Abraham Lincoln Failures & 5 Inspirations For The World

Why Abraham Lincoln Failures are so talked about subject for everyone? Why this world is still interested in his failures?  

Abraham Lincoln Failures are widely quoted because he converted his failures into successes.  

This world takes interest in Abraham Lincoln failures to get a direction for his life.  

Abraham Lincoln had multiple letdowns in his life. 

A person with an average mentality would succumb to defeats. 

But Abraham Lincoln was no ordinary man. He was born to guide this world. 

We are giving his failures. They are enough to demoralise an ordinary and resuscitate an extraordinary. 

He was an extraordinary man ever born on the surface of the earth.

We must be God's side

Abraham Lincoln Failures

Abraham Lincoln Failures

  1. Lost job in 1832- It demoralised him
  2. Defeated for state legislature in 1832-It wasted his efforts 
  3. Failed in business in 1833- It made him broke
  4. Elected to the state legislature in 1834- Gave him little hope
  5. Sweetheart died in 1835- It shook him from within
  6. Had a nervous breakdown in 1836- It made his mission doubtful
  7. Defeated for Speaker in 1838- It dented his self-belief
  8. Defeated for nomination for Congress in 1843- It disappointed him further
  9. Elected to Congress in 1846- Some solace
  10. Lost renomination in 1848- It shocked him 
  11. Rejected for the land officer in 1849- It devasted his confidence
  12. Defeated for U.S. Senate in 1854- Lost steam and momentum
  13. Defeated for nomination for Vice President in 1856- It forced him to regroup his determination
  14. Again defeated for U.S. Senate in 1858- It was a blow to his dedication 
  15. Elected 16th US President in 1860- Consistency & delayed gratification paid Return On Investment(ROI)  

The list of failures is long, but ultimately success wins for him. 

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Abraham Lincoln On Failures

His failure story is worth mentioning because there are 5 inspirations hidden in it for every person. 

These inspirations & motivations will guide you not to lose heart in life like the 16th president of the USA Abraham Lincoln.

Problems do come in life. They come to pass. They don’t come to stay.  

1- Failures Are Temporary

Failures are temporary. They are not your permanent fate. Don’t brand yourself as a permanent loser because of a temporary slip. Always remember temporary things are seasonal. Your problem is for a season. Seasons change. Your problems are only for a short while.  

2- Failures Are The Next Steps Toward Success

Failures are actually like rungs of a ladder. They are steps. Success is always wrapped in difficulties. You have to unwrap it. When you unwrap it one layer after another, you proceed in life. You get progress in life.  

3- Failures Help You Expand 

When you are not expanding, you are stagnant. When you are not growing, you are dying. Failures force you to think in more ways. You search your ways and improve your actions. 

4- Failures Give Directions

Failures make you think twice about your actions. You become more specific. When you are specific, it means you are on track and not generalized with your efforts.

5- Failures Have Success Address

Your failures give you bad experiences. Your bad experiences teach you lessons. Your refined lessons help you improve your actions. Your improved actions give you success.

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Abraham Lincoln Failures are success stories. They have given hope to so many people in the last 160 years. 

People around the globe search for them and study them to muster some steel to fight physically and mentally. 

He has been a ray of hope for so many people around the globe. He has given a new lease of life to many downtrodden and outcast people. He is no more but he is still in the voice of millions of people around the planet in the form of democracy. 

Please share the post with someone who is looking for some inspiration and motivation in life. You may be a catalyst of change for him.

You are God’s child. May God bless you. Amen.

Thank You. 


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