Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time| 10 Champion Rules

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time. He was the greatest not because he said to himself, “I am the greatest.” 

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time is the greatest because he inspired millions when he was in the ring and outside the ring.  

He possessed one of the greatest minds in the sports industry. His fast moves in the arena, sharp tongue, great mind, and high moral standards make him way ahead of other athletes. 

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time

  • He was an American professional boxer. His earlier name was Cassius Marcellus Clay. He accepted Islam in 1961 and after that, the world knew him as Muhammad Ali. 
  • He was born on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky. He passed away on June 3, 2016.
  • He won a gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics 
  •  He won the world heavyweight championship in 1964 defeating Sonny Liston in a major upset. He was only 22 years old then.
  • Owing to his religious beliefs and ethical opposition to the Vietnam War, he refused to join the military services. 
  • He was stripped from his many titles because of his against-government stances.
  • But he never retreated from his principles. He remained firm in testing times. 
  • Muhammad Ali never compromised his values and moral standard.

Muhammad Ali greatest athlete of all time was flamboyant in style. He had an unshakable faith and indomitable belief. 

He has often cited his mental toughness as the main weapon to stand firm in all testing conditions. He says that his mindset is a champion mindset. 

Here are his 10 Champion Rules. They gave him success in every walk of life. 

1- You have To Think Differently

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 1

  • Muhammad Ali says that his knowledge is so superior, his thinking is so positive, and his logic is so wise that it very often clashes with the average mindset. They have no idea how greatness behaves.
  • He further says that I am at a higher level and common people are at a lower rung. They don’t understand my many steps and advise me not to do them. They are dangerous and fearful to them. But they are not dangerous to me. I don’t think the way they think. I don’t perceive the way they perceive.
  • There is a lesson for us here. If we want to generate different results for us, we have to think differently and act differently. We have to accept challenges. 

2- Be Confident & Show Confidence

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 2

  • He used to overawe his opponents by speaking big about himself. He says, he used to play with their opponents’ minds. In his own words, “I’ve wrestled with alligators, tussled with a whale, handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail. I murdered a rock, injured a stone, and hospitalized a brick. I am so mean. I make medicines sick.” 
  • He showed unparalleled confidence that no opponent is big enough to defeat me. My confidence helps me against all odds. It makes me courageous and resilient.
  • The lesson for us is that anything big can be achieved in life. For that, you have to be confident and show courage.  

3- Defy The Rules

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 3

  • Muhammad Ali says that he doesn’t pay attention to the rules of boxing. He defies every rule. He doesn’t listen to people. He dictates himself. He says that he has added pages to the boxing rule. He has added new sections to boxing books.
  • When you cross boundaries, you meet new challenges. They either make you sick or strengthen you. In my case, they excite me, and I raise my standard to surmount troubles.
  • The defiance of rules is allegorical here. The meaning is that you have to take up new missions in life. Progress requires advancement. Tony Robbins says, either you grow or die. 

4- Be Firm With Your Game Plan

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 4

  • Muhammad Ali says that you must stick to your game plan. He says, he always had a game plan for every boxer. He never shirked his game plan. Different opponents have different fighting styles. You have to study their moves and then make a plan accordingly. 
  •  When you stick to your game plan, you are working on the methodology you have set for the game. You are in control of the affairs. You are clear in your mind, you are not confused.
  • We have a lesson here. Champions always prepare in advance. They have done any action in their minds many times before doing them in reality.

5- See More Than Others

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 5

  • Ali emphatically says, when you see more than others, you do more than others. You must have bigger visions. He says to himself, I am the greatest. This boxing is just a stepping stone to introduce me to the audience. 
  • He says that I am not only a boxer. I view myself as a liberator. I am a hope for many people. My work is to do something for the world’s problems, poverty, injustice, inequality, doping, drugs, fighting, etc. Don’t limit yourself. When the world has given you something, pay back the world with what you can do.  
  • We all should think like a champion. We have to take a cudgel in our capacity and do something to make this planet a better place.

6- Be Prepared to Handle Anything

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 6

  • Muhammad Ali says you can’t make a foolproof plan for any opponent if you have not met them before. You just have to get the tools ready.
  • According to Ali when he is in the ring fighting with an opponent, he is a little nervous until the first round. He resorts to ropes most of the time. After reading their moves and understanding their rhythm he goes for defeating them. Different bouts have different situations. You have to prepare yourself accordingly for anything. 
  •  We have a lesson here. We have not to be stubborn and inflexible with our ideas. It’s a sure way of losing the battle. When we are rigid, we fail to make new moves.  

7- Show Good Sportsmanship

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 7

  • Muhammad Ali says it is silly to think about fighting all the time. Your opponent is not your enemy. He is just fighting you a match in the ring. It is a foolish and mean attitude, just to please the audience you show your opponent how bad you are.    
  • He says that when the opponent is down and helpless I never attacked them. You have to show sportsmanship. He says that he did it with Floyd Patterson, George Chuvalo, Karl Mildenberger, Henry Cooper, James Allis, etc. When they were down, he never touched them.
  • You have to be a good human being. Show kindness and set the right examples in front of others.

8- Show Your Determination

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 8

  • When you are in the ring fighting a bout then your physical prowess is not everything. Your mental capacity and strength help you in hitting the winning punch. Your determination matters to reach the last point. 
  • Muhammad Ali says a champion is not much different from other participants. He just has the mental toughness to come out at the last minute and close the show.   
  • It has a lesson for all of us. We have to be mentally fit as well as physically fit. Determination takes us far and above.

9- Outsmart Your Opponents & Competitors

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 9

  • Muhammad Ali says that he used to talk to many wrestlers in the ring just to fire them up for disturbing their mental composure. Then they have more chances of making a mistake. They try to hit you hard and thus exhaust themselves.
  • Opponents try more to hit you from every direction. And it’s a mistake. The fastest way to hit someone in the boxing ring is in straight lines. They try to hit me from every direction and I get chances to hit them back in straight lines.
  • It shows that you have to be the master of your craft and the genius of your art. You have to think and act like no one else. Act smartly.     

10- Show Your Charisma

Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time 10

  • Muhammad Ali says, your charisma is your move, your craft. You have to develop them with some uniqueness that others recognise you by them. As he showed his special moves in the Harvard University auditorium with his special moves in the ring and mesmerized the audience.
  • You must have something charismatic to steal the show. Develop your show.
  • The lesson here is apparent. When the world is looking at you with aspirations, don’t let them down. Show your current and magnitude. 


“Muhammad Ali Greatest Athlete Of All Time.” Yes, he indeed is. When we imbibe his ‘champion rules’ we feel like a champion.

Great people make you feel great. As we see here in Muhammad Ali’s case. Having read and practised his rules, we queue ourselves for greatness. We feel energized and determined for our causes. This is the best way to pay homage to the world’s greatest. 

Please share the post with your friends and relatives. The inspiration and motivation from Muhammad Ali’s life can push them for more success.

May God bless you for your good deeds. Amen.

Thank You.


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