Tammy Peterson, Jordan Peterson Wife- Religion, Age, Cancer, Ethnicity & Job

Jordan Peterson Wife, Tammy Peterson, is known due to various phases of her life, and the loftiest among them is her marriage with the world-famous Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Bernt Peterson.

Tammy Peterson, a confidant and mate of Jordan Peterson and a mother of two, had undergone life-deepening experiences and had come out as an enriched person and firm believer.

In this article, we tail back to her life and will provide you with much-needed information on her part.

Right from her marriage to Peterson, to surviving a life-threatening illness and initiating her podcast, and enlightening others on the path.

Jordan Peterson Wife, Tammy Peterson’s Life In A Slideshow

Jordan Peterson Wife, Tammy Peterson’s Life In A Slideshow

Tammy Peterson In A Glance!

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NameTammy M. Peterson
Age59 Years Old
EthnicityWhite Caucasian Descent
Date Of Birth 3 June 1965
ResidenceAlberta, Canada, North America
ProfessionPodcaster, Former Massage Therapist, Foster Parent, Personal Advisor Of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson(Husband)
IllnessRare Kidney Cancer With 0% Survival Rate
Name Of PodcastThe Tammy Peterson Podcast
Married In Year1989
Husband’s NameDr. Jordan Bernt Peterson
Daughter’s NameMikhaila Peterson
Son’s NameJulian Peterson
Tammy Peterson Life Information

Who Is Jordan Peterson Wife?

She is prominent for sharing her insights on Biblical discourse and hosting guests on her Tammy Peterson Podcast.

Jordan and Tammy married in the year 1989 and are blessed with a daughter named Mikhaila Peterson and a son named Julian Peterson.

Unless you’re living in utter seclusion, you must be aware of Dr. Jordan Peterson!

Regarding Peterson, Kelefa Sanneh wrote in The New Yorker in 2018 that he “is now one of the most influential—and polarizing—public intellectuals in the English-speaking world”

Naturally, he garnered millions of followers, and the expression can be seen through his subscribers of about 6M+ on his Youtube channel.

Fans became interested in his personal life and started looking for his wife and his relationship with her.

Now to provide you with this and all the more, here’s this exclusive article on Jordan Peterson Wife for you!


What Is Jordan Peterson Wife Religion?

Curiosity among people has aroused after Tammy came out of a lethal medical condition of rare kidney cancer with a 100% mortality rate and 0% survival chance.

She even underwent three failed surgeries that worsened her situation and made her extremely hopeless.

She was reported to be a Catholic, which doubtlessly is a sect under the umbrella of Christianity.

In a video with Bishop Barron, Jordan Peterson shared that her wife has found tranquility in praying the rosary.

All things considered, it can be accurately acknowledged that She is a theist, who put her faith in God.

Is Jordan Peterson Wife Ok?

By the grace of God, She is absolutely Ok now! Yes, she was terminally ill with rare kidney cancer with a 0% survival rate, but she has been dramatically cured because of her optimistic approach and belief in God.

While lying in a desolate hospital bed, she told her daughter, Mikhaila, that she’ll be alright by her marriage anniversary next month, and she actually did, when asked about her faith behind her speediest recovery, she exclaimed it’s GOD.

What Is Jordan Peterson Wife Name?

Jordan Peterson Wife name is Tammy M. Peterson. Prior to her marriage to Jordan, her surname was Roberts.

She was initially Tammy Roberts, but her union acquired the name of her husband, that is, Tammy Peterson.

What Is Jordan Peterson Wife Age?

Jordan Peterson’s wife, Tammy Peterson, is now 59 years old as on April 2023.
She was born on 3 June 1965 and has reached middle adulthood.

Her life has been a tremendous battle with a fatal disease, but she never let her illness win. She is now in a good state.

What Is Jordan Peterson Wife Ethnicity?

She is said to belong to White Caucasian descent. Her wife is ethnically white, and on the basis of nationality, she is a Canadian as she was born and brought up in Alberta, Canada.

Though little is known of her family, she is said to inhabit the house opposite Peterson’s across the street.

Is Jordan Peterson Wife Young?

Tammy Peterson was born on 3 June 1965 in Alberta, Canada.

She was an intelligent child from the start and completed High School in Toronto.
The University of Alberta awarded her a College degree.

She was a former massage therapist who is now conducting her own podcast.

She was also a foster parent who outstretched her hands to the needy for more than a period of 20 years as she firmly believes that everybody deserves to be a part of a family and they have all the right to keep their heads on the shoulders of loved ones, they deserve to turn to them in times of crisis and happiness.

Jordan and Tammy met each other when they were eight years old and shared the same friend circle, later they got married in an intimate wedding ceremony in 1989 and have two children.

Jordan Peterson Wife Cancer

Jordan Peterson’s wife, Tammy Peterson was diagnosed with the rarest kind of kidney cancer.

It offers a survival chance of 0%, and she has been since battling with it.

They got to know about it when she was only 30, and her symptoms and conditions were worsening with each passing day.

Her doctor informed her that she is not supposed to make it more than 10 months and her death is impending.

(Video Source- Tammy Peterson)

She has undergone three surgeries which left her more vulnerable and complicated her case further.

Despite all this, Tammy put her faith in God and is relieved with the idea that the cycle of life rests in the hand of God and is executed by His wisdom alone.

Is Jordan Peterson Wife Still Alive?

Yes, by God’s will she is not only alive now but also thriving and living her life to her maximum potential.

She is making full use of her knowledge and is hosting guests relevant to her area of concern on her podcast.

What Is Jordan Peterson Wife Podcast?

Tammy Peterson is running her podcast with the title, “Tammy Peterson Podcast” in that she is delving deep into the nature and meaning of Biblical symbols and psychology with her guests.

She is also discussing the relevance and impacts of ancient scriptures on the modern world.

She is always interested in building and maintaining a relationship with God.

Tammy Peterson Obituary

Tammy Peterson is still alive and healthy after recovering from her lethal cancer.
So, obviously, there isn’t any obituary of Jordan Peterson’s Wife.
We wish her good health and long life!

How Long Has Jordan Peterson Been With His Wife?

It’s been 34 years now since Jordan Peterson has been with his wife.
Jordan and Tammy met each other at a very young age in their lives as they share the same street and live across from each other’s house.

(Source Video- Freedom Pact)

They were friends, and Dr. Peterson, in a very early stage in his life, became committed to marrying her, expressing his wish of putting a ring on Tammy’s finger to his father.

They later got hitched formally in a close wedding ceremony in 1989, being an example of commitment and true love.

How Did Jordan Peterson Meet His Wife?

They were the residents of the same area or locality and thus, were neighbors.
She was nine, and Jordan was eight years old at the time they first caught each others’ eyes.
Their house was situated across the same street, and they were also connected due to their friend circle.

Is Jordan Peterson’s Wife A Psychologist?

She isn’t a psychologist, rather she is a former massage therapist and has been a foster parent to many young ones.

She is now acting as a personal advisor and counterpart to her husband, Jordan Peterson, with regard to his work.

What Is Jordan Peterson Wife Job?

Tammy Peterson was a massage therapist. She is also of the view that every child deserves a home and family so she initiated the job of foster parenting to young ones.

Now, she is an intimate advisor to her husband and also a host of the Tammy Peterson Podcast.

Her area of interest revolves around self-help, seeking the meaning and relevance of Biblical symbolism in recent times, and establishing and preserving a relationship with God.

Who Is Jordan Peterson Wife And Daughter?

Jordan Peterson’s wife’s name is Tammy Peterson and she is a host of the Tammy Peterson Podcast, her inclination is surrounding Biblical relevance and symbolism.

She has experienced near-death kidney cancer and came out of the throes of death due to her faith in God.

Since then she is sharing her wisdom on subjects close to her heart.

Mikhaila Peterson, daughter of Jordan Peterson, is a podcaster who was terribly inflicted with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and recovered only due to her “Lion Diet.”

She is now sharing her experience and is prescribing an all-meat diet to the people who are suffering from the very condition her own.

Both of them are well-known in their respective fields and are appreciated for their work.

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