5 Strong Relationship Tips For Not Feeling Lonely

Love is a choice.

Being in a committed relationship is a choice.

Creating a beautiful life together is a choice.

You must make this choice each day of your life if your relationship is to last.


Strong relationship tips don’t only mean strong feelings for each other. A strong relationship means trust, respect, love, intimacy, responsibility, honesty, care, attention, and inspiration for each other.

When you find them in your relationships, you won’t feel lonely.

What Is A Strong Relationship?

Relationships go through ups and downs. A strong relationship withstands the storm of misunderstandings, mistakes, and misconduct.

Every relationship is unique relationship. When you two come together and develop a bond, then certain common attractive features keep you glued together. Any relationship is known as a healthy relationship when you don’t feel lonely in that relationship. 

It is your attractive features that take you towards your future.

A strong relationship always prioritizes their future life

It has been found that couples who enjoy a very strong relationship are having these 5 great qualities in their relationship.

1- They Take Responsibility For the Relationship And Don’t Just Say- I Love You

1- They Take Responsibility For the Relationship And Don’t Just Say- I Love You

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Falling in love with the same person, again and again, is true love.

Taking responsibility is an Attitude. 

Love is a Feeling. 

The feeling is an emotion that goes up and comes down from moment to moment, & from situation to situation. 

Many broken relationships are the result of a swing of mood at a particular moment. Since love is a feeling and it is influenced by the moods of either partner and not the principles of the relationship, chances are high that it can destabilize you in the long run.

Because one can’t be in the same emotional state for say 5 years or even for 2 years. So it is always dangerous to stay in a relationship that is completely governed by impulses. 

A long-lasting strong and happy relationship is always based on realities, and realities are not impulses, they are the outcomes of actions based on the real situations of life. They have patterns, that can advise you and guide you, on where your relationships are heading towards.

Love is good for the beginning of the relationship, responsibility is great for the eternity of the relationship. Love is good for fun, but responsibility is great for the family. 

Love is a feeling it is in your mood, responsibility is a characteristic, it is in your attitude.

Love is titillation, and responsibility is penetration. Love is attraction, responsibility is caring. Love is flamboyant, responsibility is elegant. Love is youth, responsibility is maturity. Love is ‘falling in love responsibility is ‘staying in love.

Love is an AFFAIR, Marriage is a RESPONSIBILITY 

Taking responsibility for the relationship means you are responsive to the issues happening in the relationship. When you are responsible in your relationship, then you also leave a trend and standard for your partner to follow. 

Your love grows with your understanding of each other. 

Your love doesn’t save your relationship, but your understandings do. Your understanding of each other only comes after you become responsible for each other.

When you become responsible, then your focus becomes the sanctity of the relationship. 

It shows that you are governed by the principles of the relationship. It means that you are serious about the relationship. It means that your partner matters to you more than you. It means that your relationship is your life. It means that your relationship is your future. 

2- Their Relationship Is Relational And Not Transactional

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When a relationship becomes transactional, the person becomes an object.

When a relationship is transactional, then that is an unhealthy relationship. Relationships thrive in the atmosphere of trust, caring, love & affection, and mutual understanding.

A transactional relationship is a calculative relationship. It’s like- a give & take relationship. One person brings bread and the other one butter to make a toast. 

When a relationship is transactional, then it is more like a Business and less like a Bonding. In business, the profit and loss analysis shows the health of the business. In a transactional relationship, the USEFULNESS of the partner is the parameter of the suitability of the relationship and not the Goodness of the partner.

Transactional relationships are reactive kinds of relationships. You always look for advantages in your relationship. The person is not important, the duty is important.

A strong relationship is always based on the mutual happiness of the relationship. In it, the partner is always more important than any other thing. 

You both care about each other and live for each other. Rather than personal choices and likings, the partner’s choices and likings are supreme. 

You don’t do things to settle the accounts, you do things out of responsibility. It’s more based on what I am doing with you than what you are doing with me.  

A strong relationship tip is to rely on mutual understanding and love in your relationship and not on how you are benefitting from that relationship.

When ‘benefits’ are the motive in the relationship then selfishness and personal preferences will be dominant in the relationship.

When a ‘healthy relationship’ is the motive then wellness and selflessness will dominate the relationship. 

3- They Equip Each Other In Life

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You are the creator of your life, don’t waste time managing it.

It is very important for a healthy and strong relationship. When you continuously equip each other, then you are building your relationship for the next level. 

It shows your confidence in your partner and also indicates that you are looking for a future in the presence of each other.

When you counsel your partner then you are working on the weaknesses of your partner, but when you Equip your partner then you are working on the strengths of your partner.

To work on strengths is far more rewarding than working on weaknesses. 

The more mentally strong and mature the partner becomes, the healthier and happier the relationship becomes.  

When you equip each other, then it also means that intentionally you are working on your relationship. It also means that you are not going to accept the status quo in your relationship. It further signifies that you are not going to manage your relationship. It rather tells that you are going to create the kind of life you want to live in your relationship.

You are not going to be the manager of your relationship. You are going to be the creator of your relationship.

4- Together They Build A Legacy

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You build a legacy when generations are your vision.

To build a legacy in a relationship simply means that you are living together with such high values and morals that you are transferring these high standards to the next generations.

It is about, how you are going to be remembered when you are not present in the world. Your relationship always leaves an intangible and enduring effect on others.

The legacy of relationships changes the world. Like all human beings, you live surrounded by the legacies of relationships that came before you. Relationships, not individuals, built the physical structures as well as the cultural and legal institutions that allow you to thrive.

A strong relationship always leaves a legacy of lifestyle, love, trust, mutual understanding, and happiness.  

How a partner can feel lonely when your relationship is living such a big legacy?

5- Disagreements Grow The Relationship

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Differences build the relationship stronger as they require discussion and understanding.

The shining example of a strong relationship is that it excels in differences. 

Both the partners, don’t behave as if they are the copy of each other. They firmly believe that the strength of a chain is determined by its weakest link. 

Every person has some bright spots and some dark spots. Bright spots are the strengths or qualities of that person. Dark spots are the weaknesses or demerits of that person. A relationship is the union of two persons. Two individuals who are having different bright spots and different dark spots.

When two persons live as a duplicate of each other and fully agree with each other, then they are not working on their dark spots, rather they are accepting their circumstances as they come.

Your acceptance of the circumstances leads you towards a compromise in the relationship. That strips the fun and thrill out of the relationship, as it is a more stereotyped way of life.

When you know in your relationship that there is something which you are good at, and in certain areas, your partner is good at. While deciding on something important, when differences of opinion occur, you give preferences to the advice of that partner who is naturally strong in that field.

Thus you differ on issues, share your opinions, rationalize who is good at what, set preferences and choose the best of the options always. 

This way you grow with your differences and soar in your relationship.


These are 5 very strong relationship tips. These tips are not only meant to read but to live in your day-to-day life.

These tips will take your relationships in a completely different direction. You will thrive in the company of each other because you are made for each other.

Loneliness will always feel lonely around you. Happiness will always smile at you.

Thank You.



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