Grow Or Else AI Will Replace Your Job- Success Advice-3

Grow or else AI will replace your job. 

You have seen that the advent of the Industrial Revolution had replaced the body with machines.

So, the workers do believe that with artificial intelligence(AI), the mind will also be replaced.  

The body and mind will be captured by machines gradually.

AI(Artificial Intelligence) has started changing the world of work, and yes you are right, it is going to hit your jobs hard.

If AI fits more to your job, then AI is the first choice, and you are the second option for the employer.

Take a while, and look around you, you will find machines everywhere in the workplace.

ROBOTS are the new employees.

Robots don’t demand salary, play truant, fall sick, make unions for their demands, and fall short of their targets.

Robots are ready to replace you.

Well programmed machines are ready to replace you, and they are also ready to replace your job.

How Artificial Intelligence Is A Threat For Job?

How Artificial Intelligence Is A Threat For Job?

AI brings innovation in business and working style. AI is fast, updated, and swift. 

  • Unlike humans, AI machines are error-free, they give accurate results. So the employer will prefer machines over you because of better and consistent performance.
  • There are certain kinds of jobs that are too risky for you, but AI can handle those dangers easily. Naturally, you are not the preference in those jobs either.
  • You get tired, feel bored by doing the same things repeatedly, lose interest in work on odd days, have health issues, but AI machines have no such issues
  • It can perform at the same pace 24*7. 
  • Monotony is for you and not for machines.
  • Since AI is EMOTIONLESSit can handle customer grievances steadily without any breakYou have emotions, your 1000 replies for the same query will vary hugely on quality standards.
  • Your different states of mind will differ in the reply.
  •  You are not in the race.
  • AI machines are faster than you in calculating the outcomes and taking decisions. This quality gives AI machines a big advantage over you. You lose the battle with AI machines over here.
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AI has machine power. You have human potential. AI will help you in all those jobs which are difficult, demeaning, dull, demanding, and dangerous for Humans.

What To Do When AI Is Replacing The Job And Making You Redundant?

 AI can replace you only when you COMPETE with the strengths of AI. 

All those points which are advantageous for AI are not so pronounced in Humans.

So the million-dollar idea is, to work hard on those skills & qualities that are specific to Humans. 

When you know them and hone them up, then AI can’t Replace you. 

You will become irreplaceable.

Moravec’s paradox

Moravec’s paradox simply states that “what is easy for humans is difficult for AI and what is difficult for humans seems easy for AI“.

That is why solving a typical mathematical problem is easy but gardening is tough for AI.

This also gives you an ample amount of idea to think and analyze what is unique to us humans


What Are The Specific Qualities That You As A Human Has & AI Doesn’t Have?  

David De Cremer, founder and director of the Centre on AI Technology for Humankind at the National University of Singapore Business School, has done immense work on it.

AI Doesn’t Have……..

Read it very deeply, the machine is the BODY and AI is the MIND.

What connects the Body with the Mind is SOUL & Soul is not the name of a machine. 

Since it has no soul, AI doesn’t understand emotions and its environment.

AI doesn’t have awareness of its existence and those around it.

AI doesn’t think about humans

It doesn’t care about what it means to be a human.

If you die today, AI will not worry about you.

AI has no feelings, no emotions, no imaginations.

That is why, AI has no relationships, no improvements, no ambitions on its own.

AI has no real purpose but you have.

It further means that AI doesn’t live in Reality.

That is why AI fails to build a Team & work culture for better performance

AI works on a set of instructions and always follows the order.

AI doesn’t have Imagination, Creativity, Strategic Thinking, and never feels any need to upgrade itself.

grow or else AI will replace your job-2
Your Million Dollars are just an Idea away.


While reading those above lines carefully, you must realize that some of your colleagues OR even you, work in your organizations like an AI.

You have no real purpose, ambition, skillset, and mindset.

You never track your performance and growth.

Learning is only & always for others and not for you.

When You Become An AI, Then AI Will Become Your Replacement.

The more similarity you have to the AI, the higher the chances of your replacement by the AI.

YOU have to become a Human in your professional world and develop those VALUABLE HUMAN PROFESSIONAL TRAITS.

That will save you from replacement and make you, AI’s master.

Valuable Human Traits To Learn For Maximum Professional Growth

Grow or else AI will replace you.

Valuable human professional traits are critical to your success in any job, as they allow you to work superbly with employers, employees, colleagues, clients, and vendors.


This is a great skill to learn in this modern time. It develops in you the ability to predict events and trends, and how they are going to impact your work and industry.

It requires a good understanding of the scenario, analysis, anticipation, and out of the box thinking.


Leaders in any organizations are at the helm.

All promotionssalary raise, important responsibilities, come to them within the organization.

You are in the command of your team and you have to use your imaginations, creativity, strategic skills, and futuristic thinking to make your organization No. 1.

AI will replace your job
Leaders are Readers. Those who don’t read, never lead. Learning is for Life Time.


This is so valuable that it can single-handedly win laurels for you.

When you are speaking, you are communicating, when you are listening, you are communicating, when you are not speaking, again you are communicating through your body language and style.

You can’t live without communication. Powerful word choiceeffective tone, and impressive body language make you effective as a person.

Your influential communication makes you a great boss, a supportive colleague, and a smart subordinate.


Strategic thinking requires an understanding of the subject, analysis of the available resources, imagination, creativity, goal-setting, planning, and execution.

It is formulating a workable idea and guiding your team.


Creativity converts new ideas into reality. 

Creativity is about perceiving new ideas, imagining new patterns, and bringing out new solutions.

Creativity is about thinking and producing. 

When you have ideas but don’t work on them then you are Imaginative.

When you have ideas and act on them then you are Creative.


Every job requires communication, detailing, persuasion, and marketing.

Public speaking has the key for your professional success.

When you are a good speaker then you are going to lead the discussion for your organization most of the time.

All great speakers are highly paid.


When you are a leader then you have to meet your target through your team.

When you are a manager then you have to meet your target with your team.

You must learn the art of building a team and maximize the benefits of the organization.

Team building and team handling are an added advantage to you.


Leverage existing technologies ethically and efficiently to solve problems, complete tasks, and accomplish goals.

Technologies assist organizations to run smoothly and achieve their targets.


Specialized knowledge means gaining more and more knowledge and become an expert in your area of work.

When you gain mastery in your trait, then you become the master of your field.

Continuously work on yourself, your learning, and the latest techniques. 

They will keep you ahead in the race.

You will become the most treasured person in your organization.


Another way to improve your job skills is to enlist a professional mentor. 

This can be someone in your current workplace or a person who works elsewhere and has the skills you wish to possess. 

Work with them to identify where you can improve your skills and what job skills you should focus on.

All these skills are High-Income Skills. 

When you learn themmaster them and employ them in your daily working style, then they produce different results for you.

Your life needs different results to grow and prosper.

Because how better you are is Secondaryhow different you are is PRIMARY.

Thank You.




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