What Are 10 Best Steve Jobs Success Principles

Why do we need ‘Steve Jobs Success Principles’ in life? How do they make us think differently? How do they set apart an organization from other organizations.? Why these principles are very important for our progress? 

‘Steve Jobs Success Principles’ are the harbinger of success. They teach us about life principles. These are the guidelines which encompass individual and organizational growth.   

  • Steve Jobs’s parents gave him for adoption
  • He was a college dropout. He used to self-study a lot.
  • He is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of all time.
  • Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold their calculator and VW bus respectively for the initial funding to launch the Apple organization. They co-founded it.

The success principles are given below. They guide us and inspire us.

Steve Jobs Success Principles

Steve Jobs Success Principles

He says, what separates successful entrepreneurs from not-so-successful entrepreneurs is pure perseverance.  

Principle- 1 Surround Yourself With The Best & Work With The Best

1 Surround yourself with the best

  • Steve Jobs says he noticed that the best people want to work with the best. They are always in search of people who are better than themselves. The best people have a work ethic. They bring in new and better culture within the organization.
  • When you work with people who are in the same league as you are, you don’t improve. You grow as a midget. You only grow when you are surrounded by people who are better than you.  

Principle- 2 Customer Is Always First

2 Focus on customer satisfaction

  • Be always customer driven. Do things which customers ask you to do. Your every innovation, planning and manufacturing must be to make your clients happy. 
  • Customers are always first. You make every product keeping the customer in mind, profit comes second.

Principle- 3 Never Compromise With Quality

3 Quality is the most important thing

  • Steve Job suggests the quality of a product is the best thing. The customer forms their opinion by using the product or through recommendations. When you put quality in marketing but not in the product, you don’t survive for longer periods.   
  • He cites the example of Japanese companies. Japanese companies hardly put quality in their marketing like American companies. But if you go on the street and ask people which products are better, Japanese or American. They will vote for Japanese products. It is a clear-cut indication that the long-term product perception is based on the quality of the product and not on the marketing. 

Principle- 4 Be Devoted To Your Mission

4- Focus on your mission

  • Steve Jobs says, his job is not to win a popularity contest. His job is to help Apple do the right things and turn the company around. It will make my organization grow. 
  • He says, some so many people may disagree with your mission, but your duty is not to convince everybody. Don’t try to win a popularity contest. Work hard on your mission and give direction to your life. 

Principle- 5 Be Firm & Don’t Compromise

5 Don't compromise

  • Steve Jobs says that it takes him months to hire an employee at any key position. The reason is that Steve doesn’t compromise. He reiterates, when you compromise, you have to settle for the second best. 
  • Compromise also shows your lack of commitment. When you are less committed, you don’t fight for the cause. You are not obsessed with the desired result. You may easily lose the battle.

Principle- 6 Show Appreciation To Your Team Members

6 Focus on performance

  • He praises his team’s success. He pats them and motivates them. It shows his trust in his team. He is always an inspiration for his team. He has raised the bar high. When others try to touch the bar, they raise their standard. 
  • When you encourage your team, it enhances their performance. Their abilities grow and they show more commitment to the organization.

Principle- 7 Make The Right Moves

7 Do the right things

  • Steve says, he sticks to a plan. The plan is straightforward. When you do the right things on the top line, the bottom line will follow. If you have the right strategy, the right people, and the right culture along with the right product and right marketing then the bottom line will follow. You see a big improvement in their performance. 
  • Moves are like tracks. When you have the right moves, you are on the right track. If your moves have tactical mistakes, you can easily off-track yourself and lose momentum.

Principle- 8 Create A Competitive Advantage

8 Have an edge

  • Steve jobs share his experience here. He says that we have a product named “Next Step.” We created the product in 90 days compared to the competitor who created it in 2 years. We were far ahead of them. When the competitor generates 1 product we can generate 8. This is the competitive advantage for our organization.  
  • When you have a competitive advantage, then your competitors only vie for second place. You are far ahead in the race.

Principle- 9 Be Your Audience 

9- know the customer need

  • Steve Jobs says when you create a product which you use yourself and are also one of the users of the product, then you know the product far better. You understand the need of the customer and the product quality much better. You do better justice with your creation.  
  • He further opines that, think like a consumer. Know exactly what is the market demand and what is the need of the customer. Step into the shoes of your client. You will be able to create a much better product.

Principle- 10 Enjoy Life

10- Have fun in life

  • He says that when you enjoy your work and gadget, they become fun. You enjoy every moment of your life. You never feel tired. Your success ratio improves.
  • Enjoyment and fun give you free-flowing moments. You spread happiness. People who come in contact with you also feel the same way.  


Steve Jobs success principles are shared here to improve lives. ‘Steve jobs’ has given so much to people, silicon valley, Apple, and the world.

The principles inspire us and motivate us. They guide us on the way to success. He is a torch bearer for us. 

Please share these thoughts with your friends and relatives. We all require motivation and inspiration in life. 

Be a catalyst of change for someone. May God bless you. Amen.

Thank You.  


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