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How To Get Rich In 5 Steps


Why get rich is a more pertinent question than how to get rich? When WHY is clear then HOW becomes easy. 

Why become rich? Why earn a lot of money and why keep it? To know how to get rich you have to answer these ‘whys’.

Your quest for how to get rich is only to purchase finer things in your life or you want to become more influential and powerful or you want to serve more to the world and people by becoming rich.

To understand how to get rich we have to understand what rich people do. What is their philosophy? What are the disciplines they maintain in their life? 

If you are seriously interested in becoming rich yourself then understand the philosophy, inculcate it and allow it to be the representative of your life.

How much money you make does not make you rich. Rather, how much money you keep is what makes you rich.

Let’s uncover them step by step.

How to get rich-1

Rich people add value to themselves and the world

All those people who are wealthy are also more valuable to the world.

They make themselves more valuable by adding more skills to themselves. They learn new things, understand the new world, their requirements, and learn new techniques. 

If you are a blog writer, a doctor, or an engineer then you have added value to your life. This added value will make you more precious than others.

Your added skill will give you more opportunities in your life. You will earn much more than the average.

When you add value to yourself then not only you become more valuable but also you make all those things more valuable to which you are attached.

How adding value helps you in getting rich

It helps you in more than one ways

  • It helps you in becoming irreplaceable. Because of the qualities, you keep on adding to your personality, no one else can destabilize you easily.
  • It helps you in making a better decision-maker.
  • It helps you in discovering the real purpose of life.
  • It helps you in broadening your vision and making the right choices in your career.
  • It helps you in mental composure and thus you respond effectively in difficult situations of life.
  • It helps you in getting more respect and honour.
  • It helps you in boosting your confidence level.
  • It helps your mental clarity and overall happiness.
  • It helps you in keeping ahead of others.
  • It helps you in making stronger rapport with others.

You gain leadership qualities in you. Knowingly or unknowingly people start listening to you and following you. You become an icon for society and the world. 

The quest for how to get rich becomes easier. These things pave way for bigger achievements in your life.

How to get rich-2

Rich people have teams to work for them

How many hands do you have for a job to do? just two. It is great that you have two hands, but it is a handicap that only these two hands are working for you to earn money.

People work for Rich People. Multiple hands work for rich people. Multiple hands earn for rich people.

How to get rich is no more a problem for them. 

Rich people are bold movers and calculated risk-takers.

Rich people have a different thought process. They don’t only think about making a lot of money but also think about serving the world. This gives them a unique outlook. 

When your focus is serving people then you come to know about the different needs of people. You realize different things to improve their lifestyle. You get a better social perspective to develop a better society.

Your insight becomes more impactful on their needs. At times you become the first person to think about producing something trendy(products & services) which could serve humanity and society better.

You become more recognized. Your popularity and reputation grow. You receive the opportunity to patent your new invention. You are not copying something existing, you are creating something all new.

You become first in your endeavour. You gain the status of a leader. People start following you. People start working for you. A team starts moving at your behest. 

You become an entrepreneur. You become an owner.

How to get rich-3

Rich people don’t work for money, money works for them

When you work with your two hands and earn money then you are the only person working for you.

You are trading your time to earn money. You are working for money.

Rich people don’t work for money. Money works for them. They trade money to earn more money.


Rich people create a monthly budget that covers all of their basic expenses. Sticking by their budget and saving at least some money each month is a good way to ‘saving’. This lays the foundation for becoming rich and richer.

How to get rich has a method.

Rich people have a unique habit of saving first and spending what is left. Poor people spend first and save if there is any amount left. 

Rich people save money not to spend it on their whims and fancies. They save money to earn more money. They do it by investing their savings.


Rich people earn more money by investing their money in stocks, debentures, shares, and various funds.

They also invest their money in different businesses and generate passive income. 

They earn through real estate and rent.

They generate a regular income through these resources, save and re-invest their savings.

This way they multiply their income. This way their money earn more money for them.

Rich people make money when they are sleeping. Their money is working for them 24*7.

How to get rich-4

Rich people always concentrate on what is putting money in their pocket

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the world-famous book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ has given a great concept of understanding assets and liabilities in our daily life. 

Something which is putting money into our pocket is an asset, and something which is taking money out of our pocket is a liability. 

Rich people are very particular about their actions and decisions. how to get rich is not a surprising question for them.

They always focus on what puts money in their pocket. All those things which are putting money in the pocket are assets. 

Just imagine how your investments, rent income, passive income, etc. are putting money in your pocket.

Rich peoples’ this habit accumulate more and more assets for them in their life. They get richer and richer.

How to get rich-5

Rich people always concentrate on what is taking money out from their pocket

Rich people are very careful about the things which are taking money out of their pockets. 

Any expenditure which is taking money out of their pockets is a liability.

Your car is a liability because it is taking money out of your pocket and is depreciating.

Rich people keep their liabilities in a check. 

On the other hand, poor people buy more liabilities. They wear brands, use costly mobiles, have mortgages to pay, use credit cards, and purchase things in instalments.

These are the 5 major differences between rich people and poor people. These all are the differences in attitude.

Someone has rightly said that your attitude determines your altitude. The higher you want to fly the better your attitude should be.

How to get rich is not difficult. It requires a clear purpose and discipline. Rich people add to their assets and keep their liabilities minimal. 

Poor people don’t build on their assets and purchase more and more liabilities.

How to get rich in 5 steps is an actionable article. You can be benefitted from this article only when you put these 5 steps into action in your personal life. Put them into practice and join the group of millionaires and billionaires.




Sajid Mumtaz

Sajid Mumtaz is a writer, motivational speaker, and a marketing strategist.He has written many motivational articles, Instagram stories, and inspiring quotes. A youtube chanell on successful living is also to his credit. Recently he is working on his projects on Human Behavior & Consumer Behavior.

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