Why Am I Not Successful In My Career Has 30 Big Reasons

Why am I not successful in my career is a big question mark on my ability. When the business I am doing is not flourishing, and the job I am doing is not giving me any growth then this is quite natural to think that why am I not successful in my career

My life is strewn everywhere like anything and I am trying to pick the pieces and assemble them to give shape to them but in vain.

This is not only my story but studies suggest that out of every 10 persons 7 live either partially or fully a failed life.

Why am I not successful in my career may have multiple reasons. But mainly there are 30 big reasons. Whoever is having these reasons(either some or all of them) can be a victim of an unsuccessful career.

Getting to know about these reasons is very important so that we could check our life and save ourselves from these bad habits. 

These reasons are like parameters for all of us to judge whether we are on track or in the trap. Treat them like a checklist and gauge your life pattern.

Let’s analyze them one by one.

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Why am I not successful in my career -1

I Don’t Have A Plan

No plan on paper means no new ideas in mind

It is rightly said that if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. 

No plan on paper means no idea in mind.

No proper plan also means no roadmap to work on. When we have no roadmaps then it indicates that we will reach nowhere. 

I am a victim of poor planning and no roadmaps. If we want to give direction to our life then we must choose our path, make a proper plan, and execute it with full might. 

Happy and successful life has certain rules. Having proper planning is one of them. 

Why am I not successful in my career -2

I Don’t Want To Fail

This is a thought which has damaged my progress immensely. 

When we don’t want to fail, then we become overcautious. This grows a feeling of suspicion within us. Our self-belief becomes shaky. It negatively affects our decision-making ability.

All these factors stop us from taking any new decisions.

When we study the autobiography of successful people then we find that they don’t fear making mistakes. 

When we fear failing then we lose our boldness and creativity. When we don’t believe in our abilities then how others are going to put faith in us?

We will always be a misfit in any organization and setup.

Why am I not successful in my career -3

I Don’t Have Realistic Goals

Realistic goals are those goals that can be achieved in normal circumstances.

When there is no mental clarity then very often we make unrealistic goals.

We are satisfied that we are engaged and doing something, but that is not enough. 

Starting a startup and becoming a millionaire in 6 months is an unrealistic goal. To become a millionaire and thrive, we require many disciplines and strategies. We take one step at a time and march on to achieve the target. There is no shortcut to success.

The problem with unrealistic goals is that when we evaluate our results we always feel dissatisfied. Since they are very hard to achieve we become disheartened and leave the goal midway.

Goals must be SMART

  • S-Specific
  • M-Measurable
  • A-Attainable
  • R-Realistic
  • T-Time-bound

When goals and targets don’t fulfil these conditions then they are not SMART. We can pursue them without any proper reasoning.

Why am I not successful in my career -4

I Am Whining All The Time

This is again an important reason behind the debacle. I am never satisfied and happy.

When we complain all the time, then in actuality we shift our responsibility and accountability to others. It is always someone else who has made the mistake. Someone else is the problem.

When you always find fault in others, you fail to build a team and network. Without them, you are never going to be successful.

We never introspect and improve. We always pass the buck.

This kind of approach is bad for any organization and career. Nobody can get success and recognition by whining about anything and everything.

Why am I not successful in my career -5

I Am A Bad Finisher

why am I not successful in my career 2
Successful people have results. Mediocre have only plans.

I am not good at sweeping things in the end. And I have paid a heavy price for that in my career.

How good we start matters little in comparison to how great we finish.

When we start something then we are fired up and motivated in the beginning and as the work progresses things start settling down and we start behaving naturally.

If we lose our focus midway and our attention wanders to other things then we miss the intensity of the task and fail to finish it as it should have been.

This is very natural for all those unsuccessful people.

By focusing more and maintaining the intensity we may win over this shortcoming. 

No business or organization is like any individual who stumbles in the end. We will never become a good team players. Our performance will always be wanting when it matters most.

Why am I not successful in my career -6

I Procrastinate All The Time

A procrastinator never finishes. Procrastination had almost cost my career before I learned the way to make a comeback.

Since procrastinator always dilly-dallies with their task, they are never finished with them. The main problem with the procrastinator’s attitude is that the organization they are working for is never in a position to conclude their performance. 

Since they never finish, you can never conclude. 

Procrastination breaks consistency and momentum. If we want to thrive in our careers then we must not be a procrastinator. 

Why am I not successful in my career-7

I Have No New Ideas

This is another reason behind the dilapidated career. 

When we have the same old ideas we will always reach the same old results. The same old results will keep our careers and life in the same old way.

New ideas give new energy and new results. New results change the status quo.

New ways lead our career in a better direction. Stagnation is always bad for any career. It keeps us stuck in the same place. 

Why am I not successful in my career-8

I Live In My Comfort Zone

why am I not successful in my career 3
Beyond your ‘comfort zone lies a better future. Dream for that. Go for that.

I used to live in my comfort zone. Because of it I never stretched myself and thus my abilities never grew.

Since I did not improve with time my career never flourished.

The Comfort zone is okay but it doesn’t allow you to go beyond that, because we feel assured and safe within that. It creates a sort of stagnation in us and fear for our new ventures.

We won’t expand if we don’t try anything new. The growth of our careers requires continuous improvement and expansion.

We have to follow the habits of successful people.

Why am I not successful in my career-9

I Don’t Have the Right Surroundings

Jim Rohn has rightly said that you are an average of 5 people who you spend most of your time with. 

When our company is good, we inspire and progress. We discuss growing things. Our mental state remains positive and alert.

When the surrounding is bad we don’t feel motivated and useless things become our centre of discussion. They play no role in our career rather they pull us down because of futility.

Why am I not successful in my career-10

I Am Not Taking Responsibilities For My Deeds

This is another reason for career failure. 

When we don’t take responsibility for what we do then we don’t own the results which we produce. With responsibility comes accountability. 

When we disown responsibility then our focus is not on the processes and strategies, because results don’t affect us. 

Results are most of the time the report card of our deeds. When results don’t matter to us then we don’t improve our performances.

Whatever shortcomings we have, we don’t improve upon them. Our learning stops and performance dwindles. How can we be good in our careers with all these aberrations? 

Why am I not successful in my career-11

I Have Misplaced Priorities

When I was struggling with my career then nothing was streamlined.

When priorities are not well set then we do anything at any time. It also shows that we don’t have a long-term vision. 

We can not achieve any target in our careers by doing things randomly. When the priorities are well defined then we put first thing first and second thing second. 

Prioritizing the tasks is important for our career as they keep us on track and vigilant with our progress.

Why am I not successful in my career-12

I Am Spending Too Much Time On Social Media

why am I not successful in my career 4
A good social day is a bad business day.


I used to be spending too much time on social media. This hampered my career as I was over-busy with my gadgets and that sucked me lots of time.

Social media is not bad but when we use it all the time then it works against us. 

Let’s check how much time you spend on social media every day, and how much time you check your FB, Instagram account, etc.

When we are the master then we use our gadgets as per our will, but when our gadgets become our masters then they make us their slaves. 

We spend our time as per their will and suck most of the time.

Time is precious. When we waste time, time also wastes us.

Why am I not successful in my career-13

I Wait For Things To Happen

When we wait for things to happen then we never take the initiative. 

When we wait for things to happen then we react to the situation rather than creating the environment that we want.

Our career becomes successful when we show others our abilities and do not wait for the opportunity to come our way.

Why am I not successful in my career-14

I Don’t Measure My Progress On A Routine Basis 

Progress requires a routine analysis. I showed a careless attitude in measuring my progress. 

Something we can’t measure we can’t improve. I never gauged my performance and my career never took off as I thought it too.

It is very important to analyze our progress, know where we are lacking, then re-adjusting and take better actions, and proceed. This gives us continuity in our performance and keeps us focused on our mission.

Why am I not successful in my career-15

I Am Not Delivering my 100%

This happens to many of us. We have an immense reservoir of potential. But we always deliver a chunk of that.

This is due to many reasons, like laziness, complacency, carelessness, and overconfidence.

When we lack in our efforts, then this is reflected in our performances. 

When the performances are poor career is pathetic. When the performances are great career soars. We must always give our 100% in every attempt. This is not only a matter of performance but also of our image. Our image must be like a winner’s image. 

Why am I not successful in my career-16

I Am Not Having Network And Connection 

Network and connection are very important things, especially in this period. 

Not only this thing is this important that I know but this is also very important that who know us. 

When someone influential is referring us or praising our work and forwarding it to others then we get good branding only because of connection and network.

Now the world has become a global village because of globalization so having a proper connection & network to highlight our work is imperative for our career prospects.

Those having a good network are better positioned to propagate their ideas and products. We must develop a good network for the development of our careers.

Why am I not successful in my career-17

I Am Not Aware Of My Strength

When I don’t know myself then I don’t know my strengths and weaknesses. When I am not aware of my strength then I am not going to choose my career by keeping in mind what I am good at.

My choice would mainly be based on the opinion of others or the trend prevalent at that time.

This will create a mess in my entire career as I have not considered my natural strength as my career option.

This is the main problem with many youths nowadays.

After certain failures in life, we realize that we are made for something else and we are doing something else. Then we regret our earlier decisions and try to rectify them in the latter stages of our life.

This is not only the loss of our potential but also a national loss because our best talents don’t come in use to serve our nation. 

The earlier we know our strengths the better it is for all of us.

Why am I not successful in my career-19

I Have No Certain Schedule For My Work

why am I not successful in my career 6
When you don’t run your day then your day runs you.

This was another reason for my failure. 

Whatever assignments we undergo we must prepare a schedule for that. Any schedule is a structure on which we lay our work.

When the structure is not there our assignment is not going to take any shape.

A shapeless creation has no beauty. 

Why am I not successful in my career in 20

I Don’t Have A Financial Plan

What we earn is of lesser importance in comparison to what we save. 

We fail in our career when our spendings are more than our earnings. 

When we don’t have any financial planning then after a few years of our career we find that the business or services we are doing are not giving us enough revenue.

This thought sows a seed of suspicion and indifference in our minds. We become nonchalant with our work. 

We need to have proper financial planning regarding our income, expense, investment, and saving. Better financial planning keeps our fortunes brighter.

Why am I not successful in my career-21

I Don’t Value My Time

Time is valuable. When we don’t take care of our time then time does not take care of us.

It’s always our choice, whether we utilize time in our favour or squander it away without any cause.

All successful people have great respect for their time. They apply time management techniques to manage time and grow. Those who are high in their careers value their time.

Why am I not successful in my career-22

I Never Take the Initiatives

Not taking initiative is tantamount to waiting for things to happen for us. 

When we don’t show our proactive behaviour then we lag in our attempts and efforts. We only get what others left. Our career growth requires taking many initiatives in life.

Why am I not successful in my career-23

I Make Excuses

When we make many excuses in our life then we don’t make ourselves the central figures. 

We mainly find faults in others and anything wrong perpetrated is always because of someone else.

This creates confusion and less reliability. This breaks the team.

Excuses are always bad for careers. All successful entrepreneurs and people are not faulting finders.

Why am I not successful in my career-24

I Am A Perfectionist

why am I not successful in my career 7
Perfection kills your creativity. It stops you from experimenting in new ways.

To do a thing nicely is good but seeking perfection in everything is bad for our career.

When we are a perfectionist then we try to do all things perfectly and that makes us slow and at times dissatisfied with others’ performance.

It does not mean that we accept below-average work. Rather than focusing on perfection, we must focus on progress.

Why am I not successful in my career-25

I Am Not Marketing Myself Enough

In today’s world, this trait is very important for career growth.

We are also like a product for the marketplace. Like a product is marketed with its special features and appearances, we should also highlight our special abilities to the world.

The world has no idea who we are, but when we market our special features then the world comes to know about the capabilities we have.

In our career, it is very important that we actively participate in every activity of our workplace. This gives us recognition and grows our reputation.

Why am I not successful in my career-26

I Am Not Using My Creativity

When I don’t use my creativity in my work then I usually do it the others way.

Our creativity is something very special feature which is akin to us only. That is the signature style of our work. 

Our creativity is something that can only be copied by others and not competed by them. Our creativity gives us an edge in our careers.

Why am I not successful in my career-27

I Am A Part-Time Worker

A part-time worker has no serious career plan. As it is clear by its name as part-time, it is not for a lifetime.

There is nothing wrong with doing part-time work, but that is not an option for career-building under normal circumstances.

Why am I not successful in my career-28

I Want To Prove That I Am Always Right

When I prove all the time that I am right then it creates a sense of haughty pride and irritation. This is a big NO for any good career prospect.

This type of attitude is not good for any team or organization.

Why am I not successful in my career-29

I Listen To Others’ Stupid Plan

When we listen to others all the time and don’t make any analysis of our own then we are bound to fall.

Whatever we think and do must be a product of our conclusion.

Why am I not successful in my career-30

I Don’t Like To Face Challenges

When I am not fit for the challenges of the career then the career will always reject me.

We must face challenges and win over them. This requires vision, courage, self-belief, and preparation. 



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