Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously- Success Advice-1

Don’t take yourself too seriously. By taking yourself too seriously you become over cautious and stressful.

Being too serious also means that you are not to your normal best and demonstrating your normal behaviour.

Taking Yourself Seriously And Taking Yourself Too Seriously are two different things.

When you are serious in life, it means that you are concerned and calculated and taking responsibility for your actions in your life.

This helps you positively in life. This kind of seriousness shows that you are concerned, responsible, understanding, and working on some purpose in your life.

When you become too serious then it shows that you are fearful, doubtful, stressful, shaky, confused, and ill-prepared for the situation in life.

Why You Become So Serious In Life

You become too serious in life when you are low in confidence. 

You are doubtful of your abilities and always feel that you lack something. Others are better than you.

You are not sure of yourself and you think that others are laughing at you and jesting at you.

You are too much concerned about yourself and always think that others are talking about you and monitoring you.

You become over-cautious and start doing things very cautiously. You lose your natural self and become doubtful of your abilities.

This way you start playing in others’ hand and look for their validation in your life.

This way you make a mistake by shifting your focus from – “Who you are?” and start focusing on,” What do others want to see in you?”

You lose your originality and uniqueness and feel that you are incomplete and you lack many things in comparison to others.

You feel inferior and out of sorts.

How Too Much Seriousness Is Killing Your Success?

When your focus is ‘what do others want to see in you’ and not in yourself, then you don’t do what is important for you. 

You do what others are doing, you think what others are thinking. Others are your focus.

You lose your purpose and focus on what your success requires.

You become successful when you use your potentials and abilities in your growth.

Your too much seriousness is costing you dearly.

They are snatching your success away from you.

They are pinching you in various ways.

don't take yourself too seriously-1
Don’t make yourself an enigma. You live in a busy world. People have little time to solve you.

1 Your Confidence

When you take yourself too seriously then it dents your confidence.

Your low confidence makes you hesitant.

Your hesitation and doubtfulness lead you to half-hearted actions. 

Your half-hearted actions bring out lame results for you. 

Your weak results are bad for the success of your life.

Your too much seriousness is stopping your success. They are not allowing you to grow.

2 Your Connection & Love

When you become too serious in life then your connection and love also take a too serious route in your life. 

Your too much seriousness makes you nervous and arrogant.

Your relationship demands you to be open in conversation, fun, and love.

Those who love you want to live with you and enjoy their life with you. 

Your too much seriousness keeps them away from you. 

This situation will create a strained relationship between you and them.

When you are not happy and contented in your relationships then it means that you don’t know the art of gelling around with others.

Your success requires a happy and stabilised mind.

The strength of your bonding with others determine your success in life.

Success always follows consistent team-work.

Your over-serious attitude will kill your mission of success.

3 Your Stress & Fatigue

When you are too serious then you always see more in little.

When you see more in little then little becomes more for you.

So you start seeing and feeling things that are not happening in real. 

This leads you to false assumptions. 

It is human nature that we see the dark side first.

Your false assumptions take you towards negativity.

Negativity only blazes your stress and fatigue. You feel burnout and depressed.

You start realizing that whatever is happening around you is bad for you.

You further feel lost and frustrated.

A frustrated you are good for failure. Success will always elude you.

4 Your Creativity & Imagination

When you are too serious then you are least imaginative because only tested methods are running in your mind. 

How you have to sit, talk, walk, think, behave, drink, eat, etc. are all tested and tried many times before.

Since you are low in confidence, you think that you will make a mess with any new attempt.

You don’t go for something creative. You shy away from new attempts.

When you are not creative and imaginative then you are only copying things and not creating things for yourself.

Success comes to you when you are using your creativity and imagination for maximizing the gain in your life.

5 Your Working

When you are too serious in life then it badly hampers your professional life.

Your too much seriousness is the progeny of your ego. 

When you are not free with your Bosses, Colleagues, Subordinates, then you are not going to write any professional success story.

6 Your Enjoyment

Your too much seriousness and your enjoyments are inversely proportional.

When you are very serious then you are less enjoying yourself.

Who wants to hang around with a person who is not open, dull, and unimaginative.

No one will give you any company and you will be an isolated human being.

You would be good for any other planet but not for planet earth.

You are like a human being but not a human being.

You will only enjoy success in patches.

7 Your Learning

Your learning will be greatly hampered if you be a little too serious of a person.

You know, Why is that.

Because you will be operated more by your past and less by your future.

Your future requires new skills and techniques

When you are not a future-oriented person then learning new things won’t be your cup of tea. 

When you are not interested in learning then success is not interested in you.

don't take yourself too seriously-2
When you open to the world, the world opens to you.

How To Become A ‘Successful’ Person From A ‘Too Serious’ Person

It is really easy to change. Just you require a new purpose, a new approach, and a new mindset.

Remember, you became too serious because you start thinking that everyone is noticing you, judging you, blaming you, and hurting you.

This thought gave you a different mindset and you became defensive and at times offensive to safeguard your identity.

Whenever you find yourself in a similar situation and feel that the situation is forcing you to resort to the same old Egoist ‘too serious state’, then GO for these TWO GOLDEN RULES methodology.

They will shift your paradigm and give you a new paradigm.

Rule No.1- It Is Not About Me

This rule simply states that- when something is happening around you and you are not liking that, then don’t take that personally.

It’s not about Me, Myself, and I. It’s about Us, Ourselves, and We. Look at other persons’ intention.

Don’t feel offended.

Think differently. Suppose you go to a party and your friends start whispering something, then don’t take that personally and go to your shell.

It is not about you. maybe they are talking about something else. Maybe they are whispering that you look different and more confident today.

It is not about you. Make a simple shift from ME to WE.

Don’t make your conclusions. Don’t judge yourself by other people’s remark. You know yourself far better than others. 

This Rule will generate understanding in you in place of Irritation.

You will feel relieved and natural. It requires discipline. You have to train your brain.

Rule No. 2- It Is About Me

This rule states that when Rule No. 1 is not a justification in your case then “It Is About You.”

Then look at you and analyze, maybe you need certain improvement in that field.

Maybe you are not good at that, and you need a little more effort in that arena.

When others are not wrong about you, then you are not right.

By following Rules 1, & 2, you will improve and grow.

Your Improvement and growth will make you more successful in life.

Too much seriousness is a reactive lifestyle. It is bad.

Seriousness is a sober attitude. It is valuable.




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