Live With Passion Tony Robbins| 10 Best Rules to Success

Live with Passion is a Tony Robbins audio programme. It is an extremely helpful programme to build your future through strategic thinking and actions.

Live with passion Tony Robbins Programme‘ is designed for making you successful in life. It was recorded in digital form and published for sale in 2002.

Your heart and passion are close friends. They excel with each other. Don’t separate them. When they are not together, they dwindle and perish. When they are together, they excel and cherish.

It reinforces the success cycle within us.

Who Is Tony Robbins?

Who Is Tony Robbins?

  • Tony Robbins is the most successful life coach of the modern era. He is an American author, speaker, and counsellor. 
  • He was born on February 29, 1960, in North Hollywood, California, USA.
  • Anthony Robbins is best known for his motivational speeches, seminars, and books on self-help and personal development. 
  • He has written several best-selling books, including “Awaken the Giant Within,” “Unlimited Power,” and “Money Master the Game.”
  • Robbins is also known for his work as a life coach, helping people overcome personal and professional challenges and achieve their goals. 
  • He has worked with a wide range of clients, including athletes, CEOs, and politicians. 
  • He has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Time, Forbes, and CNN.
  • Tony Robbins has built a massive following and has become a prominent figure in the self-help industry. 
  • He continues to travel the world, giving seminars and delivering speeches aimed at inspiring and empowering people to reach their full potential.

Live With Passion Tony Robbins Scintillating Programme 

Life is tough. You can only make life better by working hard and smart. 

Success is not easy. You can only attract success by becoming a more valuable person.

Now, the big questions you have to answer are-

How will you make your life better? 

How will you become a more valuable person?

This ‘Live with Passion’ programme teaches you strategies for creating a compelling future. 

How ‘Live With Passion’ Changes Your Life?

  • If you think that you can achieve more in life but have yet not achieved more, then the strategies suggested in it are life-changing for you.
  • It demands you to live with passion. Your passionate living can turn your everyday experiences into life-changing events.
  • It helps you in getting your desired life. The life you wanted to live. The kind of life you see others are living but you are dreaming.
  • The path-breaking ‘live with passion programme’ focuses on three things. Your financial rewards, personal fulfilment, and satisfying relationships. It improves you on all these counts.
  • By gaining mastery with the help of these new techniques, you master your behaviour, your emotions, your finances, your business, and your career. 

What Are The Biggest Personal Achievements Of ‘Live With Passion’ Techniques?

  • You remove your obstacles in life and run on the path of success.
  • You become consistent in your approach. The cumulative effect works for you. You accomplish more in life. 
  • You refine your ideas and redefine your purpose. It gives you clarity and confidence in your goal.
  • You become more energetic. You begin with more passion, more happiness, and more fulfilment than ever before in life. 

10 Best Rules From ‘Live With Passion’ Life-Changing Mind Shifts

Passion comes from the heart and not from the head. 

You know what you want to do the most. 

You know what kind of work energizes you the most. 

What you naturally want to do and love to do is your passion. 

When you do something which you don’t want to do, but others demand you to do, you remain average in those fields. 

You excel in those fields which are closer to your heart. You don’t have to convince your mind to do them. 

Here are the 10 ‘live with passion‘ mind shifts.

1- Shift Your Mindset From Negativity To Positivity

  • When you are not using your passion to live life, you are doubting your identity. You are under the influence of others. This kind of mindset makes you negative. You gain average or mediocre outcomes in your life.
  • When you live with passion, you are using your heart and mind. You feel energized. When your heart, mind and body are in alignment you become successful.
  •  Your passion keeps you positive in all dimensions of life.

2- Understand Your Most Important Needs

  • Tony Robbins says, we all have six human needs. 1- Certainty 2- Uncertainty 3- Significance 4- Connection & Love 5- Growth 6- Contribution
  • Our life is a delicate balance between these needs. But one of these needs is a priority for us. This need is the driving force of our actions. It indicates our passion and purpose.
  • When you live with passion, you scale new heights. You become more significant.  

3- Focus On What You Love The Most

  • Take a look at your life. The pattern of your life depicts your interest or lack of interest. It has an inkling of what you love the most. Your passion and love are always side-by-side.
  •  Tony Robbins says, when you do what you love to do, you naturally perform better. Your progress lies in your passion. That’s nature’s choice for you.
  • Your passion gives you energy. Rather than feeling depleted, you feel inflated. You enjoy your work and life. You move ahead in life.

4- Use Your Maximum Time In Fulfilling Your Passion

  • Tony Robbins says, your hobbies may not exactly represent your passion but they give a hint of your passion. 
  • Check your hobbies. They carry the address of your passion. Once you get your passion, then don’t think or do anything else, just live your passion.
  • Devote yourself to your passion. It will mould your personality and succeed you in life.

5- Recognize, How Your Passion is Driving You

  • Your passion has a speed. If you are less passionate, your natural gifts will not help you, Tony says.
  • When you use your passion for your future building, it builds you, your business, your persona, and your life. Use your passion as a vehicle to climb ladders of success. It will take you far and wide.
  • When you employ your passion for your progress, you get maximum results. You always grow with your passion. Your passionis an indicator of your direction.

6- Your Obstacles Become Stepping Stones

  • Whenever you have to change your life, you have to change your levels, says Anthony Robbins. One side of the coin carries obstacles and the other side of the coin carries opportunities.
  • You encounter opportunities in life in the form of obstacles. You can only clear obstacles if you are passionate about new opportunities. 
  • Maintain a high passion for life and scale new heights. 

7- Check Your Results

  • Results are the outcome of efforts. All good results in life require consistency and patience. You can only be consistent and patient about something if you are passionate about them.
  • Maintain your passion. A dispassionate you become worthless for life. 
  • Anthony Robbins opines in his ‘live with passion’ programme that you never be a method-pleasing person. Always be a result-pleasing person.  

8- Your Belief System Changes

  • Passion is directly connected with your heart. It affects your belief system. Your belief system is directly connected with your actions and results.
  • Do anything with passion and see the change yourself. Your life will become an example for others. 
  • Your belief system is actually the powerhouse of your personality. When you do what you love to do, you get what you desire to get. 

9- Your Happiness & Fulfilment Grows

  • Tony Robbins says, whatever you do in your life, your ultimate aim is to get happiness and fulfilment. When you don’t derive these objectives from your results you couldn’t continue them for long.
  • Your passion and heart have a great friendship. They perform well in each other’s company. Don’t separate them, or else they die prematurely.  
  • Keep the passion alive. Keep the flame burning. Keep the life turning.

10- You Leave A Legacy For The Coming Generation

  • What you pass on to the coming generations becomes your legacy. This is the best benefit of your passion. You can transfer it to the next generation.  
  • If you want to leave an indelible impression of your presence, do something with full passion and leave a legacy
  •  The age of your actions and results is far more than your age. “Live with passion” to be remembered with pride.

Best Quotes From Live With Passion

  • Don’t get roped into talking about something that you don’t really have passion for, and don’t get roped into something you don’t have expertise in. Why should somebody listen to you? If you’re going to take somebody’s time, you better deliver.

                                                            Tony Robbins

  • What is an Extraordinary Life? A life of meaning, a magnificent life, a life of joy, happiness, love, passion, success, and fulfilment. Life experienced on your terms.

                                                            Tony Robbins

  • Most people know what to do, but they don’t do what they know – because they haven’t found their inner drive. Their passion.

                                                          Tony Robbins

  • There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson.

                                                       Tony robbins

  • Passion is the genesis of genius.

                                                     Tony Robbins


The life with passion training programme gives you the direction to win life. It demands you deliver better outcomes. Be passionate to become prominent in life. 

Apply these techniques suggested by Anthony Robbins and change the results of your life. 

Please share this comprehensive life-changing programme with your friends and relatives. You can bring a positive change to their life. 

May God bless you. Amen.

Thank You. 

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