Michael Jordan Failure |10 Powerful Lessons For Everyone

Michael Jordan Failure and Michael Jordan success both have lessons for us. 

Michael Jordan is vocal about his failures. 

He repeatedly says in his interviews and talks that whatever he has accomplished in life is because of failures. 

Failures are your mirror. They build you and succeed you if you make them your teacher. 

10 Top Lessons from Michael Jordan Failure

10 Top Lessons from Michael Jordan Failure

Failures take us to success. Here, we are sharing 10 lessons from Michael Jordan’s failures.

1- Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Michael Jordan has faced many setbacks and failures in life. He encountered his first failure when he was not selected for his high school basketball team.  

His omission made him more resilient and purposeful. Fueled with failure he doubled up his effort and practice to perform exceptionally.

2- Embracing Failure as a Stepping Stone

In Michael Jordan’s own words, “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed, I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” 

I have repeatedly touched the lows of life only to bounce back. This mindset is extremely important to fight back. 

He opines, if you want to be a champion, have a champion’s mindset. Champions never quit, they always compete with their abilities.

3- Work Ethic and Dedication

When he was young and playing on the varsity team, he practised tirelessly with the best players of his college and varsity. He minutely marked his shortcomings against them and showed exemplary dedication to bridge the gap. 

He was mocked and rejected many times by junior teams, only to fuel him further for excellence. There is no denying that failures always motivated him.

Everybody talks highly about Jordan’s work ethic and determination. He always practised harder than others. His training and madness for continuous improvement kept him far ahead. 

Even after scaling heights and achieving unparalleled success, he continued his rigorous training to upgrade his skills.

4- Competitive Spirit

Jordan’s determination is a key factor in his success in a basketball game. He always used setbacks as motivation to surmount challenges. 

We can learn from Jordan Peterson failures that to compete at the highest level requires perseverance and discipline.

5- Taking Responsibility

Michael Jordan is a highly responsible athelet. He takes responsibility for his every action and result.
He says that you are the driver of your life. You must have full control of yourself.

If you are not taking accountability for your success or failure, you are not facing the truth.

Make failures your guide and triumph your friend.

6- Adapting to Change

In his career, Michael Jordan faced many challenges in life, including retirement and a shift to baseball.

We can learn from Jordan to adapt and excel in different environments. It showcases the quality of the champion to embrace changes and adapt to situations in different testing conditions.

7- Teamwork and Leadership

Chicago Bulls is a testimony to Michael Jordan’s teamwork leadership understanding and quality.

Though he is often blamed for his individual performances by some critics you can’t undermine what he has done for his international, national and club teams.

8- Learning from Mistakes

Jordan says don’t live in the domain of your mistakes. Convert your mistakes into learning opportunities.

He says that my biggest teachers were missed shots, losses and poor performances. Every failure gave me a chance to analyze and improve.

9- Turning Doubters into Motivation

Jordan says in his interviews that criticism and doubters inspire him. He was fueled by being cut from his high school team and facing criticism about his ability to win championships.

These negative things give him more positivity and he relishes proving his critiques wrong time and time again.

10- Success Requires Sacrifice

Personal sacrifices and achievements are married together. Michael Jordan has sacrificed his time, relationships, food, etc to keep himself match fit.

His example emphasizes the dedication and sacrifices necessary for success at the highest level.


Lessons from Michael Jordan Failures provide us with priceless lessons. 

We learn resilience, persistence, discipline, dedication, adaptability, stoicism, sacrifice, teamwork, etc from him.

These are the basic ingredients for success. His career and life are an inspiration and motivation for many individuals who aspire to achieve big in life. 

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Please share Michal Jordan’s lessons with your friends and relatives. They will equally get motivation and inspiration in their life. 

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