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Carol Dweck Quotes are mostly related to motivation and a growth mindset.

The great American psychologist has worked immensely in the field of fixed and growth mindsets and is imparting her valuable insights in this psychological arena.

She graduated from Bernard College and earned her PhD in psychology from Yale University.

Developmental and Social Psychology is her area of research and has received numerous meritorious awards like 

E. L. Thorndike Award (2009), Member of the National Academy of Sciences (2012) and Yidan Prize (2017).

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Carol Dweck Quotes

Carol Dweck Quotes

Growth Mindset Carol Dweck Quotes

Carol Dweck Growth Mindset Quotes

Carol Dweck Mindset Quotes

1- “Effort is one of the things that gives meaning to life.”

2- “Becoming is better than being.”

3- “Failure is an opportunity to grow, not a reason to give up.”

4- “You don’t know what your abilities are until you make a full commitment to developing them.”

5- “The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.”

6- “Embrace your mistakes as opportunities for growth.”

7- “The hallmark of successful people is that they are always stretching themselves to learn new things.”

8- “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.”

9- “Most experts and great leaders agree that leaders are made, not born, and that they are made through their own drive for learning and self-improvement.”

10- “Children love this idea that their brain is like a muscle that gets stronger as they use it.”

Carol Dweck Quotes

11- “Every day is a new opportunity to grow and learn.”

12- “With a growth mindset, kids don’t necessarily think that there’s no such thing as talent or that everyone is the same, but they believe everyone can develop their abilities through hard work, strategies, and lots of help and mentoring from others.”

13- “People with a growth mindset believe that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.”

14- “Unproductive effort is never a good thing.”

15- “When entire companies embrace a growth mindset, their employees report feeling far more empowered and committed; they also receive far greater organizational support for collaboration and innovation.”

16- “Challenges are opportunities for growth.”

17- “In one world, effort is a bad thing. It, like failure, means you’re not smart or talented. If you were, you wouldn’t need effort. In the other world, effort is what makes you smart or talented.”

18- “Everybody who’s been successful has gotten lots of help and input from many, many people.”

19- “Believe in yourself and your ability to learn and improve.”

20- “You try something, it doesn’t work, and maybe people even criticize you. In a fixed mindset, you say, ‘I tried this, it’s over.’ In a growth mindset, you look for what you’ve learned.”

21- “With a fixed mindset, you’re so worried about how smart or talented you are, you don’t take on challenges. You don’t try new things.”

22- “Chinese culture is already telling children to work hard. That’s not growth mindset because they’re working hard for the product, not for the growth or the joy of learning.”

23- “Success is not about proving others wrong, it’s about proving yourself right.”

24- “My undergraduates, at first, get all starry-eyed about the idea of finding their passion, but over time, they get far more excited about developing their passion and seeing it through. They come to understand that that’s how they and their futures will be shaped and how they will ultimately make their contributions.”

25- “The greatest reward for hard work is growth.”

26- “When we praise children for their intelligence, we tell them that this is the name of the game: Look smart; don’t risk making mistakes.”

27- “People often confuse a growth mindset with being flexible or open-minded or with having a positive outlook – qualities they believe they’ve simply always had. My colleagues and I call this a false growth mindset.”

28- “Everyone is a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets. You could have a predominant growth mindset in an area, but there can still be things that trigger you into a fixed mindset trait.”

29- “We want to design interventions to teach people how to harness their considerable willpower.”

30- “Don’t let failures define you, let them guide you towards success.”

31- “We say women have made great strides: in biology, in many areas of chemistry, in many places, women are now the majority of medical students. But when I began my career, that wasn’t the case. There were very strong stereotypes in biology and medicine.”

32- This knowledge that you might have to really reorganize and redefine yourself and build new skills is really important.”

33- “I loved everything. I loved sciences and I loved humanities. But ultimately, I felt that in the humanities, you know, you’re writing about things that already exist. But in the sciences, you’re discovering things that no one has known before. Ultimately I chose psychology because it seemed to combine science with things that I liked to think about.”

34- “The power of yet: you may not have mastered something yet, but with persistence and practice, you can.”

35- “You can’t just declare that you have a growth mindset. Growth mindset is hard.”

36- “Emphasizing effort gives a child a variable that they can control. They come to see themselves as in control of their success. Emphasizing natural intelligence takes it out of the child’s control, and it provides no good recipe for responding to a failure.”

37- “Our message to parents is to focus on the process the child engages in, such as trying hard or focusing on the task – what specific things they’re doing rather than, ‘You’re so smart. You’re so good at this.’ Although it’s never too late to change, what you do early matters.”

38- “You can either let failure define you or use it as fuel to drive you towards success.”

39- “Creating organizations that value a growth mindset can create contexts in which more people grow into the knowledgeable, visionary, and responsible leaders we need.”

41- “Most experts and great leaders agree that leaders are made, not born, and that they are made through their own drive for learning and self-improvement.”

42- “I open ‘Mindset’ with examples of kids who thrive on difficult challenges.”

43- “I grew up in an environment that promoted a very fixed mindset. It was an era that worshipped IQ and thought that your IQ was the most important thing in determining your future. My sixth-grade teacher even seated us around the room in IQ order.”

44- “When entire companies embrace a growth mindset, their employees report feeling far more empowered and committed; they also receive far greater organizational support for collaboration and innovation.”

45- “Praise your child explicitly for how capable they are of learning rather than telling them how smart they are.”

46- “Your mindset determines your potential for growth and success.”

47- “When you have a limited theory of willpower, you’re constantly on alert, constantly monitoring yourself. ‘Am I tired? Am I hungry? Do I need a break? How am I feeling?’ And at the first sign that something is flagging, you think, ‘I need a rest or a boost.'”

48- “Maybe you don’t know how to do something at work. Instead of asking the boss or seeking someone as a mentor, you might not want to show them your ignorance. So, you’re depriving yourself of this learning and mentorship. All of these ways are ways that a fixed mindset will hold you back.”

49- “When there’s a setback, someone with a fixed mindset will start thinking, ‘Maybe I don’t have what it takes?’ They may get defensive and give up. A hallmark of a successful person is that they persist in the face of obstacle, and often, these obstacles are blessings in disguise.”

50- “‘Hard-working’ is what gets the job done. You just see that year after year. The students who thrive are not necessarily the ones who come in with the perfect scores. It’s the ones who love what they’re doing and go at it vigorously.”


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