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Jordan Peterson Net Worth is approximately $10 Million in mid-2023.

And the graph is consistently moving upwards with all the more increment of various income streams.

What Is Jordan Peterson Net Worth?

What Is Jordan Peterson Net Worth?

Jordan Peterson net worth is $10 Million. As of 2023, it has increased from 8 Million dollars to 10 million dollars with the rapid commencement of his novel business ventures, be it with Daily Wire+ or Peterson Academy. 

Jordan Peterson Net Worth

One of the most searched questions about him is, guess what? It’s “What is the net worth of Dr. Jordan Peterson?” 

The answer is, earlier it was $8 Million or 80 Lakhs but now it is estimated to be $10 Million.

As I personally follow Peterson for quite some time now, it’s really fascinating and inspiring seeing him spreading his tentacles around.

Yes, he has successfully made himself numerous income streams that are paying him generously.

I’m sure you must be excited to know about them.

For that matter, we have given all his sources of monetary benefits individually below.

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Jordan Peterson Net Worth 2023

Jordan Peterson net worth in 2023 is $10 Million and increasing. 

It’s moving upwards with his expanding business investments on multiple platforms.

This eminent clinical psychologist and professor emeritus was described by The Wall Street Journal in the following words,“the startling success of his elevated arguments for the importance of order has made him the most significant conservative thinker to appear in the English-speaking world in a generation.

On the other hand, let’s look at how the man refers to himself, he believes himself to be a “classic British liberal” and a “traditionalist.”

Jordan Peterson’s Net Worth (Updated)

Jordan B. Peterson Net Worth

The net worth of Jordan B. Peterson is $10 Million+ now.

Money is falling in his bag now due to his irreplaceable hard work, forthright honesty, and propensity to speak nothing but the truth (at least what he considers it to be).

How Much Is Jordan Peterson Worth?

To be on point, Jordan Peterson is worth no less than 10 Million dollars. 

So yeah, buck up to hear his major income streams!

How Much Does Jordan Peterson Make Annually?

Jordan Peterson makes about $900,000 annually or in a year.

His annual income is also growing with his growing views, subscriptions, speaking tours, and numerous other engagements.

How Much Does It Cost To Book Jordan Peterson?

From various sources, it is said to cost roughly $75,000-$149,999 as starting range for booking Peterson.

Though the amount can heavily fluctuate depending on the place, medium, time, and demand.

And some other factors might be at work too can heighten the cost to book this absolutely influential public figure in 2023.

How Many Copies Of 12 Rules For Life Sold?

More than 5 Million copies of 12 Rules For Life have sold across the globe in 45+ different languages since its publication in January 2018.

That’s doubtlessly made him a bestselling author.

What Are Jordan Peterson Income Streams?

Jordan Peterson has 10+ income streams and each of them garner a handsome amount of money for him, which he further invests in swelling his interest by associating himself and his work with major companies or beginning new ventures.

We have prepared this beneficial piece exclusively to quench your thirst and to drive you to dig some of these places for your good.

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1- Patreon Account

In an interview with Martin Wheil, Jordan confessed to making $80,000 a month from Patreon.

Precisely speaking, he made $1000 per month in August 2016 and, by January 2017, it raised to $14,000 a month.

By reaching July 2017, it was $50,000 a month, and eventually $80,000 per month by May 2018.

He later deleted his Patreon account in January 2019.

2- Book Royalties

A total of 4 books are to his credit by now.

(i) Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief (1999)

(ii) 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos (2018)

(iii) Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life (2021)

(iv) An ABC of Childhood Tragedy (2022)

He makes an approximation of $1.50 on the sale of each of his books.

He once admitted that around 20,000 copies of his book are sold in a week.

More than 5 million copies of his books had sold in totality and don’t miss the fact that his precious books have been translated into around 45 languages.

He supposedly made $30 Million from his book sales so far and the number is increasing.

3- Speaking Tours/Engagements

By now his speaking tours have made around $4,74,13,562.

In an interview in 2019, he told that he earns near about $40,000 to $50,000 an evening planned for his speaking engagements.

Multiple tours, multiple evenings, multiple locations, and multiple income sources. Along with the selling of his merch.

4- The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

His podcast is available on three online platforms. They are Spotify, Apple, and his own Youtube Channel.

It is estimated that all of these platforms get him a good deal of earning about $320 000+ a year which is continuously increasing.

Find Jordan Peterson’s Interaction With Joe Rogan Here-

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5- Clinical Practice

It was reported that he used to generate approximately $200,000 a month from his profession of clinical psychology by seeing about 20 people or so a week.

In the last decades he has earned over $4 Million from his consulting sessions and services extended primarily to celebrated figures.

As per tax documents, he has earned over $700,000 through his clinical practice.

6- Television Career

His recurrent appearance on Television in his establishing years also generated his earnings.

He made his first appearance on TVOntario in 2003 and successively in 2006.

His 13-part lectures series based on his first book “Maps Of Meanings: The Architecture Of Belief”, was aired in 2004.

He was seen commenting on the 2007 BBC Horizon documentary 2007.

And from 2011, he was featured as a panelist and essayist on TVOntario’s The Agenda.

Although, his earning from this stream is unknown.

7- Youtube Channel

It’s still unclear, yet a lot of websites attempted to calculate his yearly income solely from his youtube channel and it was around $1,071,991.75.

It was calculated on the basis of his subscribers, number of videos, and views.

It could be more as well.

8- Daily Wire+

$660 000 yearly is an estimation of his earning from this conservative media company based in the United States.

Peterson signed a content distribution deal with Daily Wire and is generating modest money.

9- Chancellor Of Ralston College

Though very less people are aware of this occupation of Jordan.
So, we haven’t come across any data that signifies his share of money from this post.

10- Self-Authoring Suite

If we consider only US, then Peterson is sure to make  $300,000+ a year from his self-authoring suite.

11- Discovering Personality Course

This without a speck of doubt, is making $7920000+ since its start.

12- Understand Myself

This website also makes around $55944+ yearly income for Peterson alone.

His two partners must be making a great deal too.

13- Essay App

It is an essay-writing app that must be making about $32,538 since it was developed.

14- Merchandise

Apart from his speaking tours and clinical practice, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson also generates money from selling merch on his website and other platforms.

They are also sold on his speaking events.

It is nearly impossible to calculate the number of people who bought his stuff consequentially, the earning he made through this is unknown too.

One thing which is clear enough is, he is collecting quite a good sum of money.

15- Peterson Academy

This online universal education academy was conceived by Jordan and his daughter, Mikhaila Peterson which was due to launch in late 2023.

He hasn’t made any money out of it yet but will be sure to make a really handsome amount from this academy.

Needless to mention, other than these 15 know Jordan Peterson Income Streams, he is making money from his other businesses too.

If we compute the money coming from the above sources, it’s practically $89,379,668+.

Unbelievably true!!


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