Dr Joe Dispenza Unlimited| 20 Best Healing & Successful Living Rules

Dr Joe Dispenza Unlimited‘ is the name of an online programme which is initiated by Dr Joe Dispenza. It is an exploration, a life philosophy to improve yourself and heal your mind & body.

‘Dr Joe Dispenza Unlimited’ is a mind shift from doubting yourself to believing in yourself. 

His healing techniques for various illnesses show us the power of minds and thoughts. 

It teaches how you can cure your life by using your mind. It taps our full potential and pushes us to perform the best way.

Dr Joe Dispenza has done immense work on neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, abundance, visualization, affirmations, etc. His teachings help people heal their long-standing diseases.

Dr Joe Dispenza Unlimited Philosophy

Dr Joe Dispenza Unlimited Philosophy

‘Joe Dispenza Unlimited Philosophy’ says when we stop doubting, we start believing. When we believe, we behave as if it is possible to do, and ultimately we become what we believe in. 

In short, this philosophy is based on three steps. 

1- We Believe

2- We Behave

3- We Become

It is a philosophy which takes us from negativity to positivity. Dr Joe Dispenza’s quotes tell about his doctrine.   

This unlimited mind programme teaches you how to change your brainwaves to get into their autonomic neuro system to begin to reprogramme. 

Every time you learn something new, you add new connections to your brain. 

Who Is Dr Joe Dispenza?

Dr Joe Dispenza is an American Chiropractor, author, international speaker, researcher and educator. 

He earned his doctorate in Chiropractic degree from Life University, Georgia. 

He is active in the field of neuroscience, epigenetics, mind-body coherence, quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) measurements, and neuroplasticity.

He has been actively serving & treating people in Olympia, Washington. 

He loves to change people’s lives and help them live an unlimited abundant life by demystifying the mystical. 

He has dedicated his life to this cause and to healing people with psychological and physiological problems

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How Does Unlimited Dr Joe Dispenza Heal?

There are mainly 10 key ways by which Unlimited Dr Joe Dispenza heals their patients.

1- Meditation

  • Meditation is a fundamental tool Dr Joe Dispenza employs to treat his patients. 
  • Dr Joe says through meditation we can easily access the deeper aspects of our minds. Through deeper connection within ourselves, we can tap the innate ability to heal and transform.
  • You can see people observing different meditation styles in his workshop. People come with ailments and go with smiles on their faces.

2- Mindfulness

  • Dr Joe says when you lead a life of greater awareness and live in the present, you follow the essentials of life transformation.
  • When we lead a mindful life, our mind, body and emotions get tuned in and work in support of one other.
  • This is a conscious and intentional way to live a happy life.

3- Visualization

  • Dr Joe Dispenza says to his patients and students that when you visualize your desired outcomes, you create those life-related incidents.
  • He teaches a variety of visualization techniques in his workshop, like, guided imagery and creative visualization.
  • Visualization affects our subconscious mind and we realise that desired outcomes are taking place in our lives. 

4- Affirmations

  • Dr Joe says you can reprogramme your subconscious mind by repeating the positive statements. It attracts more positive outcomes in your life.
  • Dr Dispenza resorts to mirror work and self-talk for visualization techniques.
  • Repeating positive statements train our minds for certain instructions and actions. Our beliefs and habits change and they change our actions and results.

5- Breathwork

  • Dr Joe Dispenza says by learning to control your breath, you tap into a deeper sense of inner control. It helps in regulating your mind, body and level of consciousness.
  • It improves your overall health condition and you feel better.
  • The pranayama and holotropic breathwork techniques are mainly used in Dr Joe Unlimited Workshops.

6- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • This technique is used to cure the specific nature of the problem. It works on specific body locations.
  • Dr Joe says, the Emotional Freedom technique removes emotional blockages and heals people by transforming their mental state. 
  • EFT taps special points on the body affected by particular body part problems. 

7- Heart- Body Coherence

  • Dr Joe Dispenza says heart-body coherence focuses on the heart and cultivating positive emotions such as gratitude, compassion, and love. Thus these good feelings transform our bodies in healthier ways.
  • Body-heart coherence improves our overall functions and we feel better from within.
  • The state of consciousness level shifts from a lower level to a higher level and we embrace more positive outcomes in our lives. 

8- Quantum Jumping

  • Dr Joe says that quantum jumping is a healing technique which changes levels with the changing consciousness states. With different versions of ourselves, our consciousness levels also change.
  • Here, we visualize ourselves in different realities. When we go deeper into those different realities and become a part of them, our level of consciousness also changes 
  • This process is a transformation programme which jumps us from a lower level to an upper level. We improve, our health improves, and our mind improves.

9- Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself

  • He has written a complete book on this subject. He says that breaking the pattern of habits is important for achieving new goals and targets.
  • Dr Joe Dispenza says that we all are creatures of habit. We create the same kind of patterns and experiences in our lives over and over again.
  • When we break our habits, the patterns and experiences of our lives change. We receive new ways and results. Thus we change the status quo. 

10- Brainwave Entertainment

  • Dr Joe Dispenza says that listening to specific sounds and music relaxes brainwaves, enhances focus and raises the level of consciousness. 
  • This brainwave entertainment experience gives us a soothing touch and raises inner peace. 
  • When we listen to good sounds, we feel better and feel playful. This mental state improves our health and heals us from within.

Dr Joe Dispenza Successful Living Rules

Here, given the 10 most important Joe Dispenza successful living rules for body and mind. 

He teaches them to everyone. The body and mind liberate from this new approach. You feel energized and joyful.

1- Live In The Present Moment

  • To live in the present moment, you have to train your mind and body. You have been living a different kind of life over the years. Your mind and body are tuned to a different frequency. 
  • When you be able to master your mind and body with the new programme, you become the master of your soul. You live in the present. your mind and body live in the present. 
  • The present moment is not you. It is the unknown. You scale new heights, you win new programmes, and you heal yourself in new ways. 

2- Believe In Yourself

  • Believe in yourself. Be conscious of things and surroundings.
  • Consciousness is awareness. Awareness is noticing and paying attention. 
  • When you believe in something, that transforms you. Your transformation lies in your self-believing.

3- Change Yourself For The Betterment

  • Dr Joe Dispenza says for making your future better, you have to think greater than how you feel. 
  • Your feelings are a record of your past. When you think as you feel, then you fail to see the possibility of the future. It is a challenge. You have to think better than you feel then only a possibility of the future will emerge.
  • This little tweak makes a huge impact on your life. You make new connections to your brain. New possibilities bring in new results for your life.

4- Get Along With Others

  • Dr Joe says when others are not talking to you amicably but showing anger and frustration, you can’t retaliate, you have to show compassion. When people are fearful and worried, you have to show courage. In the beginning, when you do it, it will feel unnatural to you.
  • But you have to attain a stage where your mind and heart are in coherence. You should practise it daily to synchronize your mind and heart.
  • The brain thinks but the heart knows. The heart sends the most beautiful signal to the brain. You get along with people in the most loving way.

5- Define How You See Future

  • Dr Joe says, what story you tell to yourself is how you perceive the world. When you constantly struggle and feel stressed, you think about survival and nothing else.  
  • Creating your desired life is the result of conscious efforts. It is an awakening state. The awakening state welcomes new ideas and thoughts. It changes the mental wiring. 
  • When you try to live a desired life, you wake up every morning with new vim and vigour. It is up to you how you envision your future. There you live an elevated life and not a limited life. 

6- Don’t Get Fatigued & Stressful

  • Dr Dispenza says when you are in survival mode, you always live in an emergency. It causes continuous stress in your mind. You are always in an alert state. You feel fatigued and stressed. Your brain waves change to more alert states.
  • Your mind and body take more energy to fight the daily inner battles to survive in the outer world. Gradually, it depletes you from within. You don’t feel like having enough reservoirs of energy for the long-term inner-building process. When you are in stress and survival the SELF is the most important thing. Stress is always signalled by the loss of control.
  • You try to control things by jumping from one thing to another, one idea to another, and one person to another. It causes incoherence in the mind. You are in an arousal state. You become confused. The solution is that You have to deliberately show focus and attention. Your outer environment must not guide you and force your actions. You have to relax and regroup yourself. 

7- Be The Master Of Your Thought

  • Sometimes your mind doesn’t support your body, and sometimes your body doesn’t support your mind. Every time you make a thought, you make a neurochemical. When you feel joyful, the chemical of joy gushes out, if you feel self-deprecating, the chemical which makes you feel unworthy gushes out.
  • Dr Dispenza says people very often get caught in the loop of thinking & feeling and feeling & thinking. They never feel free to enjoy new heights of life. They are so glued to their past experiences that they feel the same thing and think the same way. They stagnate. It is detrimental to the progress of human beings. It causes disease in your mind and body.
  • Mind and body always talk to each other. You have to train your mind for a certain kind of behaviour. The behaviour which supplements your mind & body. You feel energized and active. You have to be the master of your thought.  

8- Change Your Level Of Frequency

  • Whenever you have to change the level of your frequency, you have to change the level of your consciousness.  
  • You can change the level of consciousness by perceiving things differently. You have to give your mind different food for different results.
  • When you change the level of frequency, your brain waves change. Your pattern of life and life experiences change. Your new life patterns are very important for your new life results. You can triumph over any situation and disease with the help of new mental programming.

9- Meditation & Contemplation

  • The word meditation means “to be familiar with.” Whatever you are doing on a routine level, you are familiar with them. It means you are in a state of meditation.
  • Whenever you have to achieve a new standard, shift to a new thought, or attain a higher level of mental composure, you have to fire and rewire your brain patterns. These things are possible through meditation and contemplation. The process of change is unlearning and relearning.
  • Meditation and contemplation help you change your mental state. They change your inner feelings and behaviours. They trade impatience and resentment for gratitude and freedom. 

10- Become An Example For Others

  • You have mirror neurons. They are also called empathy neurons. They model behaviour. When anyone sees you doing something, they prime their circuits in the brain to model the act. Always remember someone is learning from your behaviour. Don’t act indiscreetly. Show morality.
  • You have to control your emotions for better behaviour. Emotions are chemicals. Emotions are momentary. When you allow emotions to last for days and weeks they are called moods. When you allow them to last for months & months you call them temperament. When you allow them to last for years on end they become your personality. Your personality is your emotional connection to the past. Make yourself a role model for others.
  • Be responsible for your every action. Someone is always looking at you with expectations. Don’t let them down.


‘Dr Joe Dispenza Unlimited’ teachings are gems for our mental and emotional growth. They heal us and make our lives better. They are also the cornerstone of our model behaviour. 

The comprehensive healing and successful life-living methods are given here for in-depth understanding. Change your mind, heal yourself and step into a free-flowing world.    

Share these teachings with your relatives and friends. These teachings can change their life. 

You can bring a positive change in someone’s life. 

May God bless you. Amen.  

Thank You.

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