Always Be Happy: 6 Steps Of Delight!

Always be happy is a blessing. Always be happy is a prayer. Always be happy is a piece of advice. Always be happy is a human need.

Happiness is a joy that opens the door for other happy moments. Happiness is a contagion that you spread among others.

Let’s stop for a moment and think.

How is your life without any happiness, without any joy? There are somberness and desolation around you. Your personality is torn between negative thoughts and painful moments. Your smile is fake. Your happiness is showy.

You are smouldering from within. You are a friend to none and no one is your friend. Your relationships are outwardly good and inwardly painful. There is confusion between your actions and thoughts.

Life would appear meaningless to you. You would lose all your charm. Life would become a long series of uncomfortable events.

Always Be Happy

You have to choose happiness

Always Be Happy

You have to choose happiness

Happiness is a choice. It is natural and normal to feel down and out at times. But it does not mean that we can’t find contentment, satisfaction, and gratitude in our life.

It’s all a matter of perspective, a conscious effort, and self-awareness. Since happiness is a choice you have to demand it to yourself. It is your responsibility to keep yourself happy.

You have to consciously choose happiness every time. Then a time will come when your subconscious mind will respond automatically to your happiness call. People surrounding you will also be happy. 

Always be happy has six steps of happiness. They are cool and lovely. By following them one by one you would achieve a greater sense of contentment and fulfilment.

Let’s embrace them one by one.

Always be happy-1 

Fall in love with yourself

Those people who are unsuccessful and unhappy don’t fall in love with themselves. 

always be happy 1

When you are unhappy in life and not successful in your career then this is the clear indication that you lack certain skills and characteristics in your life.

How can you change your results? How can you always be happy?

When you fall in love with yourself then you go on a date with yourself. You meet with yourself lovingly. You spruce up yourself. You shine your qualities. You scrub off your weaknesses. You smile lovingly at you. You adore those lonely moments with you.

You come to know yourself more closely. You get time to hone up your strengths. You work on yourself more. You become a better and more updated version of yourself.

This is the biggest secret of your happiness. 

Since you know yourself better you know who you are.

Others opinion about you does not matter much. You don’t get hurt easily. Your perspective becomes broader. Your perception grows with your update. Your performance improves. Your relationship becomes stronger. Your happiness index increases.

Growth of your capabilities and vision is the biggest reward of falling in love with yourself.

Always be happy-2

Fall in love with others

You are a human being. You live in a society. When you live a better social life you become happier and merrier.

always be happy 2

When you fall in love with others then others come to know about you. Your interaction with others makes you more acceptable in society. The beauty of your nature and behaviour get a showcase to represent when you are with others. 

People realize how caring and loving you are. Your social life improves. This gives you more honour and pride in society.

Your professional abilities also take many leaps. Your confidence level increases. You become a more successful and happy person.

Your heightened mental and social level helps others also. Since you know people deeply you are in a better position to suggest to them professionally and personally. 

You support people by suggesting them better things for them in life. Your counselling ability grows. You gain the centre stage position in society. You also give back to society. Your prominence becomes more pronounced. You become a social icon. You inspire people. 

You are always happy and satisfied. Your lifestyle sends a loud message, that always be happy.

Always be happy-3

Fall in love with God

This is deep and very special. Every happy person has a happy relationship with God.

always be happy 3

God loves you immensely but do you love God.

God has created the sun, the moon, the environment, the galaxy, the flora and fauna, and everything only and only for you.

Look at yourself, your nervous system, your physiology, your mental capacity, your every existence, everything is telling that God is Great.

If He has given you such a grand welcome in this world then you must not be an ordinary thing in His eyes. You are very very special to Him. Try to look at yourself through His vision for you. You must feel ashamed of your performances.

When God is in your life happiness is in your life. When God is missing from your life your purpose of life is missing from your life.

You can forget Him but He never denies you from His bounties. 

The sun, the moon, your inner machinery, everything keep on serving you. Whether you listen to Him or neglect His call. His supreme blessings for you is, always be happy.

How to fall in love with God?

Loving to God is very easy because He is the most Beneficent and Merciful. 

Follow the three steps formula and you will have immense love and pleasure for God. Your happiness will cross all boundaries.


No relationship can grow without the time spent together.

Follow these three steps and you will bask in the Glory of God. 

You will feel contented, satisfied, and grateful.

Your best and happiest days of life will begin.

Always be happy-4

Fall in love with your future

When you fall in love with your future you give priority to your future. When you work to build your future your present also becomes meaningful.

always be happy 3

 Happy people are pulled by plans and developing ways. They are optimistic about their future and that is why they feel energy and enthusiasm in their pursuit. This is the biggest secret of their happiness. 

Their past may be good or bad but they don’t dwell on their past. They look forward. They make new strategies, break new conversations, they meet new people, they learn new skills.

Happy people are much different from pessimistic people. 

Happy people are extremely hopeful about taking their futures. 

When you fall in love with your future your present improves.

Always be happy-5

Fall in love with optimism

Happiness is nothing but a state of mind and an emotional state which can only be achieved with a positive outlook towards life.

always be happy 5

Happy people are optimistic people and optimistic people are happy people. Always be happy and lively.

They are happy because they see the brighter side of any event. Both the physical and mental health of a person tends to improve when a person adopts a positive perspective.

Achieving optimism is among the habits of happy people as they have full control over themselves and situations. 

Always be happy-6

Fall in love with delayed gratification

If you want always to be happy then develop the art of laughing the last. 

always be happy 6

Every person who wants to be happy has a goal and purpose in life. 

When you live your life for avoiding pain at the moment then the present is in your mind. 

When you live your life for delaying gratification then the bigger goal is in your mind.

Instant gratification is a habit. Mastering how to delay the drive for instant gratification in favour of long-term satisfaction is a skill required for incremental and long-term growth.

Your lifelong happiness is not only in avoiding pain but also in delaying gratification.

This is your choice and smartness that decides how effectively you internalize these ideas.

 Always be happy is my prayer for you. Fall in love with happiness and spread smile and prosperity.




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