Andrew Huberman Breathing Exercise| Process, Benefits & Effects

Andrew Huberman Breathing Exercise asserts to push back on stress in real-time.

Before moving on to Huberman Breathing Exercise, let’s first realize the significance of breathing in the regulation of our physical and mental health.

He has given us two breathing techniques to activate our Autonomic Nervous System which, in turn, regulates the level of Adrenaline.

How Breathing Affects Our Life?

How Breathing Affects Our Life?

In our eyes, perhaps breathing is one of the most, if not the most, underestimated natural phenomena.

Hardly do we pay any heed to the cycle of inhalation and exhalation.

  • The pace and manner of our breathing is a deciding factors for our Nervous system, which further affects the Adrenaline rush in our body and prepares us mentally and physically for anything.
  • Breathing also regulates the amount of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide in our blood. 
  • Proper inhalation and exhalation ensure the maximum absorption of oxygen through inhalation and exhalation of carbon dioxide from our lungs.
  • Diaphragm is responsible for the movement of the lungs while breathing.
  • When a person is under stress, their breathing pattern disrupts completely as they tend to take quick shallow breaths which elongate their stress.
  • The best part is, you can control your breath by practicing these two Huberman Lab Breathing Techniques and it is sure to give you mind-blowing results.

Andrew Huberman Breathing Exercise

Huberman Breathing Exercise

Huberman has mentioned two specific breathing techniques to tackle stress and increase the level of Adrenaline.
We’ll see them both one by one.

1- Physiological Sigh

(i) What Is Physiological Breathing?

In the words of Dr. Andrew Huberman, “The physiological sigh: two deep inhales through the nose (no exhale in between), followed by a full exhale to lungs empty (through the mouth) is the fastest way to reduce autonomic arousal — aka “calm down” & causes activation of neural circuits specifically for calming.”

(ii)When and who can practice Physiological Sigh?

Anyone can practice this breathing technique any time of the day.

(iii) How to practice Physiological Sigh?

It consists of two inhales and one exhale

Inhale from the nose for approximately 2 seconds, then again inhale from the nose for 2 more seconds, consecutively.

And then, exhale from the mouth for 5 seconds.

(iv) How many times can this Huberman Breathing Exercise be done?

According to Andrew Huberman, it is sufficient to do this cycle of physiological breathing in 1 to 2 rounds.

(v) How Physiological sigh affects us?

The first inhale from the nose expands our lungs evenly, the second inhale expands them even more, and due to a deep breath, the lungs attract more carbon dioxide from the blood.

Similarly, a long exhale from the mouth give out maximum carbon dioxide from the blood which ultimately increases the percentage of oxygen in the blood.

The above-mentioned process is also known as Carbon Offloading as its nature is to extract most CO2 from our bodies.

(vi) What are the benefits of Physiological Sigh?

  • It calms the internal distraction.
  • It improves our focus.
  • It facilitates carbon offloading.
  • It increases the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • It transports more oxygen to our brain cells which results in our alert state.
  • It increases our cognitive ability.
  • It is a real-time tool that could be used anytime, anywhere.
  • It activates the autonomic nervous system.

Huberman Lab Breathing Technique

2- Super Oxygenated Breathing

(i)What is Super Oxygenated Breathing?

Super oxygenated breathing is a way breathing is done to increase the level of adrenaline in our body.

It consists of 1 inhale from the nose and 1 exhale from the mouth of equal duration.

(ii)When and who can do Super Oxygenated Breathing?

Anyone who desires to increase their energy level can do this activity.

Kindly refrain from doing this within 1 hour after the meal.

(iii)How to do Super Oxygenated Breathing?

It is in the ratio of 1:1, that is Inhale: Exhale.

Inhale from the nose for 1-2 seconds and then exhale from the mouth for 1-2 seconds.

One inhalation and one exhalation make it 1 cycle.

One round of this breathing consists of 10 cycles and holding of breath for 40-90 seconds after exhaling and taking a deep breath at the end.

One round takes a maximum of 130 seconds.

1 Round= maximum(2seconds+2seconds)*10cycle+90seconds hold

1 Round= 40+90=130 seconds

(iv)How many times can Super Oxygenated Breathing be done?

For best results, you can do it 2-3 rounds.

(v)How does Super Oxygenated Breathing affect us?

It activates our nervous system which further increases the amount of Adrenaline in the body making us more energetic.

(vi)What are the benefits of Super Oxygenated Breathing?

  • It increases the energy level.
  • It reduces stress levels.
  • It is necessary for better sleep.
  • It heightens focus and determination.
  • It makes our immune system better.

I hope you’ll get benefitted from Andrew Huberman Breathing Exercise.

Try them and see the instant results.

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