Best Relationship Advice: 3 Golden Rules

Why do we need the best relationship advice? Relationships are like oxygen. As oxygen is extremely important for our survival, similarly relationships are the lifeline of our fulfilment and happiness. Without the proper level of relational oxygen, we would go choking. 

Relationships are the foundational structure of our life. When the foundation is strong, the structure is more reliable. When the foundation is weak, the structure is dilapidated.

We need the best relationship advice because that makes our life beautiful

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Let’s assume a life based on poor relationships. How a person, who is torn between sick relationship and career pressure to be happy? It is highly unlikely.

When you are not happy from inside then it would reflect in uglier ways outside of your life. Your life would become pitiful and painful.

Most of the people are unhappy in the world. Millions and millions of Aspirin tablets are sold in the world every month than Vitamin tablets. This is another indication that people have more pain than wellness.

You can find unhappy people at every home, offices, organizations, and in the marketplace. Everyone has issues with someone.  

The scenario makes this discussion very glaring. Best relationship advice is indeed very important to assimilate and internalize. Happy relationships keep us happy and successful.

Best relationship advice for any relationship

We human beings are gregarious. We live in a society and proximity. We meet and converse with so many people on daily basis. They may be our parents, spouse, brothers, sisters, relatives, colleagues, acquaintants, strangers, etc.

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We may get inspired by their union, or perspired by their mere presence. These all depend on how we are connected and behaved with one another.

The best relationship advice is many. How to manage a relationship and make it stronger is not difficult. It does not ask us for many things. 

It just requires certain applications in our daily life. We know them, but we sway away in impulses and omit them. 

I am giving you the three best relationship advice. You read them, think over them, internalize them, and apply them.

They will help you only if you put them into practice. 

 I promise you the best relationship advice, not only make your relations better but improve you overall. 

They will help you in your professional, personal, and public life. 

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The person is always more important than the point

Treat it as a golden rule. 

We very often make this mistake and emphasize our point of the problem at the cost of the person. 

In our relationships, it happens very often that we go to the accusation level to prove our point. We call names and blah blah blah…

We prove the point and lose the person. 

The golden rule says that win the person first and save the point for later use.

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Just go down the memory lane and think if you have done this with anyone. Also, think about how your relationship unfolded after this event.

If someone has done this with you and how you felt about this incident. What about that person! How has it affected your bonding!

This type of behaviour is very common especially among close friends and life partners. 

We trust them, we love them, we don’t want to hurt them but we do something out of the impulse to grudge it later. 

You did it….. you mean it……..shut up……..go away……you don’t love me anymore… never listen to me…….I mean that……you did not understand me……etc….etc……are all the statements where we want to prove our point.

But the irony is very often we win the point and lose the person.

You can feel the indication instantaneously when your partner or friend becomes silent or violent.

Both the behaviour is not normal in any healthy relationships.

Remember it that the person is always more important than the point. Win over the person first and you will get all the time to prove your point later. 

This way you can win the person. This way you can win the relationship. Apply it in your relationships and your relationships will improve magically.

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Being kind is always more important than being right

This golden principle has the power to save your marriage, friendship, and family. 

Usually, at times we are not kind when making our points at the expense of the person.

Very often people say that your tone is not right…. how you are looking at me………. why are you staring…… you are yelling at me…… this is too much…..stop…listen to me first…….etc…..etc. In short, all these mean that you are not kind to me.

When you argue with someone and you know that you are right and the person is recalcitrant, then never thrust your viewpoint on him just because you are correct.

Rather be kind and say politely to him that if you include these points with yours, then what you are saying would become more powerful and meaningful.

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You will see the magic immediately and your argument will become a friendly conversation.

You validated your viewpoint without slighting anyone.

When you apply this principle in your daily life, you will find that people are giving you more attention and love. Your clout will grow, your relationship will improve.

Best relationship advice-3

Say what you mean and mean what you say

This rule is very important. This golden rule has the power to win trust and love for you. The pillar of any relationship is based on these two.

Many times what we want to say we don’t say and what we say we don’t mean. 

We smoulder from within and don’t divulge, what are we thinking and leave it to the other fellow to guess it. This makes the situation worse. 

Either we make somebody the victim of it or we become the victim of somebody.

When we say what we mean then the communication is clear and genuine. When we mean something and we say the same thing then again the conversation is direct and authentic.

Both ways we win the trust and love in a relationship.

But when there is something else in our heart and we say something else then this clearly shows that our intention is not genuine.

This lays the foundation of a low trust relationship. 

What we say and what we mean must be the same thing.

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  • Always remember that our thought and our heart are places where people come only by invitation. Nobody can come into our thoughts and feelings unless we give them an invitation.
  • Here the point is that nobody exactly knows what is in our mind and heart unless we invite them to. Hence, we don’t leave our loved ones to guess our minds and heart. We would become disappointed at times.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say will save you from this precarious situation. Your behaviour will improve. Your personality will improve. Your relationships will improve.
  • When you follow these rules they can bring life back to your relationships. When you avoid them they can suck the life out of your relationship.
  • You have never full control over how the other person is behaving in the relationship but you have full control over yourself. Take a look at how are you behaving in your relationship. Make proper adjustments and enjoy your lovely life.

These three are the best relationship advice. Give them a chance in your life to make your life beautiful.



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