Don’t Become A Generalist Become A Specialist- Success Advice-2

Don’t become a generalist, become a specialist, because by nature you are a specialist.

You can’t become a specialist if you are not a Generalist.

A Specialist Is An Extension Of A Generalist. 

A Generalist is decent at many things and a Specialist is an expert in any one or two of those many things.

You are born as a unique individual. No one looks like you. 

Your voice is different, your style is different, your retina is different, your fingerprint is different, your mind is different, and so on and on and on.

Why Are You Born So Different From Other Human Beings?

Why Are You Born So Different From Other Human Beings?

Because God wants you to be successful in life

For success to come your way, you have to stand out from the crowd.

That is why you are born as a unique individual. Your uniqueness gives you various possibilities to succeed in life by doing special things that others are not endowed with.

There is nothing wrong with being a Generalist, but being a Specialist is more purposeful

When you are a generalist then you are most suitable for lower management and middle management positions most of the time.

Most of the opportunities in your life will come from these levels. They will give you enough means to survive and live normally but you will not leave a mark and legacy by doing them.

As a specialist, you attract upper-middle management and higher management positions

These positions are key to any sector and are held by more qualified and expert personnel known as a specialist.

Why You Become A Specialist And How It Will Help You

If you want to become a happy and successful person in life who has the resources and riches of life then being a specialist is your way.

A specialist has a mission. A mission is the purpose of life.

When you want to become a specialist, you will have to embrace a mission because you want a piece of deep knowledge in the desired field.

Thus a specialist hits the same target again and again and becomes focused and skilful in that field.

While covering the journey of a specialistyou develop many traits of highly effective people.

Let’s analyze.

Don’t become a generalist become a specialist-1
When you do what others do, then you get what others get.

Don’t become a generalist, become a specialist

The world is very crowded and filled with generalists. A generalist position is the best position to launch you as a specialist.

When You Are A Specialist You Are Best Utilizing Your Potential

Whatever you do and think is instrumental in making your future.

But the surroundings around you are making you an average generalist.

When you go to your school or college, you study in the same classroom, with the same teachers, same books, and same environment, and answer the same set of questions in the same examination hall.

And who comes first in the classroom are those who are different in approaches and are having specialized subject knowledge.

Your specialized subject knowledge works in your favour of you.

Then a company comes for campus placement in your institution and interviews you to judge how different and special you are.

Again your specialization comes to highlight you.

Once you are selected and join the organization, you get the same office environment, training, job profile, and bosses.

When the reward time comes and your performances are evaluated, again you are judged by the quality of your results, which gets better and better with your mastery and specialization.

Your specialization gives you significance in life.

A specialist works for a career, a generalist for a job

Your career is your purpose, your mission. It gives you direction and makes you more purposeful, focused, and consistent in your efforts.

Your career is your choice of life, your way of growing and grooming. 

Your career gives you deep and extensive knowledge in your area of choice.

Your career makes you expert and specialized.

On the other hand, your job is your professional engagement in any department. A more general approach to life.

The higher the position you want to achieve, the more specific you have to become.

Don’t become a generalist become a specialist-2
Your career is like your car. The purpose of your career is to take you to the next level.

A Specialist Is An Authority & A Role Model In Their Field

A specialist is a master and expert in his field. He is an authority. He can dictate terms in his field.

A specialist has this liberty only because he has gained mastery

A specialist always sets a high standard in society, which is why people want to be like him. He becomes a Role-Model for many.

A Specialist Leaves A Legacy, A Generalist Just Survives

When you are a specialist, then you are an expert, role model, authority, and guide in your field. 

You show ways to many and inspire others through your skills.

You die but your works remain alive. Your achievements and results are a guiding light for generations to come.

Your performance and lifestyle will give encouragement and motivation to many.

Rewards And Riches Are Especially For Specialists

All rewards and riches come to specialists because they are doing more meaningful and purposeful things in life.

All rewards and riches of life come to you because whatever you know and do are hard to be done by others. Because you know something very valuable so it is tough to replace you. 

Specialists are irreplaceable, that’s the biggest asset they have and that is why they are more valuable.

When you are valuable then you attract valuable things in life.

They come to you in the form of Rewards & Riches.

Don’t become a generalist become a specialist-3
When you are in demand then you are also in trend.

Honour, Significance, Recognition, Mastery, Money Wealth, and Health are the children of Specialization- 3 Points Rule To Get Them

Below are the three points, they are like a checklist for you.

 Check yourself on the given metrics and assess your value.

1- The level of work or skill you provide

2- The demand for the skill you provide

3- How easy it is for someone to replace you

1A- When the level of work or skill you provide is High, you will go high in life.

When they are Low, you will remain low in life.

2A- When the Demand for the skill is More, it will give you much more in life.

When the demand is less, you will achieve much less.

3A- When you are Irreplaceableyou will Rule.

When you are Replaceableyou will be Ruled.


Life gives you both platforms, whether to be a generalist or a specialist. 

It all depends on what you want to become.

Your choices break you and your choices build you.

Thank you.



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