What To Do When Feeling Lonely|101 Practical Tips

What To Do When Feeling Lonely? Are you also turning the internet upside down to find this answer? Well, you are certainly not alone then.

With fast-paced lives, our feelings and emotions are also on a roller-coaster ride.

When it comes to altering a certain feeling that we are undergoing, in this case, loneliness, we need kind of deep-rooted solutions and modifications.

Feelings are fickle and that’s why we need a permanent solution to get down with the feelings of loneliness because it does have that room to knock at our doors anytime and anywhere.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely? is a lock and tips to tackle them are keys. So, in this article, we’ll provide you with plenty of keys that’ll fit in most of the locks.

I hope one of the keys in this article will fit in your lock and help you unlock your door.

Read on to find them!

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What To Do When Feeling Lonely

Let’s start our journey to find a suitable key for our respective locks. Come on!

1 – Acknowledge That You Are Lonely: 

Admit your loneliness. If you own your current lonely state, it’ll provide you with a much-needed paradigm shift that’ll give you a solution-oriented mindset.

The more you run away from your problem, the more it will chase you.

So, face it! And this will start your quest for finding the solutions to your loneliness.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 71

2 – Put Your Trust In God: 

God is your Ultimate Savior. Have faith in Him and submit to His will. See, you are a limited being and He is Transcendent. 

You are not All-Wise but He is. Oprah Winfrey rightly said, “I trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it.”

There are times and there will be times in your lives where you can’t wrap your head around something or you fail to find a reason behind something bad in your life but it doesn’t mean that it does not contain any reason.

Your loneliness has something good in it for you. Believe it and your approach will positively change your current state.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 12

3 – Introspect During Your Loneliness: 

Reflect upon your mental state. It will lead towards the triggers of your problem and help you understand the underlying causes of it. Knowing gives you awareness. Awareness gives you freedom. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 11

4 – Surround Yourself With Supportive People: 

They are those you can count on your fingers when you are stuck badly in a situation. So count on them again to lay your head on their shoulders. Supportive people give you an amicable environment and trust to fight out loneliness.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 43

5 – Get Started With Mindfulness: 

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing one’s attention to one’s present moment. It is living in the moment.

Mindfulness is effectively employed to relieve depression, anxiety, and loneliness. You can practice it through meditation or other pieces of training too. It will ease your lonely state.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 44

6 – Read And Listen To Self-Help Stuff: 

Design a self-help kind of environment. Read self-help books, listen to self-help podcasts, and practice self-help.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 2

7 – Nurture Your Existing Relationships: 

Reconnect and reach out to people who play a vital part in your life. This time will help you realize the worth of significant relationships in your life. Foster your relationships.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 53

8 – Take A Deep Breath: 

Simply inhale serenity, exhale loneliness. Deep breathing work wonders. It gives you some time to realize and analyze. From now on, whenever you feel lonely don’t forget to take a deep breath.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 54

9 – Positive Self-Talk Is A Must: 

Don’t deprive yourself of positive and encouraging words. What you communicate with yourself is important. No matter what situation you are in practice positive self-talk.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 55

10 – Do Not Overthink: 

Overthinking can engulf your self-confidence and shatter your self-esteem into bits and pieces, making you feel even lonelier.

So, What To Do When Feeling Lonely? Do not overthink.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 56

11 – Live A Purposeful Life: 

Have so great a purpose in life that it’s worth struggling for while achieving it. When purpose drives you, loneliness can not even peep into your life. There will be no room left for it to visit, stay and trouble you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 57

12 – Refrain From Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO): 

Build yourself in a way that FOMO no more bothers you. If you do that, you’ll feel and enjoy yourself rather than worrying about others’ fun.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 45

13 – Embrace Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO): 

Practice JOMO to escape the trap of FOMO. You will “Live In The Moment” then.  

JOMO will push you towards a happier side among your lonely feelings.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 46

14 – Be Committed To Something Productive: 

It will keep your focus on something fruitful and you have no chance to think about your lonely state. It will positively impact your thinking and feeling.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 47

15 – Gratitude Is The Key To Leading A Wholesome Life: 

Be grateful for every person, every moment, every feeling, and in short, for everything good and bad that has ever happened to you. 

Remember, it all happens for a reason. Gratitude will change the way you think and act and will make you empathize with others. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 48

16 – Join A Club: 

Join a class or club to unite with those who share your interests. It will give you a sense of comfort and belonging, It could be a literary club, library, art club, or anything that interests and suffices you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 49

17 – Have Balanced Thoughts: 

Don’t let your pessimistic thoughts outnumber your optimistic ones. Create a balance between them. What happened to us is not important. What we do with what happened to us is important. 

Balanced thoughts keep you in a good shape. When you are off-balance, you lose control. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 50

18 – Include Healthy Foods In Your Diet: 

Healthy foods do not only regulate your physical health but also your mental health. They will boost you internally. Healthy foods are very often the ambassador of your mental state.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 51

19 – Try Holistic Living: 

Go for holistic living. It is a type of lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. They all are interconnected and thus influence each other.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 52

20 – Do Some Physical Workouts: 

Do some exercise. If you are physically fit, it would positively influence your mental status.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 60

21 – Go For A Walk: 

Stroll the streets. You will feel nice and accompanied. Observing will help you learn so many things. It also helps you concentrate better.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 58

22 – Don’t Sulk Over Your Past: 

We most likely feel lonely when we overthink and sulk about our bad past experiences. Stop doing it because it will only make us drown deep in it more.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 59

23 – Stop Panicking For Your Future: 

We should not engage ourselves in ugly and vain thoughts about our future. We’ll get worked up and will bound to feel down.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 61

24 – Turn Towards A Counselor/Psychotherapist: 

Seek professional help if you feel lonely too frequently. Make a move before your condition becomes worse. Your therapist is like your friend. You must share your true feelings and mental state with them.   

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 65

25 – You Will Receive Medicines By Experts If Needed: 

Your psychiatrist might prescribe you antidepressants or any other kind of medication to treat your condition if they consider that you need it.

Strictly follow your professional’s instructions. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 62

26 – You Are Advised To Do Some Therapies: 

The health care provider might suggest you some therapies like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic psychotherapy.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 63

27 – Write Your Feelings Down: 

Journaling Your feelings will make a big impact. Studies prove that writings thoughts and feelings down provide clarification and substance to them.

You will feel better by writing because there is nobody to judge your thoughts and emotions and you will also acquire depth of your condition.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 70

28 – Make A Phone Call/Text A Loved One: 

Hitting a conversation with a beloved may help you reduce your negative lonely feeling. This activity will help you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 66

29 – Plan An Evening Together With Your Loved Ones: 

This small practice will make your day. Meeting with the one you trust and love takes you to a different world. Your feeling changes and so is your mood. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 67

30 – Spend More Time With The People Who Are Close To Your Heart: 

This is a golden piece of advice. Do follow it. People who are close to you are those whom you easily confide in. When you are in their company, you feel relaxed and calm. If you don’t have that kind of group, build one. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 68

31 – Stay Away From Social Media:

Don’t overindulge on Social Platforms. You may fall prey to comparing your life with others. You may compare other Highlights with your Lowlights without realizing that people post their best moments euphorically.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 69

32 – Explore Different Hobbies To Find Your Favorite Hobby:

Hobbies define you. When you are not sure about your hobby, it means you are still not sure about what attracts you most. Your hobby also gives you the company of like-minded people.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 22

33 – Let The Creativity Flow: 

Creativity is a catalyst that challenges your status quo.

God has given you creativity and imagination because He is not satisfied with your current state.

Show the world your creativity. Your loneliness will evaporate.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 87

34 – Get More Vitamin-D:

Vitamin D is important for your vitality and life. It energizes you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 88

35 – Boost Your Serotonin Level:

Serotonin is known as the feel-good hormone. It staves off loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 89

36 – Make Your Surrounding Cheerful And Bright:

You are a part of the whole. That is why your surrounding is very important. They impact your mind, mood, and health. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 90

37 – Add Aromatherapy To Uplift You:

We humans naturally love beauty and better things. Fragrances lift our mood and environment.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 91

38 – Do Not Use Alcohol And Drugs:

Alcohol & Drugs take away from you your senses. A senseless you are much lower than you are as a human.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 92

39 – Maintain A Journal To Write To-Do Lists:

Journaling is a reservoir of thoughts, memories, and imagination. Maintain a to-do list o articulate your thoughts and actions. Minutely analyze your journals. Your better version is hidden there. What To Do When Feeling Lonely 64

40 – Make Lifestyle Changes:

You can feel stuck in the rut of the routine. That is sometimes a concrete cause of loneliness. Nothing inspires us. Changes keep our curiosity and progress going.  

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 93

41 – Work On Team Spirit:

It means that you are a part of the team. You share, mix up, and think not only about yourself but also about others. These all set you on a high pedestal and give colour to life. You develop sharing and caring.   

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 94

42 – Grow Collectivistic Culture:

When you think of yourself only as an individual, you live only a portion of your life. You are more than a person. You are also a part of the group. You are also a part of someone’s life. When you play your role in the collectiveness, you become a collectivist and an opposite of an individualist. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 95

43 – Have Patience, This Too Shall Pass:

Patience will instil so many things within you and will help tackle the problem of loneliness. Patience is the calmness in you. You can surmount the insurmountable with this trait. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 96

44 – Don’t Indulge In Cut-Throat Competition:

“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” ― Lily Tomlin. Compete with your previous self, not with others. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 97

45 – Find The Solace In Nature:

When nature will embrace you, nothing will depress you. Nature encompasses all emotions and feelings. It can communicate with you and give you company.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 98

46 – Practice The Art Of Giving And Generosity:

“Give what you want to have more of.” Doing this will change you internally and it will help in making profound connections and relationships with people.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 99

47 – Learn To Differentiate Between Idealism and Realism: 

Be cautious of the trap of idealism and realism. This digital world deprives us of originality and makes us envious and greedy.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 8

48 – Let Your Dopamine Shoot:

This can temporarily make you feel better in your loneliness. Sometimes in life, you just require a little push to walk in a new direction of life. A direction that gives a new meaning to your life. Dopamine keeps your pleasure alive.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 100

49 – Socializing Might Help:

Try socializing instead of keeping yourself caged in a dark room. The friendly environment around you keeps you all charged up.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 3

50 – Do Not Let Guilt Overtake You:

Do not feel guilty. You are not to be blamed for your loneliness. Guilt keeps you caged and does not allow you to fly. It clips the wing of your thoughts and imaginations. If you want to fly high, don’t live in a self-imposed cage.  

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 4

51 – Stand Tall In The Face Of Failures And Criticisms:

Don’t let failures and constant criticism make you feel down. Consider them as the stepping stones on your paths. Build a huge bungalow of bricks and mortars thrown at you by others.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 5

52 – Get Started With Spirituality:

Get started with the art of spirituality. It gives you peace and tranquillity. It gives you hope and energy. It brings a spectrum of positivity to you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 6

53 – Healthy Company/Environment Is A Must:

You are some total of the books you read and the company you keep. What is happening around you also shapes you. Pay heed to the environment and the people around you. When they are healthy and positive, you are also ecstatic and joyful. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 7

54 – Do Not Over-connect/Overshare:

When you over-connect and overshare people take you lightly. The problem with over connection and sharing is that you slip into others’ spheres. The aftereffect of slipping is that you become an intruder in someone’s activity. Try to have your zone and live by it. It will add grace to your persona.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 15

55 – Digital Detoxification Is Needed:

Digital detoxification is proven to decrease your stress and anxiety level. It also increases your creativity and improves your physical and mental state. It is applied by several people across the globe to realize their true selves.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 16

56 – Be Flexible, Not Strongheaded:

Flexibility provides you with a wider range of choices that in turn give you a broader picture while your headstrong attitude will trap you in a box and surround you with negligible options to obliterate your lonely feelings.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 17

57 – Don’t Blame It On Your Destiny:

Humans tend to lie on the philosophy of destiny and they at times put all the blame on destiny and use it as escapism. You should rather make an effort and try to move your condition rather than befooling yourself.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 18

58 – Don’t Blame Your Flawed Health:

Your flawed health is not an excuse for your lonely feelings. I understand there could be times when you are ill but then making it a foundation for your loneliness won’t solve the problem it only multiplies it.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 19

59 – Don’t Let Your Present Make You Feel Lonely:

Your present can be as devastating as hell, you might be surrounded by every probable issue anyone can think of, nevertheless, you should always remember that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 20

60 – Do Not Make Introversion An Excuse: 

We all have different personality and set of attitudes that are influenced by our personality type. It’s been by and large accepted that introverted people are lonelier. Again people feel helpless in this case and accept it. Yet we have people who are both introverts and cheerful.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 21

61 – Go On A Self-Discovery:

Dig in deep and explore yourself. This is the best time to fathom and comprehend yourself. Use it wisely and it will work as an antidote to loneliness.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 9

62 – Expect Less From Others:

As William Shakespeare rightly said, “expectation is the root of all heartache.” Either close or confine the room of expectations. “The fewer the expectation, the lesser the disappointment.”

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 10

63 – Do Not Try To Become A Perfectionist:

Don’t measure everything in exact numbers, leave this duty to tailors. It suits them not you. If your start looking for precision in your happiness you are bound to find loopholes even in your happiest moment and that would be enough for a perfectionist to make them feel incapable, unhappy, and lonely. Enjoy the crest and trough of your journey.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 101

64 – Establish A Required Social Circle:

Maintain a balance of your public interactions, neither go over the board nor just close yourself inside the four walls. Establish a required social circle.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 102

65 – Do Not Try To Fit-In:

Situations force you to act a certain way and influence your decisions. Do not go for everything and anything that challenges your wellbeing and growth. Don’t try to fit it, just to make yourself accepted by mass. Never sacrifice with your principles.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 13

66 – Do Not Make Fake Friends:

Be alert! We all are surrounded by fake people. We tend to fall for fake friends who in turn become one of the several causes of deterioration in life. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 14

67 – Do Not Curse Yourself:

Drop a negative self-attitude. Be polite to yourself. We should build a healthy and respectful relationship with ourselves. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 86

68 – Expand Your Vision:

The best way you can utilize your lonely time is by expanding your mental horizon and vision. Vision is a powerful thing, the more your nurture, the better life you’ll get.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 72

69 – Work On Developing Good Habits:

Good habits will give you a good life, as simple as that. The initial process is unequivocally tough but if you persistently keep adopting good habits you’ll eventually lose bad ones too.  

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 73

70 – Learn The Art Of Communication And Public Speaking:

This is the need of the hour! Work on your communication and public speaking skills to strengthen your personality.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 74

71 – Learn The Art Of Expression:

Expression is an art that will help build a strong and healthy relationship. If you know how to put yourself across in a room full of people then you have a blessing that you should be grateful for. Utilize your time right and learn the art of expression.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 75

72 – Build Courage:

This is not a world for cowards. Kind of “survival of the fittest”. It’s a harsh reality. Build courage and triumph will lie in your way.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 76

73 – Build Self-Confidence:

Self-confidence gives us a fighting spirit. It urges us to do something. Self-confidence is always action-oriented. Actions bring new thoughts and perspectives to life. It is a catalyst in transforming you. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 77

74 – Try Your Hands In The Kitchen:

Sometimes life gets stuck in the daily rut of routine. You start doing things perfunctorily. Try to do something creative and crunchy. It will change the taste of your life.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 78

75 – Fall In Love With Yourself:

You are the most important person to you. When you are in love with yourself miracles happen. When you are against yourself, debacles happen. If you don’t love yourself, don’t expect others to do it for you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 79

76 – Take Some Rest:

Sometimes a small pause, a little rest, a comma in life begins a new story.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 80

77 – Work Upon Yourself:

Always improve upon what you know and do. The progress of life is hidden in learning. When you improve, then everything associated with you also improves.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 81

78 – Learn To Do Things Right Way:

It means to know things better to make an advancement in life. If your perception is wrong, your actions are going to be wrong. The right way is the progressive way. Progress brings happiness in life.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 82

79 – Work On Your Financial Literacy:

It is a must. Most people lack this ability. When you are financially illiterate, you will always be facing the constraints of life.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 83

80 – Watch Out For Your Tribe:

You are not only a human being but you are also a link for the next generation. It is up to you whether you extend their advancement or shrink them back. You can be a generational thief who is robbing them off or a generational messiah steering them towards glory. Check it out.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 84

81 – Adopt A Pet:

A pet always teaches you to love and gives you company without expecting any return from you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 85

82 – Go On A Traveling Spree:

It gives you thrills and rejuvenates you. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 42

83 – Choose To Volunteer:

When you become helping hands for others then others become helping hands for you. Living for a noble cause is a big way of living in the world.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 23

84 – Realize That You Are Not Alone In Your Loneliness:

You are never alone. You are always in your company and God is always with you. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 24

85 – Take Things Step By Step, Do Not Rush:

A step curtails a mile. Walk a step to cut short a mile. Your destination is always a few steps away. When you rush, you are not in control. When you are not in control, someone else starts controlling you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 25

86 – Place Your Hand Over Your Heart:

Place your hand over your heart. It reflects innocence and righteousness.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 26

87 – Find Online Forums:

Sometimes you need a different group for a different thought pattern and a different result in life.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 27

88 – Smile As Often As Possible:

It flows the energy and keeps the environment lively around you.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 28

89 – Turn Your Loneliness Into Solitude:

When loneliness is speaking you are alone. When wisdom is speaking you are in solitude. In loneliness you miss someone. In solitude you become someone.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 29

90 – Do Not Busy Yourself In Worthless And Needless Tasks: 

Time is precious. It is limited. Don’t squander it on baser things.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 30

91 – Surround Yourself With Motivating And Lively Sounds:

Sounds are energy. It energizes you and refreshes you. You need them for better mental and physical health.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 31

92 – Remember Your Worth And Uniqueness:

Your uniqueness is your asset. There is no one like you. Your rarity makes you precious. It is given to you because you are not common.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 32

93 – Do Not Lose Hope:

Hope is life. Without hope, life is like an unofficial death. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 33

94 – Make Affirmations And Let Them Penetrate You:

Affirmations are the driving force of life. the pull the vehicle and continues the journey. Without them, we become doubtful.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 34

95 – Read Your Favorite Genre:

Reading is an experience. It gives you different shades. The growth of life is hidden in reading and comprehending. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 35

96 – Watch Your Favorite Movie:

It gives you relief and entertainment. Your life requires them. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 36

97 – Watch A Funny Show:

It makes you laugh. It keeps you energized.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 37

98 – Get Your Hands On Coffee:

You with a cup of coffee is a nice pensive time together.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 38

99 – Cherish A Blissful Past Event:

It connects you with memories. The bliss of the past has the power to fructify your today. 

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 39

100 – Take A Long Shower:

Sometimes, someday….. just for fun.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 40

101 – Eat Your Favorite Food:

Eating your favourite food gives you a satisfying and happy experience. It also gives you party time. You need them.

What To Do When Feeling Lonely 41


What to do when feeling lonely is not only a question but also a mental state. We have given here 101 points to ponder and execute. They have the potential to convert your present and future. They are didactic and deep. They have the power to move mountains.

They are the new beginning in a disturbing life. They are the dawns and not the twilights. They are the essence and core philosophy of life.

We have worked hard to make the article useful and purposeful. We have spent months coming to these points. Even if it could serve one life, we feel satisfied and happy. Please share your opinion about it.

You can share your loneliness with us. We would love to help each other. May God bless you. may God bless All.

Thank You. 






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