Please Help Me God I Feel So Alone| 10 Absolute Points To Know God

Key Takeaways From The Article:

  • The Role Of God Is To Challenge You, Not To Please You.
  • God Is An Equipper, Not A Counsellor.
  • The Role Of God Is To Help You, Not To Satisfy You.
  • God Wants You To Be A Transformed Human Being, Not A Trained Human Being.
  • God Is Interested In Your Character, Not In Your Charisma.
  • God Is Principle-Oriented, Not Popularity-Oriented.
  • God Is There To Impact You, Not To Impress You.
  • What God Expects From You, He Injects In You. 
  • God Never Intervenes In What He Has Assigned.
  • When You Speak God Listens, Do You Listen When God Speaks.

‘Please Help Me God I Feel So Alone!’

And that’s everyone of us. We are all alone without God. 

This article will pull you out of your loneliness by acquainting you with 10 Basic Points To Know God. 

Everyone of us has our own image of God in our heads. But let us witness 10 fundamental points that are prerequisites to know God.

We are never alone in the presence of God. During the journey of this article you will actualize it.

Where Are You God?

Where Are You God?

“Are You There God?” The very question that prompts us to take a leap of agnosticism.

“Are You There God?” Why does the question even matter? It matters because We matter, You and I. Whatever exists, it counts.  

Hungry beggars at the footpath, children born in war-torn countries, innocent civilians stuck in bloodshed, infants born with detrimental diseases, and bombardment in religious places push us into the dark alley of suspecting the existence of God.

Some believe that God is nowhere and some say God is everywhere.

It’s not about locating God, it is about discovering God. It is not about Where He Is? It’s about Who He Is? 

When “Who” is clear “Where” and “What”` becomes easier.

Our determination and negation of God empower us more than God because they reflect “our perception and idea of God.”

In this case, we play the portion of the protagonist by assuming that our comprehension of God is more significant than God Himself.

If we are doubting God’s existence based on the problem of evil, freedom of choice and technological advancements then we are fallaciously comparing a Divine God with Human yardsticks(characteristics).

In this article, I share my stance on God. Yes, I do believe in God. Yes, God exists.

For me, His existence isn’t a disputed point at all because I believe in Him.

Though God is a self-evident truth (I am not the only one claiming it. It’s been proven throughout time, through studies and research conducted in fields like psychology, anthropology and sociology).

Still, there are numerous rational and logical arguments asserting the existence of God.

I believe that God exists because I believe that I exist. Sun, Moon and Stars, Day and Night, Changing of Seasons, Creation of Human out of another human, Animal from another animal, Production of forest from a seed, Rain out of clouds, and the cycle of Life and Death and all other natural phenomena are subjected to a particular set of permanent laws.

Why they are happening the way they are, since the inception of this Universe?

These things prove as a testimony about His existence. Whenever I cast a look within myself and around myself, the idea of God keeps on solidifying.

Apart from these, if we took God out of the picture, then from where we will derive our objective principle of morality, what about our innate sense of right and wrong, good and bad, and the concept of Soul?

I will cite a very famous study conducted by “Justin L. Barrett” who was a senior researcher at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Anthropology and Mind. 

He did a comprehensive study concerning children and found they have an innate belief in metaphysical cause and effect and thus, are born believers.

They have a predisposition to believe in a supernatural being who has created and designed this Universe.

They do not merely believe in God because they have been indoctrinated or influenced by the people around them.

Now, as I have established my points for God’s existence. The next most important thing is ‘Who is God? What makes God, God?’ We must know Him in the true sense to lead a purposeful and fruitful life.

To fathom most prominently the problem of evil which includes widespread corruption, injustice with innocent children, and many such incidents that tear our hearts apart.

So, what makes God a God? Do we make Him or He is our Creator?

He ought to be unlike each of us. He should be like none and only then He would become worthy enough to be considered a God. He should be beyond time, space and matter.

All Mighty God should do anything and everything. He should be the wisest, omnipotent, omniscient, all-encompassing, unlimited, infinite, and eternal.

Our answers regarding widespread evil are hidden in the closet of exploring and discovering God.

Why does He not intervene if He is All-powerful? Why did He let things happen the way it is happening? Why can’t He let things fall in their place?

All these questions bother us.

Amidst all these pestering questions, we try to answer them as per our intellects from God’s side. We become His unauthorised spokesperson. We should let God speak and lent not our ears but hearts to His answers.

We strain ourselves to reply on God’s behalf. If our minds don’t perceive His actions based on our knowledge, we suspect Him and not our limited knowledge.

In other words, we are a pixel of the picture and God sees the absolute picture.

In our limited capacity, we cannot judge the entire picture. To see the complete image, we have to see it through the eyes of God.

I Need You God

Please Help Me God I Feel So Alone| 10 Absolute Points To Know God

Please Help Me God I Feel So Alone| 10 Absolute Points To Know God

We can only understand these issues and the role of God when we know ‘How He Acts.’ His actions are His mind.

  1. The Role Of God Is To Challenge You, Not To Please You.

God isn’t here for pleasing people, He challenges people.

To please you is to serve you and intervene in every situation which isn’t according to your will. God is not here to serve you, that’s your job.

Challenges bring out the best in you. It will unveil your true face amid chaos. He puts us into tests and trials according to our capabilities.

That makes us stronger and sharp. Our fault is that we limit the Unlimited God. 

  1. God Is An Equipper, Not A Counsellor.

We want God to counsel us in each and every matter of our life. We presume that He will intrude in every matter of our life.

Again, He does have power over everything but He has already equipped us with everything that we will ever require through the course of our journey. 

Counselling is done under a given situation and after the occurrence of an issue. On the other hand, Equipping is making you resourceful.

It means you are armed for any condition that will ever befall you. Equipping means He has given you potential and possibilities.

We are born equipped by God. When God created us He had already furnished and supplied us with whatever we require to thrive in the world. How we use them is up to us.

  1. The Role Of God Is To Help You, Not To Satisfy You.

He will provide you with things that will replenish your needs, but He will not convince you and satisfy you with things you are unsettled with. 

Helping is a trait and satisfaction is the product of one’s mind. The same circumstances are a source of satisfaction for some people and a source of disappointment for some people. 

He has a principle and works according to that, not according to your whims and fancies.

  1. God Wants You To Be A Transformed Human Being, Not A Trained Human Being.

 A trained human only knows how to act and react in a given situation. They are bound by conditions and can’t function outside that.

A transformed human knows the values that are required to solve any issue. They can be dumped in any situation and can pull themselves out in one piece.

Transformation changes you inside out, so your thoughts and actions will change. It will truly change you.

Training is always artificially done that is outside-in, so it is a kind of garb that you are adorning.

  1. God Is Interested In Your Character, Not In Your Charisma.

God Is Interested In Your Character, Not In Your Charisma

You cannot lure God with your charisma. You can only attract God by your Character. You can only get into the good book of God by excelling in your character and disposition.

The test of character is not to fall for temptations. Temptations check your firmness. The greater the temptation, the better the character.

Your character gives you an objective to hold on to, your character defines the things which are compromisable and the things which aren’t. Unlike your charisma which fluctuates to make you socially acceptable.

Your character is defined by you and your charisma is defined by others for you to fit in their perfect world.

For example, alphabets are called characters. They never change. They remain stable in all situations. The character ‘A’ is always A, be it in Antarctica or Chile. 

  1. God Is Principle-Oriented, Not Popularity-Oriented.

Your popularity means nothing to God. He wants principle-oriented humans. If you are driven by a principle, it will remain alike.

But if you are dependent upon popularity, it will keep altering. Popularity is dependent upon trends and trends do change.

All those people who are in popularity business, seldom save their characters. Principle regardless of anything else remains identical.

If you are principle-driven, it means you are trustworthy. Principles beget reality, popularity begets artificiality.  

  1. God Is There To Impact You, Not To Impress You.

The impression is always done with an agenda, it is disguised and sugar-coated. It comes from outside.

The impact is an inside-out process. It changes you from within. It is a long-lasting methodology.

When He impacts you, your idealogy will change. You will look at a broader picture. When people love you, they usually and naturally do so with an ulterior motive but when God loves you, He does it selflessly.

You and I haven’t got anything that He is deprived of.

  1. What God Expects From You, He Injects In You. 

He never desires anything from us other than what He has already blessed us with. He has given us an innate disposition that acts as a beacon of light.

Our innate disposition is instilled with the difference between what is morally good and bad.

When we know innately what is right and wrong, we are bound to implement our knowledge and use it for the overall development of the human race.

It is a moral obligation to do good and forbid evil once we are distinctively aware of them or else we will be answerable to God.

We complain and suspect God’s potential and intention for starving the poor but what about us, our role, will He not hold us accountable for the same, He has bestowed us with an ample amount of food on the planet.

Will God not question our maldistribution of his bounty? Are we for nothing on this earth?

We are and will be responsible for whatever we do and whatever we don’t, even if we have the capacity to do so.

God’s duty is to provide for us and ours is to distribute His blessings.

  1. God Never Intervenes In What He Has Assigned.

God designed us and supplied us with everything that we will ever need to complete any assignment of God. It is not vice-versa.

He has given us means (brain, creativity, imagination and problem-solving attitude) and then expose us to resources (trees) to achieve an end (table). Most of the time, we are seeking wrong things from God. He has given us forests and we are still asking for chairs.

All we can do is try expanding our vision other than doubting the existence of God due to His incapacity to provide us with chairs.

God is infinite and unlimited whereas we are finite and limited. 

  1. When You Speak God Listens, Do You Listen When God Speak?

We call God at all intervals of time in our life. We always have a long list of demands and complaints. He listens when we call upon Him. But we never pay any heed when He calls upon us.

We speak to God with words, tears and silence. God speak to us while we are contemplating, meditating and introspecting.

The issue is we don’t want to wait for His response, we are so tuned to get an instant reply.

We should spend time in solitude close to nature and contemplate everything that is within us and around us. We will surely get our answers.

God Is The Wisest

In the above-mentioned paragraphs, I have stated some principles that will give you a paradigm shift regarding God.

We normally carry a false portrait of God in our heads and make it a basis for our further conclusions and deductions.

It’s really important to comprehend God in the true sense and in the right light. If we don’t do that, we will live our whole life in a delusion.

Trust me, we are in dire need of Him.

We suspect God and doubt his presence majorly based on either our intellectual advancements or the problem of evil.

Advancements in various fields by humans propel us to deny the existence of God by basing it on our non-necessity of God.

We falsely claim that we don’t need God to solve human problems. We feel we know ourselves better than He knows us.

We are lost in our pride in technological advancements and feel we don’t want or need God anymore to solve our issues. We deem we are self-sufficient.

The ever-existing problem of evil also becomes a ground for the denial of God’s existence or challenging the capacity of God. It will turn you towards, agnosticism, atheism and in extreme cases, nihilism.

We are moved by utter atrocities done upon innocent fellow humans. We only have one question in mind after that, Why God? What we fail to picture is our role in that particular scene. How can we assume that God can not pose the same question to us Why John Doe?

We should do our part with utmost honesty and leave the rest of our concerns to God. We should get it straight through our heads that If God is God, He must be the Wisest.

To build a healthy relationship with God, we should be first acquainted with the ‘correct’ image of God not ‘our’ perception of God.

I have already given the ten principles that are mandated to know Him, the Supreme Being.

Once, we know, we grow in love with God. Now, the focus is to establish, maintain and nourish a relationship between Us and the Absolute God.

For building a relationship, the primary requirement is to share at least a point of commonality between two beings. We must wonder how can we draw a parallel between God and us.

He is immortal, we are mortal, He is infinite, we are finite, He transcends time and space, and we are bound by it. He is incorporeal, we are corporeal, definitions cannot encompass Him and absolutely nothing could be compared to Him.

Still, there is something deep-seated and profound that will prompt a closeness with Him. He has bestowed upon us some qualities and we are supposed to develop them to build a relationship with God.

These are compassion, mercy, forgiveness, justice, truthfulness, faithfulness, love, peace, kindness and generosity.

These qualities have an infinite and perfect source in God. He is the originator of these attributes. We should build them to build our relationship with God.

The concept of a weak God will always negate the very purpose of God. God is all-powerful and a weak God is a negation of God.

If you deduce God from a weak standpoint, you will always find him incompetent, lacking and helpless and that’s not what God is.

When we follow our instincts, we become Human, and when we follow God’s principles, we become God’s Humans.

To establish a connection with the infinite God we should transcend our instincts and trust God.

Only a manufacturer has complete knowledge and wisdom about their products. Others can only assume the purpose including the creation itself.

We are His creation and only He knows what lies in our best interest even if we repel that thing.

Satyajit Ray rightly said, “The director is the only person who knows what the film is about.”


Thank You.

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