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Attitude Is Everything Quote will reboot your attitude towards every chapter of your life.

Jeff Keller wrote a life-changing book named “Attitude Is Everything” that will help you alter your life courses by simply changing your attitude.

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Attitude Is Everything Quote

Attitude Is Everything Quote

Attitude Is Everything Quotes

Jeff Keller Quotes

1- “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

2- “Problems are often life’s way of letting you know that you’re off course and need to take corrective action.”

3- “Thought precedes action.”

4- “You see, when you change your attitude, sparks fly in the universe. You’re energized. You begin to see new possibilities. You move into action. You achieve extraordinary results. That’s why I say when you change your attitude, you change your life!”

5- “As adults, most of us become a lot more concerned about the opinions of others, often hesitating because people may laugh at us or criticize us. At the age of six, we knew we had to fall”

Attitude Is Everything Quote

6- “Thoughts Words Beliefs Actions Results.”

7- “Life doesn’t reward those who refuse to expose themselves to difficulties and challenges.”

8- “There’s another bonus when you’re willing to expand your comfort zone. When you push through fear and take action in some areas of your life, you’ll develop confidence in other areas, as well. It’s true! As I became more comfortable as a speaker, I also became a better salesman … a better businessman … a better listener … the list goes on and on.”

9- “Learning how to ride your bike? Well, persistence and sheer repetition, certainly.”

10- “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Attitude Is Everything Quote

11- “Change Your Attitude…and You Change Your Life!”

12- “To put it bluntly, I didn’t like my life, and saw no way that things were going to improve.”

13- A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.”

14- “A man is what he thinks about all day long.”

15- “I felt like a person who had wandered for days in the desert with a parched throat… and then suddenly found a stream of water!”

Attitude Is Everything Quote

16- “As I stood in front of the class to start my first seminar, I was petrified. My heart was pounding and I was sweating. But somehow I managed to muster the courage to just do it”

17- “We Become What We Think About.”

18- “You were going to stick with it no matter how long it took! It also helped that you were enthusiastic about what you set out to achieve—that you could hardly wait to reach your goal. And finally, let’s not underestimate the impact of positive encouragement. You always knew your parents were in your corner, supporting you, rooting for your success.”

19- “I had gone to four years of college and three years of law school to obtain my law degree. On top of that, I had spent 10 years of my life as a practicing lawyer. When you have that much invested in a career, it’s not so easy to walk away.”

20- “Your self-esteem is lowered. You feel powerless and frustrated. You sabotage your success. You lead an uneventful, boring life.”

Attitude Is Everything Quote

21- “If you’re positive and enthusiastic, people will want to spend time with you. — Jeff Keller And all of these great things happened because I tapped into Stu Kamen’s network … and then the Think & Grow Rich newsletter’s network … and then Jim Donovan’s network.”

22- “When you believe you can do something, you have the courage to move forward despite being afraid.”

23- “Spiritually, I was dead.”

24- “From the moment I began to change from a negative attitude to a positive attitude, I started to get significant results.”

25- “Have you ever had a job where you dreaded going to work most days — where you felt the “weight of the world” on your shoulders each day?”

Attitude Is Everything Quote

26- “There’s got to be more to my life than this… there’s got to be more than this misery and unhappiness.”

27- “Whenever I spoke to an audience or wrote a motivational essay, I was so invigorated and full of life. I knew that’s where I belonged.”

28- “SERVE OTHERS in your network. Serving others is crucial to building and benefiting from your network! You should always be thinking, “How can I serve others?” instead of “What’s in it for me?” If you come across as desperate or as a “taker” rather than a “giver,” you won’t find people willing to help you. Going the extra mile for others is the best way to get the flow of good things coming back to you.”

29- “It’s all in the attitude.”

30- “You have to face the fact that some people will disapprove of your decision.”

Attitude Is Everything Quote

31- “That night in my den was the turning point of my life.”

32- “I also learned that you often have to let go of some things in your life and take a few steps backward before you can move forward in a new direction.”

33- “Part of the price I had to pay was giving up the money, prestige and security of my legal career.”

34- “The idea that we become what we think about has also been expressed as the Law of Dominant Thought.”

35- “There is nothing on earth you cannot have—once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it.”

36- ” I want you to know how drastically my life changed — and how much better it got — when I made a change in my attitude.”

37- “If you’re negative, don’t despair. You can use these concepts to develop and maintain a positive attitude… and to achieve incredible breakthroughs in your life.”

38- “Your Circumstances Reflect What You’ve Been Thinking About”

39- “Proof positive that, indeed, attitude is everything!”

40- “Your thoughts don’t change, your results won’t change.”

Attitude Is Everything Quote

41- “If you’re already a positive person, you can use these principles to soar to even greater heights of success and fulfillment.”

42- “And I was fascinated and excited to begin learning how our thoughts determine the quality of our lives.”

43- “When you THINK, SPEAK and ACT in ways that support your success, you’re firing on all cylinders… and on the way to achieving phenomenal results in your life.”

44- “I started to achieve goals that I would never have accomplished before… all because of a change in my attitude!”

45- “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way…. Even though conditions such as lack of sleep, insufficient food and various mental stresses may suggest that the inmates were bound to react in certain ways, in the final analysis it becomes clear that the sort of person the prisoner became was the result of an inner decision, and not the result of camp influences alone.”

46- “Think of your attitude as the mental filter through which you experience the world.”

47- “The person with the negative attitude thinks “I CAN’T.” The person with the positive attitude thinks “I CAN.”

48- “The person with the negative attitude dwells on problems. The person with the positive attitude concentrates on solutions. The person with the negative attitude finds fault with others. The person with the positive attitude looks for the good in others. The person with the negative attitude focuses on what’s missing. The person with the positive attitude counts his or her blessings.”

49- “Several days later, The Mental Bank program arrived at my doorstep. And I was fascinated and excited to begin learning how our thoughts determine the quality of our lives. Prior to that time, I had never heard these ideas. Unfortunately, they don’t teach you this stuff in school!”

50- “The person with the negative attitude sees limitations. The person with the positive attitude sees possibilities.”

Attitude Is Everything Quote

51- “Your attitude is your window to the world.”

52- “For the first time in many years, I could see the magnificent possibilities that life had to offer.”

53- “Our windows get splattered by criticism from parents and teachers. Our windows get smudged by ridicule from peers. Our windows get smeared by rejection. Our windows get soiled by disappointments. Our windows get clouded by doubt.”

54- “When you choose to take out your squeegee and clean your window, life will be brighter and sunnier. You’ll be healthier and happier. You’ll set some ambitious goals… and begin to achieve them. Your dreams will come alive again.”

55- “Your success in life begins and ends with your attitude.”


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