Virat Kohli Captain- 10 Best Leadership Qualities To Learn

Virat Kohli is a prominent Indian Cricketer.

He has captained India successfully, so people lovingly call him “Virat Kohli Captain.”

He has amassed tons of runs playing against all cricket-playing nations.

He is the most stylish and flamboyant batsman. Critics consider him on the “All-Time Best List.”

He has amassed mammoth runs and still counting.

He represents India in T-20, Onedayers and Test matches.

Virat Kohli is an influential figure in Indian Premier League (IPL).

He has exceptional leadership abilities and proved them on the field umpteen times.

Virat Kohli Captain| Virat Kohli Leadership Qualities

Virat Kohli Captain| Virat Kohli Leadership Qualities

Here, we are giving the 10 best Virat Kohli leadership qualities.

1- Aggression

Virat Kohli is an aggressive captain. His aggression sets the momentum for the team and surprises opponents. 

It energizes team members and ignites intensity in the team. 

It influences the team and players give their best efforts. 

Virat Kohli is not only an aggressive captain but also an aggressive player. His batting style shocks bowlers. 

He has turned many matches in India’s favour because of his aggressive attitude. Though his aggression costs dearly at times also.

But overall Virat Kohli Captain and Virat Kohli person has gained world-level popularity because of his risk-taking ability, aggression and accomplishment.

2- Passion

Kohli is famous as a cricketer in the world for his tons of passion. He feels things that an average cricketer doesn’t feel in the field.

Sometimes his aggression explodes into controlled fury to achieve big results in tense moments.

His passion on the field as a player and caption is so contagious that it manifests in sheer enthusiasm.

His passion is the inspiration for the team that lights up every player. He has won many matches for his team.

His passion is extremely rewarding.

3- Lead by Example

‘Virat Kohli captain’ is a role model. His performance and leadership ability weaved many success stories on the ground.

When you lead by example, you take your team to higher levels. Virat Kohli is an icon of Indian cricket.

He has been a part of the team in many historic wins.

He has won many trophies and test series at home and abroad.

His batting performance and consistency have kept him in the group of “Fab 4” along with Australian Steve Smith, New Zealander Williamson and English cricketer Joe Root.

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4- Responsibility

Virat Kohli takes full responsibility as a captain. He comes to bat at No. 3 on the pitch.

The best batsmen in the world occupy between No. 1 & No. 4 batting positions.

They are the most responsible and tricky batting position.

They are the most responsible and tricky batting position.

Virat understands the match situation better and plays accordingly.

He is technically very sound and doesn’t play rash shots. His captaincy is remarkable.

His electrifying movements and immaculate on-field planning with the changing match situations make him a highly reliable team player.

5- Excellent Communication

Captain Virat Kohli speaks a leader’s language. He senses match situations in advance and communicates to his teammates to play their roles accordingly.

This way every player contributes his part in a better way.

He inspires his team to do better.

Sometimes he plays the mental game to incite opposing players with his words and body language to make mistakes and get out. Again, it is possible because of powerful communication.

A good communicator and leader like Virat Kohli also knows when a team member requires a boost or a boot. 

Many times you change the result of the match with your words. ‘Virat Kohli Captain’ is one such communicator.

6- Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the chief characteristic of any captain or leader. 

When any captain is emotionally intelligent, he understands, manages and expresses his emotions in the best way, at the right time. 

Virat Kohli is an Emotionally Intelligent (EI) Captain. He empathizes with his team members and makes a better work environment.

It builds trust and mutual respect. This kind of environment changes the mind and playing ability of every player.

They excel and perform better.

Captains with high emotional intelligence can manage conflicts and disagreements better.

They remain composed in tense situations and produce the best solutions.

Virat Kohli’s EI helps his team win pressure matches. It empowers his decision-making ability.

7- Adaptability

The trait of a great captain is to assess the match situation in its true sense and mould plans and strategies accordingly.

Adaptability is important in changing circumstances. 

When you don’t adjust and adapt, you fossilize and die. Adaptation is the sign of life. 

‘Virat Kohli Captain’ is highly adaptable. His strategies and plans are according to match situations. 

His bowling changes and adjustment in field positions are appreciable.

He is not headstrong as a captain and is flexible in batting and bowling changes.

His shot-making is also according to the situation of the game.

He is not governed by impulses. His approach is methodical.

8- Positive Thinking

Positive thinking gives you a perspective where you can see win in the jaws of defeat.

It gives you hope. When you have, hope you have courage.

You can evolve new strategies, think of new ways and look for accomplishing bigger objectives.

Captain Virat Kohli is a very optimistic captain. He is always very positive and action-oriented.

His positive mentality influences the team and players remain pumped up all the time.

9- Strategic Thinking

Virat Kohli is a good planner. He plans and strategizes for everything.

His strategy revolves around opposition players’ strengths and weaknesses, match conditions, weather forecasts and team morale.

His strategy is to trap the opposite team and stifle batsmen for runs. This way they commit mistakes and bowlers have a chance to get them out quickly.

In the bowling segment, his strategy is to be aggressive and go all out on batsmen.

While batting, he takes initiative and scores runs quickly to pressurize bowlers and not allow them to settle.

Strategies win matches. Great captains and teams portray their strategic talents at tense moments.

10- Believe In Team

When you believe in a team, its performance goes up. It reflects in its actions. The team takes joint massive steps and garners massive results.

Virat Kohli has a firm belief in his team. That is why every team member feels confident and gives his 100 per cent.

A captain’s job is to gel the team together and maximize their potential to get desired results.


Virat Kohli Captain is no ordinary leader. His leadership qualities are exemplary.

Many youngsters learn attitude and skills from him.

He is an international hero. His records and skills are mammoth.

He is certainly a role model for modern youths. You can learn a lot from his life.

Kindly share his qualities with your friends and relatives. 

They can motivate by his life and use this motivation to drive their life. 

Be a catalyst in someone’s life.

May God bless you. Amen.

Thank You.

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