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Nir Eyal Quotes are handpicked from his remarkable book “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.”

Nir, by profession, is an author of Israeli descent who is currently living in the United States.

He completed his MBA from Stanford University and his book is precisely based on the intersection of technology, psychology and business.

The name of his other book is “Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.”

In this article, the 50 Best Nir Eyal Quotes are mentioned below.

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Nir Eyal Quotes

Nir Eyal Quotes

Hooked Nir Eyal Quotes

1- “A habit is when not doing an action causes a bit of pain.”

2- “People are motivated by a sense of progress.”

3- “All successful products solve a problem.”

4- “Successful products give users what they want when they want it.”

5- “Habit-forming products often start as nice-to-haves, but once the habit is formed, they become must-haves.”

6- “People don’t want to be interrupted; they want to be delighted.”

7- “The most successful products create a habit.”

8- “To initiate (user) action, doing must be easier than thinking.”

9- “The best way to get someone to change their behaviour is to make it easy for them.”

10- “Why not live now instead of someday?”

Nir Eyal Quotes

11- “User habits are a competitive advantage. Products that change customer routines are less susceptible to attacks from other companies.”

12- “Designing for habits takes time and effort, but it’s worth it.”

13- “Habit-forming products alleviate users’ pain by relieving a pronounced itch.”

14- “In order to change people’s behaviour, you have to change their environment.”

15- “Companies who form strong user habits enjoy several benefits to their bottom line.”

16- “Products with higher user engagement have the potential to grow faster than their rivals.”

17- “If it can’t be used for evil, it’s not a superpower.”

18- “Reducing the thinking required to take the next action increases the likelihood of the desired behaviour occurring unconsciously.”

19- “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

20- “Instead of relying on expensive marketing, habit-forming companies link their services to the users’ daily routines and emotions.”

Nir Eyal Quotes

21- “79 percent of smartphone owners check their device within 15 minutes of waking up every morning.”

22- “Technology can change people’s behaviour, but only if it’s used in the right way.”

23- “As fleeting commitments, diets often fail. Thinking of dietary choices as part of who you are…can give them real staying power.”

24- “There is no silver bullet for changing people’s behaviour, but there are lots of useful tools and techniques.

25- “Products with higher user engagement have the potential to grow faster than their rivals.”

Nir Eyal Indistractable Quotes

Indistractable Quotes

26- “Internet is, a giant machine designed to give people what they want.”

27- “Being indistractable means striving to do what you say you will do.”

28- “Fun is looking for the variability in something other people don’t notice. It’s breaking through the boredom and monotony to discover its hidden beauty.”

29- “You’ll often find that people’s declared preferences – what they say they want – are far different from their revealed preferences – what they actually do.”

30- “Companies leverage two basic pulleys of human behaviour to increase the likelihood of an action occurring: the ease of performing an action and the psychological motivation to do it.”

Nir Eyal Quotes

31- “Consider our children. How can they flourish if they can’t concentrate long enough to apply themselves? What example are we setting for them if our loving faces are replaced by the tops of our heads as we constantly stare into our screens?”


33- “For an infrequent action to become a habit, the user must perceive a high degree of utility, either from gaining pleasure or avoiding pain.”

34- “Most people don’t want to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that distraction is always an unhealthy escape from reality.”

35- “The study demonstrated that people suffering from symptoms of depression used the Internet more. Why is that? One hypothesis is that those with depression experience negative emotions more frequently than the general population and seek relief by turning to technology to lift their mood.”

36- “The aim is to influence customers to use your product on their own, again and again without relying on overt calls to action such as ads or promotions.”

37- “Anything that stops discomfort is potentially addictive, but that doesn’t make it irresistible. If you know the drivers of your behavior, you can take steps to manage them.”

38- “If users are not doing what the designer intended (when users are investing time, effort, etc in your product), the designer may be asking them to do too much.”

39- “The ultimate goal of a habit-forming product is to solve the user’s pain by creating an association so that the user identifies the company’s product or service as the source of relief.”

40- “Even when we think we’re seeking pleasure, we’re actually driven by the desire to free ourselves from the pain of wanting.”

41- “Like flossing, frequent engagement with a product, especially over a short period of time, increases the likelihood of forming new routines.”

42- “Brainstorm new interfaces that could introduce opportunities or threats to your business.”

43- “After all, the time you plan to waste is not wasted time.”

44- “The most habit-forming products are intra-day behaviors. We take out Snapchat or Instagram or Pinterest multiple times a day.”

45- “Too many choices or irrelevant options can cause hesitation, confusion, or worse—abandonment.”

46- “Fogg states that all humans are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain; to seek hope and avoid fear; and finally, to seek social acceptance and avoid rejection.”

47- “Dissatisfaction and discomfort dominate our brain’s default state, but we can use them to motivate us instead of defeat us.”

48- “The cold truth is that the best products don’t always win. Many times it’s – the products that have the ability to keep users coming back and using them without conscious thought and using them out of habit are the ones that keep us coming back.”

49- “Many innovations fail because consumers irrationally overvalue the old while companies irrationally overvalue the new.”

50- “When designers intentionally trick users into inviting friends or blasting a message to their social networks, they may see some initial growth, but it comes at the expense of users’ goodwill and trust. When people discover they’ve been duped, they vent their frustration and stop using the product.”


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