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Neymar Quote

Neymar Quote

Neymar Jr Quotes

Neymar Quotes

Quotes From Neymar

Neymar Jr. Famous Quote

1- “I just want to be better every day, to get better every day, not to be better than anyone else.”

2- “I never like to say that I’m better than anybody else.”

3- “I’m Messi Football Club.”

4- “All that matters is to help the team.”

5- “I have both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as my idols. If I can take a little of each player’s game and make it my own, I would be very happy.”

6- “The fact I am the most expensive player is not a burden.”

7- “You always know what’s best for you.”

8- “I try to be myself without being anything different.”

9- “No one can compare to Ronaldinho. I remember his play, his dribbles. I remember him winning every title at the Camp Nou. He made history at Barca, he made history with Brazil and he’s still making history.”

10- “I like to watch good football so I like to watch good players.”

Neymar Quote

11- “I want to help the Brazilian National Team the best way possible, whether is with goals, assists or even a slide tackles, whatever.”

12- “I have never been concerned about winning the Ballon d’Or or being the best player in the world. The best player is already here and that’s Messi. And now I can see him from close up and help him.”

Neymar Jr Best Quotes

13- “Neymar is massively overrated.”

14- “I always do as my heart tells me.”

15- “To play with the best is very easy.”

16- “I only want to be the best that I can be.”

17- “Individually, I always want to give the most.”

18- “The first game is always the most difficult, for the nerves you have before you begin to play.”

19- “I have to enjoy every moment.”

20- “The acknowledgment comes naturally for those who deserve it.”

Neymar Quotes About Football

21- “I will be a World Cup winner.”

22- “Everyone has a right to rest so as not to injure themselves.”

23- “I just like playing with the ball. I always have.”

24- “My foot, for a football player, is very beautiful!”

25- “I do not play football to win the Ballon d’Or. I play football to be happy, because I love it and want to play football.”

Neymar Quote

26- “Cristiano Ronaldo has created his own story, and now I’m creating mine.”

27- “Football without Messi and Messi without football are not things that go together.”

28- “The only thing that can protect me from someone coming from behind are the rules.”

29- “There are players that try to imitate others, but at free-kick time it is a personal thing. Every person has their own technique and routine when they stand over the ball and I have mine, I am not trying to copy anyone.”

30- “I’ve always said I learned to defend myself from an opponent coming for a hard hit. Tricks are part of my repertoire; I use them to try to get past my opponents, but the objective is always to score goals.”

Neymar Quote

31- “It is difficult to take in that your idols are in the same place as you are.”

32- “My dad just wants me to dedicate myself to playing and to focus on the ball.”

33- “Playing by the side of the best of the world is always good. Things get easier.”

34- “I always dribble for a reason, and I always head for the goal.”

35- “My father always told me I like the ball more than I like playing soccer: since I was a young kid, I was always skilled with it, dribbling furniture around the house. That’s how I see football – fun and dynamic – and this goes beyond me; it’s a characteristic of Brazilian football.”

36- “Right now I’m living my boyhood dream, which was to play for a European club. The fact that it’s a huge club like Barcelona makes it a tremendous honour. I like everything about the city: the climate, the people. It’s quite similar to Brazil, which helps a lot. There’s even a beach!”

37- “There are players that try to imitate others, but at free-kick time it is a personal thing. Every person has their own technique and routine when they stand over the ball and I have mine, I am not trying to copy anyone.”

38- “Messi is a great player. Playing against him is not good – it is bad.”

39- “I prefer that Argentina wins the World Cup. Messi deserves it for all he has done in football. He’s my friend, I wish him the best.”

40- “Football, particularly Brazilian football, is about being happy, and that’s what tricks do. It’s part of our culture, at the end of the day, though, it’s all about winning.”

Neymar Quote

41- “You always knows what’s best for you.”

42- “Barca is more than a club and a great team and I want to contribute to Messi staying the best for many years.”

43- “I respect his decisions, but football without Messi is not football. It is very hard to imagine football without him.”

44- “I know that it is a huge responsibility to be the captain, the No. 10, but I like it. I like the responsibility, the pressure, and I like playing football.”

45- “It was a huge thrill, to step on a pitch of a championship like the World Cup, is a sensation that – you know, passes everything in your head.”

46- “I dreamt of being like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.”

47- “It is very simple, Messi is the best in the world, and if you give him a little bit of space, he can do whatever he wants.”

48- “I like boots that are comfortable. Better for fit and touch as well.”

49- “I think every player should be allowed to stay or leave a club.”

50- “I’m a bit sad because I’m leaving my cherished team in a city where I grew up and where I played for nine years in Santos. But I’m even happier to be facing a new challenge and for making a dream come true.”

Neymar Quote

51- “A historic defeat cannot bow our heads forever.”

Neymar Quotes About Life

52- “Everything in my life has happened very early. Personally, and professionally. I’m always learning: I have to.”

53- “What I think about is my happiness, together with my family. I want us to be happy.”

54- “I don’t mind being the one people talk about. It doesn’t weigh on me.”

55- “I don’t like to talk about myself.”

56- “When you see a person you love being affected, suffering, people saying things that aren’t true… then it hurts you.”

57- “I’m very happy that major players are always giving their opinions about my life, my game. I am very thankful for that.”

58- “Benzema is a great striker who I think is a superstar.”

59- “When we’re on vacation – it doesn’t matter where – I will go and look for a game.”

60- “I only want to be the best that I can be.”

Neymar Quote

61- “Having a child is an experience that teaches a person how important to prioritize the happiness of another person. Whatever you do, even whatever you are, is an example for him. In fact, that little being who depends on you so much, makes you also to have a huge dependence on him.”

62- “My opinion is that protesting, there’s no problem with it, as long as it is peaceful without violence, without vandalism.”

63- “I’m only one Neymar – for my family, for the public. I’m always the same person.”

64- “I don’t even know who Joey Barton is.”

65- “My father has been by my side since I was little. He takes care of things, my finances and my family.”

66- “When I arrived at Barcelona and saw Messi’s face, and later Luis Suarez, I felt like it was a videogame.”

Neymar Quotes About God

67- “Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve God.”

68- “I’m not a spiteful man, never been. I always forgive. The final decision isn’t mine, but God’s. God knows what He does.”

69- “I feel like any other Brazilian citizen, I have a lot of happiness in me. I thank God for showing me the path to follow.”

Neymar Jr Motivational Quotes

70- “This moment, which we are living right now will pass too. We have to enjoy, enjoy all that we can.”

71- “When we lose, we don’t have to change everything but correct things by working hard.”

72- “I must follow my heart.”

73- “I am not the type of person who lets the pressure get to him. I try to see it as my friend. I align with it to calm me down.”

74- “I don’t want to surpass anyone. I don’t want to be better than anyone else.”

Neymar Jr Inspirational Quotes

75- “I’ve always had the greatest respect for and listened to both my father and my mother. I’ve always tried to follow my parents’ advice because these are people who want the best for me.”

76- “Our objective is always to win. Every day, every game, and every competition.”

77- “I want to trace my own path by doing the things I have been doing, winning titles, reaching goals.”

78- “Before speaking without knowledge, saying lies, you have to present evidence.”

79- “I try to be a good role model for my son, my family, my friends, and then I try to be a good role model for the rest of the people, too.”

Neymar Quotes About Dream

80- “That is one of the things I dream about for myself: to receive the ‘golden ball’ someday.”

81- “There is no pressure when you are making a dream come true.”

82- “The secret is to believe in your dreams; in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don’t lose faith in yourself.”

83- “There weren’t many options growing up, so I would wear whatever possible. I once saw a little boy wearing Jordan sneakers in a movie and that made me dream.”

84- “I do not like to put one title above the other. Every competition I contest and win is important.”

Neymar Love Quotes

85- “I’m a guy who doesn’t like to be alone, and the joy that my friends pass me, with them being always by my side, is gigantic.”

86- “I was never motivated by money. I think above all else about the happiness of my family, regardless of money.”

Neymar Quotes Faith

87- “As long as there’s 1% chance, we will have 99% faith!”

88- “The secret is to believe in your dreams; in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don’t lose faith in yourself.”

Neymar Quotes 99

89- “As long as there’s 1% chance, we will have 99% faith!”

Neymar Quotes In Portuguese

90- “Que Deus nos abençoe e nos proteja.”

Neymar Quotes Wallpaper

91- “I think that Instagram suits me. People know I like to use it all the time.”

92- “I started playing football in a school back in Sao Vicente when I was five years old, going towards six. Those were my first steps, among those kids, and then I kept going.”

93- “Winning the Ballon d’Or is the consequence of your work.”

94- “I can’t live without posting pictures.”

95- “Now I’m more behaved, I think it’s age, you get older, more responsible, more quiet. But if I would want to dye my hair, for example red or blue, be sure that I’ll dye it!”

96- “I try to be myself without being anything different.”

97- “Every team has a person who is used as a reference, a player who stands out more than others.”

98- “I’m 69 kilos; I don’t have a burden on my back.”

99- “Unfortunately, I never saw Pele play. What I know of him is through my grandfather, my dad’s dad, who used to talk to me and tell me about how he played.”

100- “I was at a great club at Barcelona. I loved Barcelona.”


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