Steph Curry’s Shot Making Is Fueled By His 10 Work Ethic

Steph Curry’s Shot record for maximum 3s is unbroken. He has surpassed the record created by the giant Ray Allen. ‘Steph Curry’s shot’ making ability is the presentation of his skill which he has amassed over years of hard work and dedication.

It does not come in a day or a month. 

It has its journey of pains and pangs. 

It has its share of discipline and dedication. 

It is fraught with disappointments and injuries. 

It has not come free of cost. Stephen Curry has paid heavily and dearly for mastering the art. 

This American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is a sensation.

The Relationship Between Steph Curry’s Shot & His Work Ethic

The Relationship Between Steph Curry’s Shot & His Work Ethic

Arguably the best player in ‘NBA’ history, he has made many records and won many matches on his own.

What makes him such a phenomenon? 

What work ethic does he follow? 

What inspires him? What is his fuel?

The answer to all these questions lies in these 10 points. He has divulged them in various interviews and speeches.

Stephen Curry’s Work Ethic

Stephen Curry’s Work Ethic

We are sharing them here. These inspirations are great motivation for him. 

They keep him mentally fit and sharp. They instil self-belief in him. 

1- Visualize Your Goals

Steph Curry's Shot 1

You have to visualize your goals. If you are not seeing them in your mind, you will never be able to create them in reality. He says that whatever I do, is the 2nd creation. 

The first creation is always there in my mind. Steph Curry’s shots are played many times in his mind. When he gains mastery in them, only then the World comes to see them in reality.   

So the work ethic you have to follow is to develop the vision to see in advance. Have confidence and self-belief. The world will not notice you until you do something which attracts their attention.   

2- You Have To Work Harder Than Everybody Else

Steph Curry's Shot 2

If you live an easy-going life, then mediocre things are your fate.

If you do what others are doing, you will get what they are getting.

If you are a part of the crowd, you are not a crowd-puller. 

Steph Curry says that he trained himself in extremely hard conditions. It is tough to follow that kind of routine. He further says big accomplishments require big preparations.

You have to work harder than the people around you to excel at them. It is the key. 

He cites the example of the Navy seal trainer and the toughest person on the earth David Goggins

Goggins says that don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.  

Be an extremely hard-working person and show up for work daily.

3- Don’t Lose Your Heart. Be An Extremely Confident Person

Steph Curry's Shot 3

You win in the heart and you lose in the heart. When you lose in the heart, your actions testify to them and your results announce them.

You have to believe in yourself. You have to show confidence in your abilities. 

He says that I am a firm believer in this statement “What my mind can perceive, I can achieve.”

When you are doubtful in your abilities and have no confidence in them, how come your team or team members believe in them? When they are doubting you, they are not showing confidence in you. 

Confidence is a mental state. It takes birth in your find. You can’t fake confidence. 

You can win any battle if you believe in yourself. Confidence comes after self-belief.

4- Do It Your Way

Steph Curry's Shot 4

You get inspiration from many players. You learn from them and try to become like them. 

Steph Curry says that always remember you have not to copy others. You have to do things your way. 

Doing things your way means you have to do things which come naturally to you. 

You don’t have to become artificial or second-rated. Your success lies in your originality and not in your artificiality. 

5- Be Creative

Steph Curry's Shot 5

Be creative. When you are creative it means you are also imaginative. When you are creative and imaginative, it means you are a free-flowing person. 

You are not bound by existing beliefs and notions. 

Stephen says that a learning mind must be flexible. 

Your adaptability vanishes when you don’t accept anything new in your life and work schedule. 

He says that his many shots are technically less correct, but they are highly scoring for me. 

Be creative. It adds new possibilities to your life.

6- Stay In The Moment

Steph Curry's Shot 6

What does staying in the moment mean? It means don’t be anxious and fearful. 

Sometimes you put pressure on yourself by thinking negative things or results for the future. These are your whims and fancies. Don’t put pressure on yourself. 

Curry says that when you are not staying in the moment, you are fighting with your mind. 

You are either burdened by the pressure of the past or have doubts about the future. Both are internecine.   

When you stay in the moment, you are focused and ready for the task. You are in your momentum. You roll on. 

Rhythm is so much important for winning the game.

7- Improve yourself Everyday

Steph Curry's Shot 7

Being better is not a one-day process. It is an ongoing process. It is not good to show excellence in patches. It shows your lack of preparation and drive.

You have to be hungry for your cause. If you are not hungry, there is something wrong with you. It is an attitude problem. 

Practice makes you better. 

Steph Curry says that he has practised every shot thousands of times. 

Still, he practices and finds room for improvement. There is no limit to bettering yourself. Never stop working on yourself.

8- Have An Upbeat Personality

Steph Curry's Shot 8

You have to be a positive person. You have to shine in adversity. You have to perform when the world is looking at you. You have to give results when your team require you the most. 

You have to be an upbeat person. When you lose in mind, you lose in the field.     

People are extremely competitive. They will not give you an inch to dominate. When you show your negativity, they compile on them. 

Be an energetic livewire type of person. Your team will rally around you. You will emerge victorious.

9- Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Steph Curry's Shot 9

Stephen Curry’s work ethic says that be your best version not someone else’s second version. 

When you imitate someone and try to become like them, it is not inspiration, it is followership. 

There is nothing wrong with following someone. But the problem is that you will never become a leader, you will always remain a follower. 

You have your uniqueness. You cancel them when you capitulate to become like someone else. 

Your greatness lies in your uniqueness, not in your copying. 

Be the best version of yourself.

10- Actions Speak Louder than Words

Steph Curry's Shot 10   

We live in an action-packed world. Actions are powerful things. 

They decide our destiny. You can say as many things as you want. How many things you convert into actions decide your stature. 

Have the guts to prove your words. Show your commitment. 

You will become a world champion is a statement. Show up in the sun & rain, and practising for 14 hours daily is action.

Someone has rightly said, your actions determine your altitude.


Arguably the best NBA player of all time ‘Stephen Curry work ethic’ is shared here. These are the reasons behind his gigantic success. 

We can also become successful in our lives by following the same fundamentals. 

What these rules can do, we have seen in Stephen’s life. 

What these values can do for us, we have to show to the world. The sky is yours. There is no limit. You can jump any high. The big question is, will you?

Please share these motivations and inspiration with your friends and acquaintants. 

They may feel something for their life. Help them to change their life. 

May God bless you. Amen. 

Thank You.


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