headings into question form, and then look for answers in the text. 

You can ask other questions also like

    • What is this chapter?
    • What are the answers the chapter is suggesting?
    • How does this information help me?

Read (R1)

Use the background work done with “S” and “Q” to begin reading actively. 

It means reading to answer the questions raised under “Q”. Passive reading, in contrast, results in merely reading without engaging with the study material.

Recite (R2)

The second “R” refers to the part known as “Recite.” The reader should try to recite from memory what was learned, in the same manner as telling someone else about the information. 

The reader must use their own words to formulate the material. 

Try recalling and identifying major points (heading/subheadings) and answers to questions from the “Q” step. This recital step may be done either in an oral or written format and is related to the benefits of retrieval (testing effect) in boosting long-term memory for the material.

Review (R3)

The final “R” is “Review.” 

Once you reach the end of the passage, review the material. 

Repeat to yourself what the point of the passage is using your own words. 

You may then repeat the process on the second set of questions.

Six stages of effective-comprehension

Best’s process suggests, six stages for a better understanding of a topic, while in a learning process.

  • Knowing-vs-Understanding what the passage says (Fact-finding vs Making meaning with time management).
  • Reflecting 

(Bringing the information to life in your own words to customize and consolidate).

  • Interpersonal understanding 

Check whether the reader understood the topic. Explain the idea to someone, doing seminars etc.

  • Intrapersonal understanding (Finding personal significance (interpret, compare & conclude tentatively) of the topic in real-world aspects)
  • Visualization (Mind Mapping)
  • Mindfulness and Acceptance
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Learning techniques are tools to add value to yourself.

OK4R Learning Technique

OK4R acronym stands for the following reading process

• Overview – Get an overview of the semantic structure, go through the introduction,

table of contents, headings, subheadings, summaries and diagrams. 

Get a general idea of what the study material is about and skim it.

• Key Ideas – Go through the key points of the study material. 

They are often at the beginning of each paragraph or highlighted in any other way – like bold text, bullet points, pictures and graphs. 

Outline the key ideas of the text.

• Read – Read the study material while keeping the key points in mind.

• Recall – Close the study material and try to recall as much as possible. 

Especially the main points of the text. Write down all the key points that you remember.

• Reflect – Reflect on the newly learned knowledge by thinking of practical examples, how the new information is related to what you already know. 

• Review – Review the study material sometime in the nearby future to refresh your memory. 

Do spaced repetitions and study harder the parts you have forgotten.

This way, you improve your knowledge and skills.

You can do it and succeed in life.


You Need A Mentor For Greater Improvement

If you want to improve your knowledge and strengthen your skills then you need a mentor, who can guide you and bring out the best in you.

Your mentor puts faith in you even when even you and others are not having confidence in you.

A real mentor believes in you, raises your confidence, supports you, shows you the way, guides you, tells you life-puzzles, but is also sturdy on you.

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You cover a longer distance in the presence of a light. Your Mentor is your light.

Learn from and through your mentor, your career spectrum will rise and you will grow.

Model The Person Who You Want To Be Like

To improve your knowledge and skill you have to study your Role Models closely.

Your Role Models have already achieved, what you want to achieve in life. 

It also means they have that success model available to them and they achieved success by running on those models.

Finding role models is not only an excellent way of speeding up the skill acquisition process, but it’s also very inspiring. 

Hence, following the footsteps of role models are also an excellent way to gain success. You can improve your knowledge and skills a lot by merely chasing them and doing what they do.

Take Feedbacks And Adjust To Improve

Taking feedbacks are a great way to improve your performance. 

When you take feedbacks then you are in the right place to evaluate your current status.

Evaluate and reflect on your improvement pattern. Adjust, re-adjust and keep on improving. The path to excellence never ends.

By adopting the above means you can improve your knowledge and skills. It’s not a one day process but a lifetime habit. Maintain the habit and excel in all your ways.






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