How To Get Rid Of The Feeling Of Loneliness? 25 Best Ways

How to get rid of the feeling of loneliness? Feelings are part of our emotions. It runs in our minds and blood. That is why it affects our psychology and physiology.   

The good news is that loneliness is an emotion. Emotions are always temporary. We can easily drive it away from our lives. 

I have been a victim of loneliness in my struggling days. It hunted me and haunted me for many years. 

The close relationship between me and my loneliness has trained me to live with it and without it.

There are 25 ways given below. They will guide you on how to get rid of the feeling of loneliness. 

How To Get Rid Of The Feeling Of Loneliness

How To Get Rid Of The Feeling Of Loneliness

25 ways are given here. They have the capacity to make your life better. They have the power to transform your life. They are the answers that loneliness has created. 

love your company

1- Talk To More People 

We all feel lonely at times in life. It is natural to us. It makes us dull and negative.  

Whenever you feel lonely and depressed, don’t sit idle and ruminate. It will further embroil you in its fold. 

The best way is to go out and talk to people. They may be your friends, colleagues, neighbours or family members. 

When you talk to others, the momentum shifts from you to others. You are no more in the same mental state. ‘

You indulge in different conversations. Thoughts of loneliness sink and you start enjoying yourself with others. 

2- Share Yourself More

When you open up with friends and relatives, they open up to you. It melts the ice and mellows the heart. 

When you share yourself, people come to know about you. 

Try spending quality time with others. Ask questions and share minds. It will help you in building stronger connections. 

Loneliness often engulfs you when you are in your shell, whether in a group or alone. 

You feel lively and energetic when you pay attention and get attention.

You can talk to them about your hobbies and ask them about their areas of interest. Begin with some general conversations, and it will lead you to deeper communication.

3- Go To A Public Place & Enjoy

How to get rid of lonely feelings, if you are not mixing with others. 

Go to any mall or park. Sit on a bench for some time and enjoy watching people. You will see different shades of human behaviours. 

Children are playing, women are walking and talking, men are eating and dating means you will notice motley colours of human demeanour.

It will bring a smile to your face. You will feel happy and relieved. You will bring back memories of returning home.    

You will start communicating differently with yourself.

4- Help Others

Try to help every soul you touch with. It will instil a sense of satisfaction within you. 

The flow of oxytocin gushes and your bonding with others becomes stronger. 

Helping others is contagious. It affects the person who is helping and who is being helped alike. It also attracts the mind and behaviour of the person who is witnessing it.

Such is the power of helping. 

It changes the person in you and you become your better version by doing it. Happiness and satisfaction evaporate your lonely feelings.   

5- Take Part In An Activity

Indulge yourself in some kind of activity. It may be community service or you volunteer yourself in any activity. 

You can also join hobby classes and strengthen your personality.    

The more you involve, the better you feel. It gives you contentment and connection. You no more feeling lonely and forlorn.    

6- Make Relationships Stronger

When you feel insecure, you feel more lonely. When you have people around you whom you trust and confide in, you feel calm and relaxed. 

Look at your relationship bonding. Does it need more time and involvement? If the answer is yes, pay attention to them. 

Check how you are behaving with friends and relatives.

When you change for them, they change for you. When you talk to them more, they embrace you more.        

7- Read Self-Help Books

Self-help books are like the guiding forces of life. They give you ideas and values. They have the potential to bring out the best in you.   

They build thoughts and open new opportunities in life. You are no more the same person in their company. 

The added advantage is that they will give you a group and you are no more alone. 

8- Know Your Life Purpose

The purpose of life is the driving force. It propels and steers your life. If your purpose is not in sight, you are blind to them. Any path will become your path then.

You will become confused and lose your direction in the meandering ways. 

Confusion and clarity don’t live side by side. They are opposite to each other. 

You are never confused when you know your purpose. You are never lonely when you know your purpose.    

9- Become Solution-oriented & Not Problem-oriented

Loneliness will befriend you if you are problem-oriented.

A solution-oriented person has ideas and responses.

Make it a law of life that you will spend 10% time and energy to understand the problem and 90% of your time and energy on its solutions.

love nature and environment

10- Learn From Nature

Nature is the best teacher. It can energize you and enthral you. You can look at greeneries, birds, stars, moon and sun. They all are there to serve you. 

They soothe your mind and give you peace. They bring smiles to your face and give calmness to your life.    

11- Become Real & Natural

When you are not real and natural, you are always artificial. When you carry that artificiality, you carry an extra burden on yourself. That extra burden gives you mental fatigue. 

It will raise your tension and make you dull. 

When you are real & natural, you are close to God and nature. They are suffering alleviators. They are happiness providers. Become real and natural. You will attract like-minded people.  

When you be natural and real, you function in your strength zone. You feel comfortable and confident.

12- Change The Pattern Of Spending Lonely Time

How do you spend your time when you are alone or feel lonely?

It is important to notice. When you are not busy, baseless thoughts may crop up in your mind

What is your daily routine? 

Nothing changes in life unless you change something in your daily routine. 

If you find your days boring or you feel neglected, loneliness will creep into your life. It is subtle and enters pussy-footed

When you are aware of your daily routine, you can easily judge the high and low moments on daily basis. 

You can call a friend, read a book, watch your favourite comedy show, walk in your neighbourhood or spend time living your hobby in your spare time

It will change the direction of your mind and shoo away loneliness.        

13- Stop thinking About Yourself Every Moment

Whatever you focus on that magnifies.

When you become your focus, you see your magnified image.

Naturally, you omit the brighter side of yourself and focus on the darker side.

You see the darker side bigger and that frustrates you. 

When you become your subject, everything else becomes your teacher. 

The advice and suggestions keep on flooding you. You realize that you can not move without others’ support. You become a victim in your eyes. It gives birth to an inferiority complex.  

Just chill and don’t worry. You are just overthinking and looking at your magnified image. 

You are perfectly OK.

You are just over-cautious.    

Feel the happiness

14- Think Of Some Memorable Moments

How to get rid of loneliness feelings if you are not thinking about memorable moments?

Think of some joyful moments with your friends and relatives. A picnic tour, visit a restaurant, a birthday party, your first date, travel to your favourite places.

There are so many memorable moments in life. It will jettison lonely feelings and open a whole lot of happiness for you.  

15- Spend Some Money On Enjoyment

Go and enjoy some street food. Take a cup of coffee by sitting on the roadside. Talk with strangers. 

These all will thrill you and bring the spark back into your life.

16- Ignore What Disturbs You

There are so many things happening around you. Some are good and some are bad. You can never be satisfied with everything.

Incidents don’t disturb you. The way you process them in your mind disturbs you. 

How are you taking and processing events to decide their impact on you? Change your processing to change their impact.

17- Love Yourself

Love yourself. When you don’t give importance to yourself, you have to make many compromises in life. 

Compromises will never give you authoritative stages. You will always be secondary. It will gradually frustrate you after some time. 

Give importance to you and love who you are. 

Keep on improving without having any guilt feelings.

18- Build Your Network

Your network is your connection. Your group is your network.

Your support system will always remain weak if you have a weak network. 

It may pinch you at times. When you have a good network, you may fall back upon them in your time of need.   

19- Practice Gratitude

It is such an important concept. When you show gratitude, it shows that good things are happening in life. It makes you humble and thankful. 

It gives you genteelness and humility. You feel yourself to be blessed and lucky.  

music calms mind and soul

20- Listen To Some Music

Music is a mind changer. It is a mood maker. When you feel lonely or low, listen to some music. It will soothe you and calm your mind.

21- Don’t Judge Yourself Based On Social Media Remarks

When you are doubtful about your identity, what others attribute you to will become your reality

Don’t judge yourself by others’ opinions.

If they have an agenda for you, they may destroy you. 

You know yourself better than others. 

Whatever others say about you, listen to them and know the intentions of what they say.

Process them in your mind and kick away useless things. 

Your actions must be a product of your conclusions and not others’ opinions.

22- Talk To An Expert

Some people can guide you in different matters. They are your mentors, teachers, wellwishers, therapists and experts.

Seek their guidance and opinion. It will improve you as a person.

23- Play Games

Feeling alone and sad is no issue. You have many ways to change how you feel.

Play some games and enjoy. You play with someone and against someone. It gives you company and entertainment. It is a mood changer.   

24- Connect To God

God is the saviour. He is All-knowing and All-wise.

Connect to God. He gives you peace and tranquillity.

In His presence, you are never alone, never lonely.

25- Accept Who You Are

People often feel lonely because they live in someone else’s images. 

When you live with an artificial identity, you become a misnomer.  

When you accept who you are, you live with your identity. 

‘Who are you also opens the gateway for what you can become. 

Then you are always happy and chirpy in life. 

be happy to become joyful

Key Takeaways From The Article

  • Loneliness is an emotion. Emotions are temporary. You may feel lonely temporarily. It has no power to live with you permanently.

  • Loneliness is a choice. You can also choose happiness.

  • When you know yourself little, you will always feel lonely. 

  • Feeling lonely is not bad. Not making efforts to change the status quo is bad.

  • You can be victorious or a victim. What you choose to become is your option.

Please share your problems and queries in the comment section or contact me section. We will maintain your privacy and respond to you.

Thank You.


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