How To Know Your Self Worth In The Market Place-15 Questions

Your self-worth is those capabilities that give you empowerment. You have those skills and behaviours, which others think you are good at doing them.

Your skills are not going to do anything for you if you have no clues about them. 

“How to know your self-worth?”

“How to know your self-worth?”

It is a question of self-awareness. Your skills give you a reputation in the marketplace.

Let’s discover your self-worth by asking a few questions yourself.

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1 How Precious You Are?

How the marketplace is responding to you determines the level of your preciousness.

Your preciousness is determined by two parameters primarily.

A. How valuable skillsets you have in the marketplace

B. What kinds of results you are producing for yourself with those skill sets in the marketplace

You may be a professional, self-employed, house-maker, or business personnel.

How the marketplace is judging you by your skill sets and results, determines the level of your preciousness.

If you want to make yourself more precious then, learn valuable skill sets and improve upon your results.

2 How Healthy You Are?

Your health increases your self-worth because it works as a catalyst in learning and implementing your skill sets in the marketplace.

Pay attention to your daily routine, exercise, calorie intake, and routine health checkups. They will help you with keeping yourself fitter and healthier.

3 How Happy You Are?

Your valuable skill sets and respect in the marketplace give you happiness.

When you know that you are making justice with the little or more you have, you become happy. 

When you don’t use your full potential, then you underperform.

You, as an underperformer, can’t be happy. The more you feel your self-worth, the merrier you become.

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4 How Are Your Relationships?

Your relationships are a mirror of your personality. When you are calm and pleasing, then your relationships are honest and fulfilling.

Your good relationships help you, personally and professionally. When your relationships are unhealthy, you lose on personal and professional grounds.

Your relationships set for you your self-worth.

5 How Is Your Learning?

Your learning and improvement are interconnected, with your self-worth. When you are not learning, then you are not growing.

The marketplace will oust you from the market.

6 How Is Your Earning?

Your earnings represent your skill sets and how you are doing with that skill set in the marketplace.

Keep on improving on your core areas and make yourself more valuable. 

Your self-worth will improve.

7 How Is Your Mindset? 

Your mindset is the engine of all your activities. Your mind paves the way for all the actions you make.

When your mind is clear with an idea, then you work freely on that. When your mind is doubtful, then you lack courage. 

Your confident mindset gives you conviction and credibility. It improves your market value.

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8 How Are You As An Employee?

When you know your job responsibility, you are disciplined and committed. You discharge it dutifully then you become valuable.

People and organizations value you. 

You increase your self-worth. 

You raise your market value.

9 How Are You As A Boss?

When you inspire your employees, and they happily follow you and your ideas, then you are in command as a boss.

Handling human resources effectively, setting new targets, and hitting the set targets, bring out the best in you.

Your self-worth and your net worth go up.

10 How Are You As A Business Personnel?

When you have a low level of skill sets in the marketplace, then automatically your efficiency, productivity, and proficiency are also low.

You have minimal productivity and little recognition in the marketplace.

But when you are eligible, then, your quality speaks for you. Your performance grows, and so do your name and fame.

11 How Are You As An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are those special people who see any problem differently and then provide you with a new solution to fix it.

This knack to look at issues from a different perspective and going for their unique solutions makes you an Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are the torchbearers for the new world. The self-worth of an entrepreneur is higher because of their proactive tendency.

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12 How Is Your Energy Level?

To keep your energy and momentum level up is an act of confidence. It doesn’t come easily to you.

When you feel good about yourself and your environment, then you feel energetic.

People around you inspire you when you ooze confidence. 

Your high energy level transforms into your actions. 

13 How Is your Appearance?

How you carry yourself physically and psychologically determines your appearance.

When you are well dressed but mentally upset, then it reflects on your work performance.

When you are mentally sharp and shabbily dressed, then again, you don’t paint your image as a convincing person.

Both ways you dent your self-worth.

14 How Resilient You Are?

It is a fundamental quality of any successful person.

When you are not resilient, then you are not gritty. It means that when a challenging situation arises, the odds are high that you will give up.

Your resilient approach helps you in proving your skills and showing your self-worth.

15 How Professional You Are?

You being a professional means that others think of you as a reliable, punctual, courteous, and competent person in your field.

People trust you when you are a professional. When you work as a professional, then you employ your skills to do talking for you.

You boom your skills as a professional.  

Thank You.



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