Novak Djokovic Young| 10 Best Success Rules & Work Ethics

Novak Djokovic Young Boy was not a born champion. He was like any ordinary boy struggling with his life to do something remarkable in future. 

Novak Djokovic Young Boy at the age of 7 saw Pete Sampras winning Wimbledon. He got thrilled seeing him win the world title and enjoying the winning moments. 

On that day, something happened to him. He also wanted to win and enjoy himself like Pete Sampras. He loved winning and Pete Sampras’s attitude.

This way, he got a role model, a sport to pursue and a dream to live for. On this day, a champion was born within the young Novak Djokovic. And his journey for excellence began.

Novak Djokovic Young Life

Novak Djokovic Young Life

Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional Tennis player. He was born on 22nd May 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia. His father’s name is Srdjan Djokovic and his mother is Dijana.  

He was introduced to the Tennis world by his father when he bought him a Racket and a softball to play at the age of 3. His parents sent him to a tennis court to learn tennis skills. 

Since then, he never looked back.   

He is the top Tennis player and a world champion. He has amassed all the records and accolades from the Tennin world.

His conversion from mediocrity to a world champion is because of his work ethic, success principles and life discipline.

We will discuss here the young Novak Djokovic success rules and work ethic.

Young Novak Djokovic Success Rules & Work Ethic

These principles and rules are given here for you. These are inspiration & motivation for all those people who want to achieve big in life.

Young Novak Djokovic is an example for others.

Success Rule 1- Aim Big To Land On Stars

  • Novak Djokovic says he was born and brought up in a difficult time. His City Belgrade and his country Serbia were at war. Parents and countrymen were fighting for their existence. This environment made him mentally stronger. 
  • When you are deep down, you can only look up. He had a dream to become a rockstar in the Tennis world. His dreams helped him fight every difficulty in tough moments. Have big dreams to achieve big in life. 

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Success Rule 2- Be Positive And See Yourself Winning

  • Novak says you have to be extremely positive in life. This kind of mindset makes things easier for you. When you are negative, you lose many initiatives in life. Limitations exist only in your mind.
  • When you are positive, you don’t see limitations. Your imaginations help you see limitless boundaries. You soar and win trophies. Novak says, “I am always positive, one day I will win many trophies and become the world champion.”

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Success Rule 3- Have Self-belief. Don’t Doubt Yourself

  • Belief is the foundation for all your achievements. Djokovic says it gives me excitement to imagine lifting grand slam titles and trophies. I have done it many times in my mind. It gives me the belief to perform them in real life. It saves me from pressure and fear.
  • Your belief can only convert into favourable results when you follow daily disciplines and commitments. Your consistency tells your mind that you are serious about the purpose. Never doubt yourself. What your mind can perceive you can achieve. 

Success Rule 4- Maximize Your Resources

  • Novak Djokovic says that he has seen a war-torn nation. He was brought up in an environment where resources were scarce. When life goes tough, only the tough get going. Challenges honed me and made me stronger. I learnt to use the resources properly. Your talents and potentials are your resources. How you use them makes you either a hero or a zero.
  • Maximize your resources by working on them properly. Take care of your resources and they will take care of your life.

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Success Rule 5- Make Realistic Goals And Sincerely Make Efforts To Get Them

  • Make realistic goals in life and prepare a plan to accomplish them. Goals are the great pullers of life. They take your life to the next level. Without them, you can’t measure your progress and improve your life.
  • Novak says to be sincere in your aims. Show mental clarity and go all out to get them. He says that he has been dedicated to Tennis. So he can expect something positive from it because of this devotion.  

Success Rule 6- Always Improve Yourself

Success Rule 6- Always Improve Yourself
  • Novak Djokovic says every season and tournament brings new challenges for you. You have to add more value in you to meet new challenges. This way you keep on advancing in life. 
  • You become mature and handle your emotions properly. You become mentally stronger and physically fit. 

Success Rule 7- Connect The Dots

  • When you connect the dots, you get the complete image. For a complete picture, every dot is important. Novak says success is like it. You can’t say only this or that thing led me to success. There are many dots or factors which bring anything to success. Similarly, I am somewhere in my life because of many factors. Many people and their efforts along with my dedication connected the dots to make me successful.
  • A holistic approach makes you successful. Know the importance of everything in your life and make everything count for you. 

Success Rule 8- Obstacles Are Temporary

  • Novak Djokovic says obstacles are temporary. They are not permanent. When you face any obstacle in the field or off the field, always remember it has come to pass. It will pass. 
  • All big achievements test you before submitting to you. If you get bogged down, accomplishments avoid you. Obstacles don’t come to stop you, they come to grow you. 

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Success Rule 9- Chase Your Dreams

  • Novak says always chase your dreams. Your dreams are your vehicle for success. They take you to the next level. When you don’t have any dream to pursue, you are not worried about your landing. Your landing is important for the success of your life.  
  • Novak Djokovic has always thought of being the number one player. He chased his dream with full might.

Success Rule 10- Enjoy Every Moment

  • Have fun. Enjoy every moment of life. Make others happy. Show gratitude and serve humanity. These are the ultimate essence of life, Djokovic says.
  • People love solutions and repel problems. When you are a solution for them they will cherish you and love you. Novak says I love my every fan. They are important to me. If I bring smiles to their faces and give them proud moments, I am the happiest person on earth.


Novak Djokovic Young man was ambitious and determined. He was a visionary. His struggles had made him stronger and more determined. 

His continuous efforts paved the way for him and he became the world’s best tennis player. He was brought up in a war-like environment. He had seen the vicissitudes of life. He had realized the pain of humanity. 

These things made him sensitive to the causes of humanity. He and his organization are doing great services to humanity. He is also looking after disabled children. 

This way we see here Novak Djokovic younger’s life and his principles are the inspiration and motivation for all of us. 

Please share his success rules with your friends and relatives. Maybe something strikes in them, and you become a source of positive change in their lives. 

Take care. May God Bless You. Amen.

Thank You.

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