45 Best Rubin Carter Quotes & Wallpaper

Rubin Carter Quotes are the very words of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter.

He was a famous middleweight boxer of American-Canadian descent.

His life is peculiarly marked by wrongful conviction and imprisonment for the murder he never committed.

He even wrote his autobiography while he was in prison and has consequentially inspired songs and movies.

Nonetheless, he is an inspiration to many.

Now let us look at a list of prominent Rubin Carter Quotes without wasting a single minute.

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Rubin Carter Quotes

Rubin Carter Quotes

1- “Hatred and bitterness and anger only consume the vessel that contains them. It doesn’t hurt another soul.”

2- “In prison, people find themselves at the bottom of human existence. What a prisoner must say is, OK, whatever I’ve done in life has led me to where I am today. Therefore, if I want to get out of prison and stay out, I’ve got to turn around and go back the other way.”

3- “He’s had an outstanding year and he is definitely one of our leaders. He’s a hard worker that pays attention to detail.”

4- “The strategies of offense and defense are very similar between chess and football. Chess really brought closeness to the team back in those days.”

5- “To every human being in prison, guilty or innocent, I would say that everything depends upon attitude.”

Rubin Carter Quotes

6- “We still won’t be great risk-takers. That is something that I am going to mandate for myself. We have to do a great job of evaluating potential recruits. It’s also our role as coaches to motivate and let them know what they need to do to graduate.”

7- “Bitterness only consumes the vessel that contains it.”

8- “You can gain reconciliation from your enemies, but you can only gain peace from yourself.”

9- “For some positions that is exactly what it is. They have to show that they have the toughness as well as the ability to compete at a high level. I’m expecting the players to come out on Saturday and show exactly what they have.”

10- “It is a challenge. I spoke about things being uncomfortable sometimes. It’s not always going to be a situation where it’s going to be convenient for you.”

Rubin Carter Quotes

11- “Having gone through an entire season and being able to evaluate the entire staff, I felt the need to go in another direction with some of my staff. It’s not the most opportune time to make this change with recruiting coming up, but it was a necessary move.”

12- “I think there would be great support for a game here, and I know it would generate a lot of revenue here in Tampa.”

13- “Men without dignity are like clowns without an audience, pathetic and lost.”

14- “We want to see the things that the players have learned. They should have a good understanding of what we are trying to do by now.”

15- “But we did have a conversation or two about advantages and disadvantages.”

Rubin Carter Quotes

16- “The key for us is to ride the wave of success we had in our last game against our rival. There are a lot of positives about Florida A&M and our program. We are trying to build some relationships with some coaches and let people know that Florida A&M is here.”

17- “The physical body is the vehicle in which we traverse life, but our attitude is our steering wheel.”

18- “I think we blanketed the state pretty well. We were able to get some players we think can help us.”

19- “To live in a world where truth matters and justice, however late, really happens, that world would be heaven enough for us all.”

20- “He played low and stayed low. The way they double-teamed him showed the highest level of respect.”

Rubin Hurricane Carter Quotes

21- “Hate put me in prison. Love’s gonna bust me out.”

22- “It’s very important to transcend places that hold us.”

23- “He who bemoans the lack of opportunity, forgets that small doors many times open up into large rooms.”

24- “Prison is the lowest level of human existence, without being dead. Being able to overcome that, that’s the miraculous nature of every human being. It is great, absolutely fantastic.”

25- “This really helps our program move forward. The loss of 28 scholarships would have been athletic suicide. We never would have been able to survive that.”

Rubin Carter Quotes

26- “Sometimes we don’t pick the books we read, they pick us.”

27- “Can you believe that black punk? Thinks he’s champion of the world. Fighter of the year my ass. He’s a low life criminal.”

28- “I’m innocent. I’ve committed no crime. A crime’s been committed against me.”

29- “I’m looking for him to make good decisions. I think that’s the key for Albert. We have to make sure he is doing that on every play. We want to make sure he is developing his ability to read defenses and use the check system.”

30- “I have mandated to our staff to get out and meet coaches. They need to see our logo. They need to know that we are out doing extensive evaluations on their players academically and athletically. FAMU will be visible.”

Rubin Carter Quotes

31- “Certainly Chris is ready to go and at least start the next game for us. We also have to get Josh Driscoll ready to go depending on where Chester is.”

32- “The one thing I could do, and the only thing was box. I had tasted my own blood and I loved it.”

33- “No, it was not explained to me. I was just told to pull them out and that is what I did.”

34- “- Terry: We all believe in your innocence.

Rubin Carter: I’ve been innocence for 16 years. That’s how long I’ve been in here. Innocence is a highly over-rated commodity.”

35- “- Lesra: This is some place.

Rubin Carter: This is no place, not for a human being or anybody. Never get used to a place like this.”

Rubin Carter Quotes

36- “Hurricane is the professional name that I acquired later on in life. Carter is the slave name that was given to my forefathers, who worked in the cotton fields of Alabama and Georgia. It was passed onto me.”

37- “You are making enemies that you don’t know exist.”

38- “- Lisa: Not all white people are racist.

Lesra: Not all black people are murderers.”

39- “Oh, I’ll always be The Hurricane. And The Hurricane is… beautiful.”

40- “I know we still have some hurdles to cross. You just don’t know what they’re going to be.”

Rubin Carter Quotes

41- “If I were to allow myself to continue to feel that anger and the bitterness of being a victim, I never would have survived prison itself. Prison can deal with anger, prison can deal with hatred, because prison is about all those things.”

42- “Twenty years spent locked up in a cage considered as a danger to society.”

43- “It’s very important to transcend places that hold us.”

44- “This is one of the games that you live for. The stands will be packed. I would think the players would want to excel in a game like this.”

45- “I know we still have some hurdles to cross. You just don’t know what they’re going to be.”


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