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Virender Sehwag Quotes are chosen from his wise remarks regarding his life and cricket.

Sehwag was an Indian Cricketer who represented India between 1999 and 2013.

For his outstanding performance in 2008, Virender Sehwag became the first Indian to be honoured with Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World.

Sehwag was a brilliant Right-handed opening batsman who always contributed his chunks to team India.

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Virender Sehwag Quotes

Virender Sehwag Quotes

1- “Sachin Tendulkar was one of the fittest players.”

2- “Fitness has nothing to do with age.”

3- “I don’t like to party. I like to spend time with family on my birthday.”

4- “I don’t think it’s correct to blame the captain. He at least tries to keep all together so that the team plays well, plays positive cricket, and wins the match for the country, and not think about only winning and earning a name for himself.”

5- “I have been successful as an opener, but who knows, maybe I would have been more successful in the middle order.”

6- “I was scared of facing only one bowler – that was Muttiah Muralitharan.”

7- “I was a middle-order batsman who was too good against spin and hit sixes consistently in Under-19 and Ranji cricket, and I still have the same confidence.”

8- “One should always be happy, irrespective of what you achieve in a match or in life. That’s how I live my life.”

9- “Every coach desires to bring in his own support staff.”

10- “When I was a kid, my first dream was to play Test matches, and the second one was to play 100 Test matches because there are very few people who have played 100 Tests for India.”

Virender Sehwag Quotes

11- “Playing for India was a memorable journey, and I tried to make it more memorable for my team mates and the Indian cricket fans. I believe that I was reasonably successful in doing so.”

12- “If you know your game, you can handle pressure; you can handle any kind of situation, back yourself, and play your own game and get success.”

13- “I have never hidden my injury before, or fitness problems. Even my shoulder operation was planned after consulting the then coach Gary Kirsten and skipper MS Dhoni.”

14- “I write what I like. I don’t bother what people think about it.”

15- “When I play a cover-drive, I play it to score runs.”

16- “I try to hit the ball along the ground, especially against fast bowlers. I also like the bat to come down in the right position and check if my body position is correct. If I’m really watching the ball carefully, then automatically I’m in a good position to hit it down the ground.”

Virender Sehwag Quotes

17- “It doesn’t matter if you have one billion rupees in your bank account or one rupee. This is one life you get, and you’d rather spend it enjoying whatever you have, rather than thinking, ‘Oh, I should have scored seven more runs, or I should get more money.'”

18- “I learned from Tendulkar how to get big hundreds.”

19- “Til the day I didn’t play under-19 World Cup, nobody ever celebrated my birthday. And the moment I played for Indian team, my family got excited and ordered and cut a cake for me in front of 40-50 family members.”

20- “If any IPL team wants me to be a mentor or a batting consultant, I would love to do that. I can share my knowledge with the youngsters.”

Virender Sehwag Quotes

21- “I don’t bother about image.”

22- “Every player has his own mantra of working on his physique.”

23- “As for my batting, the best part about it is I have never changed it. I have never changed my thinking, I have never changed my batting style.”

24- “Every coach desires to bring in his own support staff.”

25- “The most important thing for any athlete is to know his ability. If you know your ability and have even a little bit of a strong mindset, you can get success, because your ability takes you to success.”

Virender Sehwag Quotes

26- “There is no point playing in the IPL when I have retired from international cricket. I did not want a youngster to miss out because of me.”

27- “Only great players can have two shots for one ball, like Tendulkar does, and a big reason is that he picks the ball very early.”

28- “If you are disciplined, it shows you are organised.”

29- “I have never been able to play consistently with soft hands.”

30- “Because I knew I had got success at Ranji level, I was confident I would get some success in international cricket too.”

Virender Sehwag Quotes

31- “My style is my strength. It is my natural game. That is how I grew up and scored most of my runs.”

32- “One should always be happy, irrespective of what you achieve in a match or in life. That’s how I live my life.”

33- “I would love to be a coach, mentor, or a batting consultant. I would love to commentate in Hindi, as most people who watch the game are more comfortable with Hindi in India rather than English.”

34- “To participate in a World Cup is a great honour and achievement. I’ve played in three World Cups. The whole world watches you during a World Cup and expects you to play innings to win games for your country.”

35- “When I was growing up, I played a lot of ten- and 12-over games, and I would bat in the middle order. I got only ten-odd balls to face, and I tried to score as much as I could. I applied the same approach in domestic and international cricket, and people were appreciating my strike rate being more than 80 or 90 in Test cricket.”

36- “Many stories come from the dressing room that one doesn’t speak when you are playing but can do once retired.”

37- “When a person becomes satisfied, he doesn’t run after things, doesn’t worry about it, and doesn’t make efforts.”

38- “If I had planned to score double and triple hundreds, I would probably not have made them ever.”

39- “In my view, if you have good or bad technique, it doesn’t matter. But you will survive if you can adjust your game at international level, you are mentally strong, you know your strengths and how to score runs.”

40- “If any IPL team wants me to be a mentor or a batting consultant, I would love to do that. I can share my knowledge with the youngsters.”

Virender Sehwag Quotes

Quotes About Virender Sehwag

41- “The mindset of Sehwag would not Match anyone.”
~M.S Dhoni

42- “No matter how good and experienced you are, he can kill your attitude.”
~Brett Lee

43- “Have to say Sehwag is the best player in the world to watch. Fearless!”
~Michael Vaughan

44- ” “I would always have Virender Sehwag in my team. I want to watch him bat but not bowl to him.”
~Shane Warne

45- “Batsman like Sehwag is never out of form.”
~Michael Hussey

46- “I say it again! I never saw Sir Viv bat but I’ve seen Sehwag bat.”
~Yuvraj Singh

47- “Sehwag is a miracle, Sehwag is an institution.”
~Navjot Singh Sidhu

48- ​”I’d swap everything I’ve done in my miserable little life to bat like Virender Sehwag.”
~Piers Morgan

49- “I think the joy…When you think of Viru, you think of just the joy he brought to the players that played with him and millions of fans.”
~Rahul Dravid

50- “When Viv Richards retired, I thought it was an end of entertainment. But then came Sehwag, the King of entertainment!”
~Rameez Raja


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