Use Of Strategic Vision In Personal Growth

The strategic vision is a vision for your future life. When you envision how you want to see yourself in future and you strategize a mental programme to achieve them, then you are relying on your strategic vision.

In simple terms, your strategic vision is a mental image of what you want to be in future.

Why you need a strategic vision in your life

When you have a vision then it shows that you have a plan for the future. This shows that you are a visionary. This also shows that you are an optimistic person.

When you have a plan for your future, then you have a purpose in life. That gives you energy and hope. Your vision is your firepower.

When you don’t have a strategic vision then your life would become a dull trend of the same repetitious stale activities. 

To lead a high voltage successful and happy life you must discover your vision. What you are today and what you would become tomorrow is simply a matter of your vision.

With a low strategic vision, the graph of your life would go down. With a better strategic vision, you would soar high.

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How strategic vision helps you in your life

When you have to achieve something tomorrow, you start thinking about that today. 

This mental state forces you to search for more ways to make inroads. You start learning new things. You start preparing for new plans.

Your vision gives you a roadmap. Your roadmap is a plan which guides you to move from one mental state to another.

Your new mental state pushes you for a new set of mechanisms to learn and imbibe. 

By thinking about new ideas, learning new things, and absorbing new techniques, you continuously improve yourself.

Your improvement also improves your actions. Every action has a result. Bad actions lead to bad results and good actions lead to good results.

Your improved actions give you improved results. Your improved results further solidify your belief in your actions. This attracts you to bigger actions and bigger results.

This way you become different from others. You become a better version of your earlier self. 

The only factor that brings all these happy and big changes in your life is your strategic vision.

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What are the factors that build your strategic vision?

This is very important to understand. Some things support you in building your vision. When you come to know about them, you can focus on them to improve your strategic vision.

  • Your beliefs 

What is your philosophy of life, your cultural, religious, and racial thought pattern? Your upbringing and family beliefs also play an important role in making your vision.

When you come to know that your beliefs are a party in making your strategic vision then you take your beliefs seriously. When you feel that your beliefs are hindering your strategic vision, change them. Your beliefs are your guiding principles.

  • Your surroundings

Your surrounding means your environment. Which kind of people you are surrounded by? What do they believe in? What kind of discussions people are making around you?

Every individual is influenced by his environment, and so are you. what kinds of friends and relatives you have. What they think and talk more. Are they visionary or average? 

Your gadgets are also your surroundings. How you spend time with your gadget is important. Things can serve you or become your master.

Be aware of your surroundings. They build your perception and vision. 

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  • Your learning

Your learning means the kind of information you are acquiring. You are talking to someone, learning new technologies, reading books, trying new things, watching different activities, these all have an impact on making your strategic vision.

When you are learning positive things they make your vision bigger and smarter.

  • Your analysis

How you assimilate what you know, is your analysis. How you conclude with the resources you have is instrumental in making your strategic vision.

Your analysis has a say on your mind-good or bad!

When your analytical ability is high your vision becomes top-notch.

  • Your mentoring

Without good mentoring, you can never refine yourself. Mentoring refines your ideas and perceptions. Your vision becomes broader. You perceive more and deeper.

Your mentor is your guide. Your mentor unearths the hidden potential in you. Your mentor teaches you the skills and methods to grow you personally and professionally.

These are the main components of your strategic vision. When you use them combinedly in your favour, the flavour of your life changes.

These components are always at your mercy to use them.

When you handle them tenderly, they make your life beautiful. The happiness of your life is hidden in your strategic vision. 





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