Robert Greene Mastery Book Summary & Free Book PDF

Robert Greene Mastery Book Summary is given for you. Robert Greene is an American author who has written six international bestseller books including Mastery.

Robert Greene Mastery Book Summary is to understand the significant points of the book to apply them for becoming a Master.

Mastery Robert Greene work is the study of world-famous successful personalities such as Charles Darwin, Henry Ford, Paul Graham and Freddie Roach.

Mastery by Robert Greene examines what led to their success and presents to us a success model based on attaining Mastery.

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Robert Greene Mastery Book Summary/ Mastery Robert Greene Book Summary

Robert Greene Mastery Book Summary/ Mastery Robert Greene Book Summary

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  • The central idea of Robert Greene Mastery Book is to know and learn the secrets of true “mastery” in different fields.
  • Robert Greene says mastery is the ultimate specialization in your respective field. 
  • When you get mastery, you make pathbreaking discoveries, use creative and inventive thoughts and revolutionize your area of influence.
  • Robert Greene says you can attain mastery by utilizing technical proficiency and social genius. 
  • Your technical proficiency means you know every bit of technical and established information in your field. When you are this competent in your area then only you can push yourself to achieve more. 
  • Your technical proficiency leads you to challenge conventional thoughts, smash boundaries and recreate new ideas, forms and methods. 
  • Social genius is equally important. When you know how to live with people, you know how to grow with them. Because society and other people influence your career and life.
  • See people as they are rather than how you want to see them.
  • If you want to gain mastery, then become a social genius. Then only you can expand and promote your thoughts.
  • Then only you can gain support, leverage opportunities and cultivate healthy professional and personal relationships.

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Know Your Calling/ Inner Drive (Know What Drives You)

  • Robert Greene says there is something known as your inner drive that instigates you to do something. It gives you a sense of direction and liking for that kind of work. You naturally feel passion for them and do them better than others.
  • It could be any field, like arts, music, education, entrepreneurship, technology, etc. You feel drawn to that field.
  • Robert Greene suggests in his book Mastery, that when you discover your calling, then the next action is to align your actions with that inner sense of direction. He gave it the name of “Inner Force.” 
  • He says when you follow your inner force, everything in your life falls into place.

3 Tasks to Connect to Your Inner Force

Your inner force is your power. It is important to discover. It is your area of competence. It can easily be trained into mastery. 

1- Reflect on your childhood thoughts

  • Think of your childhood. What did you love to do as a child? What were your thoughts, and likings? What do you love to do, and which kind of friends and people attract you?
  • These answers have ‘address’ of your character uniqueness, personality quirks and special hobbies. 
  • They reveal you and speak about your rare potential
  • This way you recognize and reawaken your inner voice.

2- Reduce the gap between work and life

  • Whatever you do, you are an integral part of your work. You can never disintegrate yourself from your work. It has an impact on your mood and lifestyle. 
  • Make your vocation your work. You will feel fulfilled and happy. 
  • When you do something that you love to do, you never get tired of doing that. You naturally excel in doing that task.

3- Embrace a nonlinear path

  • The path to success is not linear. It is zig zag, long and twisted. But you keep on walking them. Don’t expect to get every step clear from the start. Just follow the path and your inner force will guide you ahead.
  • You will meet the right opportunities on the way. Though depending on the field, you can gain mastery at any age. But early beginning is always an advantage. 

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Three Stages of Mastery

Robert Greene Mastery Book explains that gaining mastery requires some basic understanding. These are mainly summarized in the below 3 sub-stages.

Stage 1- Primary Apprenticeship or Basic Training

  • Your inner voice has given you the natural inclination. You have to decide the path of your life. 
  • Now, you require an apprenticeship to polish the basic skills of your chosen field.
  •  Greene says in the book only conventional schooling will not take you far. Your conventional education basically focuses on theory. You need rigorous, self-directed practical education to gain specialization in the area of your competence.
  • He says the purpose of apprenticeship is to get hold of three things. 1- Learning the skills and techniques of your area of competence. 2- Refining and polishing of those skills and techniques. 3- Assessing your progress

1- Learning the skills and techniques of your area of competence

  • Every field has its uniqueness. Every field has its rules and regulations. Every field has its own knowledge and tricks. 
  • It is important to comprehend these knowledge, skills and information and use them effectively. This way you will not depend on others. 
  • Every field has its overt and covert set of rules and information. 
  • To attain mastery, you have to begin from the basics and gradually increase your competence with learning, observation and experience. This way you have to master the craft.

2- Refining and polishing of those skills and techniques

  • Every field has its set of technical skills. Build technical ability in your field. Learn them and practise them. Become more proficient.
  • Every profession has some basic crafts on which other skills are based. Learn those foundational crafts very well so that they can serve your other structural skills.
  • Study the masters of your field or imitate them to learn work ethics and mindsets. Be consistent in your approach and show up daily. With time they will reflect in your work and attitude.
  • Evaluate yourself and take feedback from others to improve consistently.

3- Assessing your progress 

  • Check your progress by taking the feedback from experts. Evaluate yourself without any prejudice. 
  • Draw inspiration from others, get motivated by new learnings, observe methods and focus on your task. 
  • Learn to work as a team and be a social genius. Learn to communicate well. Know the art of negotiation, persuasion, and responding.
  • Observe the body language of people and learn nonverbal communication to make yourself more effective.
  • Your apprenticeship is incomplete without a mentor and guru. Learn from them. They enrich your knowledge and fill you with invaluable wisdom. 
  • Ask questions and expand yourself. 

Stage 2- Use Your Uniqueness to Gain Mastery 

  • After gaining all the basic knowledge of your field and learning all the possible technical skills, the time is to demonstrate and practice them in the real world. 
  • Robert Greene says to try to develop ideas and be creative to innovate new result-producing ways that are unique. This way you will begin to sow seeds for mastery.
  • The intention is to express your uniqueness to the world and make a name for yourself. 
  • Here, Greene alerts people not to be rigid and orthodox in approach. Years of conventional education and training may take away your creativity and flexibility. If this is the case, then you have stifled your imagination and inventiveness. You need to resuscitate them to be unique and exceptional.

Robert Greene suggests in his book Mastery, three ways to rediscover your lost creativity. 

1- Do something which genuinely interests you and requires creativity

  • It will give you direction and purpose.
  • You will be able to use your imagination and creativity, which will be reflected in your uniqueness.

2- Bring out positive results from your endeavours

  • This step keeps you glued to make continuous actions on your target. 
  • It gives life to your ideas and uniqueness. You become able to refine them, polish them and make them actionable.
  • Only having ideas is not enough. You must have to manifest them in the real world. This step gives you a chance to prove to the world your worth. 
  • It is not a one-day process, it takes time. Show consistency, tenacity and self-belief. You are on your way to mastery. 

3- Brave Challenges, Criticism, and Emotional Obstacles on Your Way to Creative Mastery 

  • Your ideas and new approaches can be challenging. They can drain your mind and create self-doubt. They can attract criticism and setbacks. 
  • Greene opines that every setback gives you the opportunity for a comeback. Every challenge gives you a chance to bounce back strongly. These are important for your growth and learning.
  • These hurdles and emotional traumas are not there to derail your progress. They are not there to stop you, they are there to streamline you.   
  • Develop your creative mind.

Stage 3- MASTERY

  • Robert Greene says MASTERY can be achieved by integrating logical thinking with refined intuition. 
  • You get logical thinking by learning, observing and experiencing. 
  • Intuition comes to our mind without any analytical reasoning. It is the stage between our conscious and subconscious mind. It is our gut feeling or you can call it the voice of our sixth sense. It is a God’s hint for you. It determines your emotional intelligence. 
  • Your imagination and creativity can’t come without intuition.
  • The combination of these two things rational thinking and intuition is extremely vital for our progress. They give us a feel and preview of our coming lives. They are a must for gaining MASTERY.
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Robert Greene Mastery Book Summary gave us many points and steps to contemplate and comprehend.

  • Mastery is a big platform. It requires a special mindset, a paradigm shift, a perspective analysis, expertise in tools and techniques, consistency, life-long purpose and self-belief.
  • Mastery is understanding the complexity of your area of competence and gaining proficiency in doing it effortlessly.
  • Mastery is unlocking and utilizing your full potential and excelling in your field. 
  • Mastery is making you a very special you. 

These insights are from the book Mastery by Robert Greene. It teaches us a life-building process. We all want to grow in life.

Kindly share Robert Greene’s wisdom with your relatives and friends. 

You may become a catalyst for somebody’s positive change in life. May God Bless You. Amen.

Thank you.

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