First Signs Of Schizophrenia- 20 Alerts

The First Signs Of Schizophrenia are usually traced between late teens and early thirties. The rate at which Males and Females have Schizophrenia slightly differ. 

The First Signs Of Schizophrenia can be traced in males from their late teens to early twenties. Females are more vulnerable to catching Schizophrenia between their late teens to early thirties.

What Is Schizophrenia?

It is a chronic brain disorder that leads you to perceive a separate reality with its frequent eruption of psychotic episodes. It severely and negatively impacts your thoughts, speech, emotions, and actions.

The actual cause of Schizophrenia is unknown. It is said to arise out of a disruptive combination of Genes and the Environment one lives in. 

People below the age of twelve and the ones who have crossed the age of forty are not vulnerable to it and thus rarely get the disorder.

First Signs Of Schizophrenia

Below we will provide a list of leading indicators of Schizophrenia or the First Signs Of Schizophrenia that will keep you aware of your health and your loved ones.

It is really important to be acquainted with the early signs of the disorder for proper diagnosis and speedy recovery.

 1- Depression

If you feel depressed very often for no reason and have no control over your mental sanity, then you are at risk of catching the disorder.

It can slowly and gradually lead you toward Schizophrenia if you are leaving it unchecked.

2- Hallucination

It is among the first signs of Schizophrenia. It is perceived through the five senses. The prominent among is hearing the voices of various people who are not around you. 

Hallucinations occur in 80% of people with Schizophrenia in a lifetime. Other senses that will help you hallucinate are taste, touch, smell, and sight. It is a deceiving feature and can frustrate you.

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 3- Hostility

You will notice an additional hostility and suspicion aimed at people. It could be without and justified reason. You will feel suspicious about them and loathe everything they talk of.

4- Social Withdrawal

You will shrink from your social circle and keep bouncing from one group of friends to another. Your friend circle and interactions will severely squeeze. You will socially isolate yourself.

People normally tend to count this as an age factor and get deceived by this sign of Schizophrenia. They don’t take any appreciable action to solve this issue. Be mindful and closely trace your and the activities of your loved ones.

5- Aggression

Aggression will take over you. You will feel restless. People with Schizophrenia are in their attacking mode in terms of behaviour.

You will feel angst at anything and everything. 

You will easily lose your calm and will fail to control your behaviour.

6- Sleep Inconsistencies

One of the first signs of Schizophrenia is disturbed sleeping patterns. You will experience oversleeping or a tendency to not get out of your bed. This abnormal sleep is because of the disorder. 

You can also experience insomnia or lack of adequate sleep. This is also an often ignored symptom of the mental disorder.

7- Compulsive Behaviour

Compulsive behaviour is an action that you do repetitively and persistently over an interval of time. It is a restrictive action that prompts you to do the same thing in the same manner at the same intervals of time.

It is also an early manifestation of this disorder.

8- Unorganised Behaviour

It is an inconsistent and contradictory kind of behaviour. It usually includes inappropriate behaviour for said context. It is messy and haphazard. It will disturb you internally.

9- Retarded Activity

You will be slow in performing activities that usually take not so much time. You will also leave a connection and lose the trail of previous work.

If slowness has crept into you uncommonly and strangely then it is also a symptom of the disease.

10- Discontentment

You will feel widespread displeasure and discontent with whatever is happening to you and around you. You are always covered in a layer of prevailing dissatisfaction.

11- Anxiety

You must be feeling anxious and fearful. The reason for your dread and worry must be unknown to you. You must have been feeling suspicious of everything in your surrounding. 

12- Apathy

It is one of the many underlying causes of Schizophrenia. It will interfere with your day-to-day life and will consume you in a very strange manner.

Dispassion and indifference will overtake you and will leave you in a very emotionally cold state.

13- Amnesia

This is also a fundamental issue that gives hints for this disorder. It refers to the loss of memories. You will be feeling unable and incapable of recollecting and remembering events.

This is also an overlooked initial symptom of this brain disorder.

Track yourself and your loved ones for diagnosing it early and start the process of recovery.

14- Exhaustion

If you are fatigued and overtired for a long time, you should consult a professional and take the help of a health care expert.

It is also one of the underlying reasons for Schizophrenia. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness(EDS) is also common in Schizophrenic patients. 

15- Impaired Motor Coordination

Social Motor Coordination will become impaired if you catch Schizophrenia. Your Social Motor Coordination will become Impaired Motor Coordination. Your physical coordination will drastically reduce and you will function out of tune.

16- Delusion

Delusion is one of the prominent signs of Schizophrenia. More than 90% of Schizophrenic patients experience delusions. Delusions are absolutely false but people suffering from the disorder hold strange and bizarre ideas. 

You could be deluded to believe that others are out to get you, that you are abnormally famous, and many other delusions that are entirely untrue.

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17- Thought Disorder

It is one of the primary symptoms of this brain disorder. Thought Disorder typically includes a disorganized way of thinking and expression. It can also include thought blocking and disorganized speech.

People will fail to think and express themselves in a sane and clear manner.

18- Speech Disorder

People with this disease will not be able to speak their minds. They will be in debt or poverty of speech. It causes people to have inefficient thought, concentration, and maintenance of a proper train of thought, which will be reflected in their way of speaking.

Experience of rapid and frenzied speaking, answering illogical answers to logical questions, and incoherent speech are some of the leading symptoms.

19- Decline Of Personal Hygiene

Schizophrenic people don’t take care of their personal hygiene. It is also one of the first signs of Schizophrenia. They don’t brush their teeth on a regular basis, don’t wash themselves, fail to change into fresh clothes, and do not use deodorant.

Patients with this illness will keep skipping their personal hygiene measures.

20- Self-Harm

Self-destructive behaviours are highly prominent among the sufferers of this condition. They deliberately adopt measures of self-harm and suicide attempts.

40-79% of people with Schizophrenia report suicidal ideation at least once in the course of the disorder.

General Coping Tips For Schizophrenia

For your convenience, below we have also mentioned some general remedies and mentioned some steps to avoid and recover from the disease on both the individual level.

These small steps will keep you away from the disease and give you stability amid the chaos.

These tips encompass lifestyle change, social support, and therapies.

Underneath are some points, have a look.

1- Exercise

Regular exercise is key to a healthy life. Workout on a daily basis will keep you not only physically fit but also mentally and emotionally healthy.

It will help reduce the risk of Schizophrenia and have multiple benefits like it sharpen your concentration and helping you lead an energetic and peaceful life.

You can chalk out a time and exercise regularly at that time for a bright life. Exercise will also lift you from loneliness.

2- Eat Healthy

Food plays a fundamental role in determining our physical, mental, and emotional health. Eating nutritious food will lessen the risk of heart diseases, diabetes including mental disorders like Schizophrenia.

Include fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, milk, and flaxseeds for the proper functioning of the body.

3- Regular Sleeps

Proper sleeping will naturally keep you fit. Many diseases are the offshoots of proper sleep and get bigger day by day. We should be punctual regarding our sleeping patterns and should not strain ourselves to stay awake.

Wholesome sleep will suffice for you and will make mental disorders unlikely to occur.

4- Manage Stress

If you know how to control and keep yourself calm in a pressurized situation then you will be able to face so many hurdles of life effectively.

Stress management is necessary because the high level of stress increases the production of cortisol hormone and the hormone is considered one of the triggers of Schizophrenia.

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5- Stay Connected

 Staying connected with loved ones and well-wishers is very important. We all need close bonds of friendships and closed ones. We can always count on them and cherish their warm company. 

They will keep us happy and make us feel a sense of belonging. They will regularly keep a check on our medicines, treatments, and symptoms and will facilitate speedy recovery of any ailment.

6- Join A Group

Join a support group or club that will benefit you through the course of your treatment. Your therapist will push you to join these support groups.

7- Avoid Alcohol And Drugs

Avoid consuming alcohol and drugs as a preventive measure. Don’t indulge in these intoxicants while getting help for your disease. Consult your therapist and do accordingly.

8- Seek Professional Help

Seek help from counsellors, therapists, and professionals as soon as you find your symptoms match. They will rightly guide you as they are experts and give you the best advice regarding your condition and stage.

9- Medication

 Your health care professional might prescribe you some medicines. They might suggest antipsychotic drugs as per your condition. Follow their instructions.

There are many medicines available that can cure the patient easily. There is nothing to worry about. Your therapist or doctor will guide you. Follow the instructions and get well soon.


In this article, we have mentioned the First Signs Of Schizophrenia. The article will inform you and alert you regarding prominent symptoms of the disorder that will start surfacing in the initial stages.

Don’t just read it, kindly forward it to everyone in your contact so that they can become cautious and trace the symptoms in themselves and their loved ones if they ever surface.

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