9 Best Inspirations From Lead The Field Earl Nightingale

Inspirations From Lead The Field Earl Nightingale

It was a winter night. Earl Nightingale was restless. He was in his early youth. His family had barely anything to eat. 

He had heard the stories that God gives everything and takes care of every individual. But he was confused about why so many people suffer in life. 

This lone incident led him to study successful people and their working habits. 

This Is Earl Nightingale

This Is Earl Nightingale

Nightingale was born in Los Angeles in March 1921 and died in 1989. 

His father, Earl Nightingale IV, abandoned his mother in 1933. 

After his father left, his mother relocated the family to a tent in nearby Tent City. 

When Nightingale was 17 years old, he joined the United States Marine Corps. He was a part of the mission in Pearl Harbor. 

dare life

After the war, Nightingale began work in the radio industry. His work was as a motivational speaker. He had to motivate the frustrated and depressed people after the second world war. Radio and public lectures were his modus operandi.

Inspirations From Lead The Field Earl Nightingale

Lead the field is a series of lectures. It was published on the Radio and later published in the form of a book. You will get here the best inspirations from “lead the field Earl nightingale”.

Here, you will get certain life-winning principles. Apply them in your life and become successful.

Lead The Field Earl Nightingale

1- Know What You Want To Accomplish

If you tell me what you want, I can tell you how to get it.

The problem with most people is not their ability to achieve their goals but not having enough clarity to achieve them.

There are two factors vital to success.

  1. The first one is to understand what is it that we want to spend our attention and time until we achieve it.
  2. We can achieve this goal otherwise we would have not wanted it.

The first point demands your focus and the second point demands belief in yourself. Show your guts and make barriers stepping stones.

Set your goal

2- If You Want More You Have to Serve More

Our success and failure depend on our ability to serve others. We win or lose based on it. We live in an interdependent world. It is impossible to win without serving others. 

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our serving.

When we serve less, we get less.

When we are out of service most of the time then we are out of service from most of the places.

This is the single most important reason that people feel frustrated and confused in their life. They don’t feel happy and live lonely life.

Rewards and services are always in perfect balance. When you serve less, you earn fewer rewards. When you serve more your rewards go higher.  

Most people don’t like this law. But not liking the law doesn’t change the law even the least bit. 

The basic laws of nature and economics are unchanging.

serve more to earn more

3- There Are Psychic Rewards & Real Rewards

There are two kinds of rewards or income.

One is known as psychic and the other one is known as real or tangible. 

Your psychic income is your mental power such as your thoughts or analysis.

Your tangible income is your property or money.  

When you are not satisfied with your income, take a good long look at your service. 

If you are serving in the field of religion, education, welfare, etc. your field of service is psychic. So you will generate psychic income. 

Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service.   

Now the big question arises- If what I want is more than what I have, then what to do?

How to increase your services to earn more rewards or incomes?

Always remember you either serve institutions or people. In both places, you are interacting with humans means people.  

So the more you understand humans the better you are in a position to serve them. The better you serve them the more income you generate.

So you have to understand the rules of understanding and serving. The better you understand them, the richer you become.

walk away from the lot

4- Why Do 95% Of People Fail In Life?

We have been seeing with full consistency that there are two groups of people in this world. 

One group with 5% people and the other group is with 95% people.  

No group is superior or inferior to the other.

One thing separates them. That point of separation is important to understand.

The big group means the group with 95% of people don’t understand emotionally or intellectually, they are the architects and designers of their lives.

So they never shape their life. They remain at the mercy of external factors to change their fortunes. And that never happens.

They remain at the same level, one position up or down.

The other 5% group knows the pattern and pace of life. They commit themselves. They are continuously designing and building their lives.

We all want something to happen in our lives, but only 5% of people figure out how to get them.

Our environment shapes our life. People around us make our environment and life.

So if 95% of people are mediocre, chances are high that we are surrounded by average people.

It is like an alert signal for every individual who wants to change their life.    

5- Begin The Journey Today

Here lies the greatest opportunity to serve people. 

Help others to make them understand their purposes in life and to get them. When one goal is accomplished, go for the next one.

Life is a journey from one accomplishment to another.  

Know as much as you can know. Serve as much as you can serve. Accomplish as much as you can accomplish.

Earl Nightingale says, “Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. 

All successful people have dreams to pursue and achieve. They live a disciplined life and always keep the focus on themselves. They believe in continuous improvement. 

Don't become a part of the crowd

6- Don’t Become A Part Of The Crowd

The remaining 95% of people don’t have any dreams to pursue. Or if they have any, they are too small to make any significant change in their lives.

The big group only follows those ways which are marked and busy. They think so many people are on this way so it must be the right path. 

What they fail to realize is that the roads of the heaviest traffic are the road of 95% of people. 

It is the road of no more opportunity and 19 times more competitive.

You are facing more competition and making less progress. Isn’t it the average people’s way?

7- Lack Of Information Is Your Problem

Ask yourself a simple question. If there is so much abundance in this world then why are you living like a poor one?

You can only feel discouragement in life because of two things.

  1. Lack of information or awareness of the situation.
  2. You have no control over the situation.

It is more often the lack of information which makes you doubtful and unsuccessful.

When a person jumps from the 10th floor and commits suicide, it is not because the situation is out of control. It is simply because of the lack of information on the law of gravity.  

When you ask them about their failure in life, they blame other people.

They will tell you every possible reason under the earth.

They look everywhere but fail to see where it actually lies, within themselves.

These are the traits of 95% of people. 

This kind of mindset differentiates haves from have-nots.

become successful

8- Success Will Test You

These are the reasons they are devoid of any good thing in life, not only in a financial sense but also in every sense.

They never read books or devote time to self-improvement. They don’t understand the rule of life and get defeated in every field. 

They don’t get direction because of no aim or goal. They just meander and get lost in this world. People don’t remember them.

Throughout human history, we have seen that all successful people are ridiculed and criticized.

They are laughed at and tormented. You can find it in human history.

From Socrates and Nelson Mandela to Mahatma Gandhi, you can find it in every culture and country. Why?

Only because of a lack of information or lack of knowledge. It comes from following the wrong crowd.

9- Learn From Life

We can learn from all these things two important lessons.

  1. To achieve anything in life, we have to become an individual. We need to have an individual goal, individual thinking and individual action.
  2. We must not become a part of the crowd. We must love them, care for them, and help them but don’t become a part of them. We must preserve our individuality to become an identity. 

Emulate the person who has also a similar goal to achieve but never emulate a crowd.   

We are what we think. We are a product of our thoughts. We make our destiny.

If we control our minds, we can control our futures. That is why we are responsible for the design of our lives.  

What we think, we become. 

Takeaways From Inspirations From Lead The Field Earl Nightingale

  • When you don’t know about life goals, you fail to get directions

  • Make a system. The system kicks you towards your goals

  • The mentality of 95% of people will keep you busy but not make you effective

  • When you become a part of the crowd, you lose your individuality

  • What you think, you become

Please share your views in the comment box. It has motivation, inspiration and lessons for all of us.

Maybe someone comes to your mind who is feeling low at the moment.

Please help them by sharing this inspiration and motivation.

You can touch many lives. May God bless you.

Thank You.






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