How To Get Rid Of Loneliness After A Breakup? 11 Best Ways

How to get rid of loneliness after a breakup? It is a painful question. 

I encountered it in my personal life when my partner suddenly left me. We had been in a happy relationship for the last 8 years. 

I was sensing some coldness from her side for some time, but I could not fathom the depth. 

I was waiting to pick her up on a Taxi-stand to drop her at the office. But much to my chagrin she refused to sit on my bike and instead commuted public transport. 

I stood there benumbed and shocked. 

I called her multiple times without any response. After my repeated calling, she picked up the phone and announced- She wants to break up with me!

I left shattered and broken. 

My heart started pounding, my feet trembled and my eyes welled up.

I wanted to say something but words jumbled up in my mouth. I tried again but my throat choked.

I had heard something which I never wanted to hear. That too from the person who was- my life. 

We were very close and planning to marry. We used to share every moment with each other. 

After her, my days and nights were never the same. 

She had gone, but her memories stayed. 

It was heartbreaking, it was painful. 

I was living like a living dead. I became mentally and physically inactive. My breakup had a toll on me.     

Days passed into months and my deterioration grew with every passing month. 

I became lonely and my loneliness became my nightmare. 

don't break your life after a breakup

How Long Will You Take To Become Normal Again?

How Long Will You Take To Become Normal Again?

The earlier you manage yourself, the better it is for you.

I started thinking about coming out of this dreaded and heart-wrenching lifestyle and beginning all afresh. 

The remaining part is a journey to get out of the malaise and come on track again.

I am sharing them here to help men & women, boys & girls like me to win over this shattering situation. 

Don’t read them as a storybook. Read them as a guidebook. 

It will give you new hope in life.

Ask yourself this question?

How To Get Rid Of Loneliness After A Breakup?

How To Get Rid Of Loneliness After A Breakup?

If you don’t make peace with your past, they steal the peace from your present.

You have to think differently. Life is like it. 

If you ask a bullshit question to life, it will give you a bullshit reply. 

It is important what you want out of your life, and how you want to transform your life.

Feeling lonely is a trap. Getting rid of it is freedom. 

5 lessons are given here. When you apply them in your personal life, they will mentally settle you. 

They will give you acceptance of the situation.

You will not feel the loneliness after the breakup  

Lesson 1- Don’t Make Your Ex Your Priority When You Are An Option For Them

It is so true.

If someone has kept you as an option, don’t make them your priority. 

Because it will lead you to make compromises in the relationship. 

When you make compromises, you become weak. 

When you are weak, chances are high that the other person will use you. 

You will be used as an object and not be respected as a human.

It will make you restless and more lonely. 

Get out of the relationship. Show your strength and don’t hesitate. You are happy without them. 

Lesson 2- The Person Who Has Left You Can Never Be Your Destiny  

The person who has left you has no part to play in your future.

Had they been a part of your destiny, you would have them on your side in every condition. 

You can’t go against your destiny. When you go, you feel lonely and sad. 

The problem with us is that we cling to the person who is not destined for us.  

Those who want to go away from you, let them go. 

Don’t try to call them back. 

No matter how good they have been to you or how close you have been to them when they decided to walk away from youlet them walk.

It is hard to watch them go away. It is an emotional blow.

But don’t feel rejected. 

Believe that it is for the best. You can not see every moment of your future, being in present.  

Everything there is for a reason and everything there is for a season. 

Their season in your world is over.

Your destiny is not tied to the person who has left you.

let people walk away. They are not your destiny.

Lesson 3- Your Ex Was A Part Of Your Life & Not Your Life

Remember your Ex boyfriend or girlfriend was a part of your life. He or She was not your complete life.

When you make your part your whole, then the whole loses its existence. The part becomes the whole.

This is the problem with heartbroken lovers

They efface themselves for someone. 

They recognise themselves from someone.

You want to eat what they like. You want to dress what they like. You want to communicate what they like. 

Their smiling makes you smile, their frowning makes you frustrated. You become dependent.  

This thinking also lays the foundation for an abusive relationship.

You become average when you cancel all your uniqueness to show them your commitment. 

Life doesn’t give you what you want. Life gives you what you deserve.

If you are average, only average things wait for you in life. 

Show your mettle and become strong. 

An interdependent relationship flourishes and a dependent relationship dooms.

Don’t depend on the mercy of your Ex. Be in command.

Your real lover will make you feel stronger and not weaker.

Lesson 4- End Of A Chapter Doesn’t Mean End Of A Book

Your Ex is a chapter of your life and not the entire book. 

When you make a chapter, the entire book, you are biased and partial. 

This happens very often with lovers. They give one person such hype that they forget everyone else. 

Neglecting everyone for someone will leave you with no one. 

When your partner becomes your Ex, you become lonely because you have not cultivated other relationships properly.

You need friends and relatives to survive and thrive. 

Give them time rather than dwelling on your past.  

Lesson 5- When Life Gives You A Lemon, Don’t Make Mouth, Make Lemonade

lemon is for making lemonade

Always remember, whatever happens in life has an impact on the future. 

Life tests you to produce the best out of you. 

Sometimes your crushing is to bring out the precious in you. 

Sometimes life tests you with inimical people and the environment. 

Sometimes someone kicks you midway and you feel jilted and spurned. 

Learn the art to change adversity into opportunity. 

When you are less prepared, then you are prepared to fail

Your breakup is like life is handing you a lemon. Don’t make the mouth, make lemonade. 

Whatever situation you are thrown into, make them favourable for your survival

Be mentally prepared and win over everything. Show your willingness and courage to fight out things for yourself.

Remedies To Getting Rid Of Loneliness After A Break-Up

Remedies To Getting Rid Of Loneliness After A Break-Up

1- Express Your pain To Lessen Its Effects

Don’t remain silent and lost. Express your feelings with friends and relatives.

When you open to others, others open to you. Your bosom lightens and you feel relieved.

Don’t drool. It will enhance your loneliness. 

Rather communicate more. Share your mind. It will encourage you. 

You will realize that people are there listening to you and supporting you. You will get new ways and energy in life.   

2- Don’t Wear The Badge Of Breakup

Don’t express your breakup through your face and actions.

People love solutions and repel problems.

When you emit high energy, they will connect with you.

Your positive mindset will give you new hopes in life

New hopes lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.   

3- Make Peace With The Past To Live Peacefully In Present

When you are lost in memories, you are never focused on future building. 

Unless you sense a peaceful future, you can’t be happy in your present moment.

You have to be willing to feel well. You have to be willing to be mindful.

4- Your Loneliness Can Be Your “Me-time”

What is “Me-time” It is a time when you are with yourself? 

You are your focus. Your thoughts are not derailed on anything else.  

After the breakup time, you have to regroup yourself

You have not only to become the same identity which you were before the breakup, but also you have to become an improved identity.

It is only possible when you are enjoying your me time and progressing day by day.

be the best of who you are

5- Use This Storm To Set the Sail

The breakup is akin to a storm in your personal life. No doubt about it. 

This storm can sway you and convert you into the wreckage.

You can also use this storm in your favour. 

You can set the sail and move ahead in the desired direction. 

When things are against you and you feel pressed, that is the best time to correct the direction. 

If still, you are negligent, then it means you are happy with the current situation and you don’t want to change. 

There is calm after every storm.  

6- Fix your Inner World To Fix Your Outer World

Work on your inner self. When you are happy inside, it reflects outside. It illuminates your inner world.

Do things which give you peace and happiness. Stay away from things which make you restless and perturbed. 

Your outer world is the reflection of your inner world. It is known as the inside-out approach. 

live your dream

Take Aways From The Article

  • Traumas of soles can’t be treated in hospitals. They are treated within you. Be happy. 

  • Your crushing is a stage and not a destination. Don’t worry. 

  • The pain of a breakup is for a season. Seasons pass. It will pass.  

  • Surviving a breakup also means you are a future-focused person.

  • Someone has treated you badly doesn’t mean you lock your heart.

Please share your heart and mind with us if you need counselling. We will maintain your privacy. You can reach us through the comment section or contact us section.  

Thank You.









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