Warren Buffet 10 Rules| Best Warren Buffet Rules

Warren Buffet 10 Rules are derived from his personal philosophy and 70 years of experience.

He has been a successful businessman and a leading investor.
Warren Buffet Rules are guiding principles for life.

These principles are not explicitly mentioned or published anywhere. Rather, they have been distilled from his talks, interviews, lectures, writings, etc.

These principles are also derived from his approach to life and investment.

Warren Buffet Rules, Warren Buffet 10 Rules for Success, Warren Buffet 10 Rules of Money, Warren Buffet 10 Rules for Getting Rich, Warren Buffet 2 Rules of Investment, Warren Buffet 5/25 Rules, Warren Buffet 70 30 Rules, Warren Buffet investing principles, etc. are all given here.

This article gives you complete coverage of Warren Buffet’s rules. 

These rules are culled from different Warren Buffet sources and we are indebted to them. 

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Warren Buffet Rules| Warren Buffet 10 Rules for Life

Warren Buffet Rules| Warren Buffet 10 Rules for Life

Warren Buffet is a highly successful world-renowned investor and businessman.

We all know him for his successful strategies and life principles.

Warren Buffet 10 Rules for Life are given below.

Rule 1- Integrity is Key

He says, when you hire people look for 3 qualities- Integrity, Intelligence and Energy. If Integrity is not there then intelligence and energy will create more problems for you than solutions. Integrity is a must for both business and personal relationships.

Rule 2- Simplicity & Straightforwardness

In life and business, we see that institutions and people reward more difficult complex behaviour than simple straightforward behaviour. Buffet says that simplicity and straightforwardness are more important traits in decision-making.

Rule 3- Continuous Learning

Warren Buffet says that continuous learning keeps you updated. He reiterates the most important investment you can make is in yourself. An improved and updated you are more valuable for everyone and everything.

Rule 4- Choose Your Friends Wisely

Buffet advises it is always better to hang out with people smarter than you. Pick out people who are better in behaviour and deeds. They will drift you in the right direction. Your life will see positive growth.

Rule 5- Stay Humble 

Warren Buffet is a master of retorts. He says, “It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.” He suggests that every person be aware of his vulnerabilities, especially during challenging times. Be humble and show humility.

Rule 6- Take Calculated Risks

Warren Buffet says to all investors risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. He says that don’t show a reckless attitude. It will destroy you. Take well-informed risks. It will open doors of new opportunities for you.

Rule 7- Invest in Relationships

Buffet says your relationships are your most important assets. Invest love, affection, trust, care and values in your relationships. You will remain calm and peaceful. Your happiness opens success doors for you.

Rule 8- Focus on Long-Term Goals

Warren Buffet says, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Don’t always want immediate gratifications. Think of long-term rewards. They are more permanent and valuable in nature.

Rule 9- Live Below Your Means

Warren Buffet lays a lot of emphasis on investing and saving. He says that first invest and then spend what is left. Never ever spend and then save what is left. This habit will keep you poor. He says investing is saving is only possible when you live below your means.

Rule 10- Give Back

“If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.” Buffett believes in using one’s wealth and influence to make a positive impact on society.

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Warren Buffet Rules| Warren Buffet 10 Rules of Success

Warren Buffet 10 Rules of Success 2A

Here is the Warren Buffet 10 Rules of Success.

Rule 1- Don’t Dwell on Mistakes. Move on. Tomorrow is a New Day

Warren Buffet says, that while trying new things you can make mistakes or being a human you can make mistakes. Don’t regret and remorse to such an extent that it annihilates your future prospects. Learn from them and move on. Your future is waiting for you.

Rule 2- Do What You Love to Do

You can only do things energetically and passionately when you love to do them. What you love to do, you naturally excel in them. Discover your passion and talent. Learn how you can use them to gain success.

Rule 3- Be Purposeful. Don’t sleepwalk Through Life

Warren Buffet says when you don’t have a clear purpose then any damn thing can become your purpose. You will not achieve much in life without any set target.

A sleepwalk through life gives you stumble. A successful life comes after chasing a big purpose. While going through this journey, you upgrade and change levels.

Rule 4- Be Innovative & Think Independently

Warren Buffet says, “When you take large groups for decision, the results get more homogenized.”

You will never get an innovative and brilliant idea out of a large committee, Buffet says.
Sit calmly at a place and think deeply. You will get many ideas which have yet to be explored. Your success requires just one clicked idea.

Rule 5- Be Rational & Visionary

Warren says don’t sway in emotions and take impulsive actions. When you make emotional decisions, you omit rationality and vision.

Your success demands well-thought-out plans and actions. Think in the long run and act accordingly. Many a time your short-term gains fade the chances of your long-lasting success.

Rule 6- Surround Yourself with Great People

Buffet says great people are great. You can learn a lot from them. They are smarter and better than you. Your perception and perspective change by joining their company. You improve by improving your results.

Rule 7- Always Work Within Your Circle of Competence

Warren Buffet says it is very important to know your circle of competence. Know the perimeter of your circle and work within that.

Warren advises every person, don’t try to be an expert in every department. Just be an expert on things that are within your circle of competence.

He quotes a phrase once told by the IBM owner Mr. Tom Watson Sr. “I am no genius, but I am smart in spots and I stay around those spots.

The wisdom of this rule is that know your area of influence which is also your area of competence and work within their boundaries. You will achieve success in your area of strength.

Rule 8- Study Your Moves in the Right Context

Whatever decisions you make carry consequences. If you really want to study success or failure stories, don’t study decisions. Study consequences. Messages are always in results.

Rule 9- Bring the Best out of People

Warren Buffet says grand and lasting success is not a solo game. It is the result of a team effort. Show humility and empathy with people around you. Add value to them and they will give you their best performances.

Rule 10- Enjoy Life

Whatever you achieve in life becomes meaningless if they don’t give you satisfaction and fulfilment. Your fulfilment and satisfaction indicate that you love and enjoy your life. You make others happy and have fun. Success is meaningless if you can’t enjoy it.

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Warren Buffet Rules| Warren Buffet 10 Rules for Getting Rich

Here are the ‘Warren Buffet 10 Rules for Getting Rich.

Rule 1- Invest In Yourself

The best investment is an investment in yourself. Investments made in yourself give healthy dividends in the form of health and wealth.

Whatever you earn, don’t spend them. Save them not for emergencies but for investment. Your investments will grow your riches.

Rule 2- Take Care of Yourself

Take care of your mind and body. Your mind and body are the only house that you have for a lifetime. If you don’t take care of them properly, they will wear out much sooner than expected.

Your body and mind are the only sources you have to produce wealth for you. If they are weak, it will affect your bank balance and wealth.

Rule 3- You are Who You Associate Yourself With

Your richness or misery depends a lot on your associations. The kind of people who are there around you build your mindset.

Always surround yourself with people who are smarter and better than you. You need to have the right role models. It is a sure way to become rich.

Rule 4- Show Smartness While Investing

Warren Buffet says, that some people think they can trade so they should trade. It is not a smart move.

Investing is a long-term game. Know the rules of investing to earn moolah from it.

Rule 5- Works on Your Facts & Reasoning All the Time

You do have not to be imaginary while investing. You have to follow data and facts. You have to understand trends. Investing in stocks and bonds is not a business where you take polls to make decisions. You think on the rational ground and then conclude.

Rule 6- Take Care of Money

Take care of your money. Check where you are spending them. What is your income pattern and expenditure pattern? If your money is not happy with you, they will leave you. Take care of them.

Rule 7- Check the Price & Value You Are Getting

It is a bad strategy to purchase a bad business at a really cheap price. Price is something you pay and value is something you get.

Don’t overpay an investment that is not worth your time. Keep an eye on growing your business and make your investment worthwhile. It is a secret to your wealth.

Rule 8- Differentiate Between Stocks & Bonds

Know your investment. Your retained earnings grow your money. They give you repurchasing power. Stocks have retained earnings, but you have to give time to let it grow.

Rule 9- Study Prospects Before Investing

Study your investment. Study the pros and cons. Never lose money is the mantra.

Rule 10- Continuously Upgrade Yourself

Educate yourself within the area of your competence and investment. If you don’t improve then you can’t understand the laws of investment. The better you know reflects in your decisions and then in your returns.

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Warren Buffet Rules of Investing| Warren Buffet 10 Rules of Investment

Warren Buffet has written annual letters to shareholders and advised them a lot. He has cited his investing wisdom in various interviews, talk shows, books and magazines.

Here are Warren Buffet’s 10 Rules Of Investment.

Rule 1- Invest in Businesses, Not Tickers

Warren Buffet says to know the business and organization on which you are going to invest. Don’t only focus on stock price movements.

Rule 2- Margin of Safety

Buy stocks when they are below their intrinsic value. It will give you a margin of safety that helps you protect against losses.

Rule 3- Long-Term Perspective

Buffet bats for having a long-term perspective while investing. He suggests his shareholders hold stocks for long hauls. Don’t prefer frequent trading based on market fluctuations.

Rule 4- Competitive Advantage

Look for companies that are called “MOATES” (refers to businesses & companies being able to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors in order to preserve market share) in the shared world.

They will give you a sustained return.

Rule 5- Management Quality

Warren Buffet suggests everyone study the quality and integrity of the top management in the company. Give preference to those companies where values and principles are followed.

Rule 6- Simple and Understandable Businesses

Buffet says don’t invest in companies which you don’t understand. He says if you simply can’t say how that particular organization is making money then avoid investing in them.

Rule 7- Avoid Market Timing

Buffet says to avoid market timing. Focus on the long-term investment. Because it’s difficult to consistently predict short-term markets.

Rule 8- Ignore Market Fluctuations

He says don’t give much concern to day-to-day market fluctuations and price movements. What is more valuable is the worth of the company.

Rule 9- Buy with the Intention to Hold

Buy stocks with the intention to hold. You will see the magic of compounding and your money will grow over time opines Warren Buffet.

Rule 10- Avoid Over-Diversification

Buffett believes that excessive diversification can dilute the benefits of owning the best ideas. Instead, he suggests focusing on a smaller number of high-quality investments.

Warren Buffet Rules| Warren Buffet 2 Rules of Invest

Warren Buffet’s 2 basic rules of investments are fundamental.

Rule 1- Never Lose Money

The first rule talks about capital preservation. He suggests his shareholders not go for risky investments. Buy stocks below their intrinsic value to gain a margin of safety. Don’t lose money at all.

Rule 2- Never Forget Rule 1

The second rule underscores the enduring significance of the first rule.

What is Warren Buffet’s 5/25 Rule?

Warren Buffet’s 5/25 Rule is for increasing your productivity and investing. 

This Warren Buffet 5/25 rule states- 

“Identify the 25 most important things on your to-do list, prioritize them, and then focus on the top 5 items while ignoring the rest.” 

This rule puts the first thing first. It asks you to prioritize things by making a to-do list. 

What is Warren Buffet’s 70-30 Rule?

Warren Buffet’s 70 30 rules states-

70 per cent of your capital is invested in stocks, and 30 per cent is invested in fixed-income products, such as bonds, CDs, and fixed-income exchange-traded and mutual funds.

What is Warren Buffet’s 90-10 Rule?

The Warren Buffet’s 90 10 Rules is about investment strategy. 

This rule says that-

Deploy 90% of one’s investment capital into stock-based index funds while allocating the remaining 10% of money toward lower-risk investments.


The Warren Buffet Rules are given here. These rules and strategies have greater wisdom. 

Kindly share them with friends and relatives. They all can gain from his wisdom. 

Be the catalyst for other’s positive change. 

May God Bless You. Amen.

Thank You.

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