Poems On Loneliness| The Tales Of Lonely Girls

Poems On Loneliness

Poems On Loneliness

Lo, Behold! what a forsaken girl she is!

Evil eyes around her ooze a sort of bliss.

The guy beside her asked, “What happened, Miss?”

She replied in a dead voice, “I am falling into an abyss.” 

                                                                                     SIMRA SAJID


Poems On Loneliness 3


Use loneliness as if a farmer uses a patch of dark cloud to his drought-stricken field. Make loneliness your ladder, climb to get out of the pit. Poems on loneliness is a widely read subject. Poems resonate with our emotions perfectly. 

Loneliness conceives deserted, outcast, and uninhabited feelings within oneself. You pick up a default mechanism of not trusting anyone and everyone around you. “Loneliness is not a cause it is a consequence.” You have been through something that takes you here in life. You always choose loneliness, nobody throws you into it.

Being alone is always better than being in a toxic relationship.

Show some pottery with your loneliness, mold your loneliness according to your own wish and will. 


Poems On Loneliness


Underneath is one of my favorite poems on loneliness written by me.

Here it goes.

  • Poem 1


Poems On Loneliness 1


Knock! Knock! Who’s There? Happiness?


My Iron is in Rust

Carrying a mountain of pain

Your return is something I trust 

More than the commencement of rain


My Iron is in Rust

Believing that tears are not in vain

My future is something I entrust

While strolling the wet, cold lane


My Iron is in Rust

I know the pain will cause me to gain

From the day you left me first

The sunlight of a new day is keeping me sane


My Iron is in Rust

My pain is a boon rather than a bane

Knowing that the gust will erode the dust

Believing the tears I am weeping will be slain


My Iron is in Rust

Your appearance will break the shackles and chain

I trust that your return is a must

You will drain the stain from my brain


                                                                                    SIMRA SAJID


Explanation of Poem


The Title Of The Poem

Loneliness is not because of the deprivation of people, it is because of deprivation of happiness. This poem on loneliness highlights the longing for happiness rather than any particular being. Happiness comes in the garb of different things or beings. Maybe the girl is waiting for her inner self to be joyful again, she might be waiting for her mom, dad, siblings, spouse, her pet, an acquaintance, or even for a stranger that brings with itself her long-lost happiness. 





Stanza 1

 The wait of the girl has been immense and this can be justified by the very first line of the poem. Iron being in rust signifies the duration has been pretty long and exhaustive. She is carrying an enormous amount of pain. But the last two lines give us an essence of strong and unhindered hope. She has hope in her heart amidst the barren land of loneliness. She trusts the return of her happiness more than the onset of rain every year.    


Stanza 2 

The repetition of the line emphasizes the significance of the duration. She very strongly believes that the tears she has shed will not go empty and insignificant. She is so sure of the commencement of happiness in her life that she entrusts her future to merriment while walking in a deserted lane enveloped in a remote atmosphere.


Stanza 3

This poem is a self-consolation poem. Nobody is around her to make any luxurious promises, she is her own solace. She is a lonely girl who is all by herself. The very fact that pain will strengthen her, teach her new lessons is comforting her. From the day when happiness leaves her threshold, she is living in the hope of getting her happiness back.


Stanza 4 

Every stanza starts with the same line that emphasizes the importance of that line. As I mentioned earlier, use your loneliness in your favor because the ball is in your court. She counts her isolation as a boon rather than a bane. She knows that one puff of happiness will end the dark mushy cloud of aloneness. Her loneliness has not affected her craving for gaiety.


Stanza 5

The poem concludes with the utmost certainty of the commencement of her happiness back to her. The yearning she has for joy surpass her current solitary state of affairs. One speck of cheerfulness can overcome her great duration in isolation. She is a lonely girl waiting patiently for happiness in any shape, form, and size.


Poems On Loneliness


Poems on loneliness bear a great responsibility of making their readers feel the abstract feeling. It is with the poems that they connect and vent out the emotions in their heart. There are so many expressions of loneliness. Some express it through tears, anger, laughter, silence, talking, thinking, sleeping, singing, writing, creating, and by doing and not doing a lot many kinds of stuff. 


Poems On Loneliness
  • Poem 2 
Poems On Loneliness 2
The Loneliness Staircase


I was ascending the loneliness staircase

The fire of reaching the destination was ablaze

I was quickening my pace 

simultaneously my pulse was doing a race

I was undergoing a tough phase

because my mistakes have given me disgrace

Now I am fighting to upgrade myself and raise

The thirst of reaching the destination outweighs

The pain I have been through on my ways

Hurrah! The staircase led me to a beautiful place

Now I can see the open sky with sunrays

The past I erase, and the future I embrace


                                                                                       SIMRA SAJID


The Title of The Poem 

The title ‘The Loneliness Staircase’ signifies that the protagonist was going through a lonely phase in her life. I have written this poem with the view of a young lonely girl who was escalating the staircase of loneliness unaware that this would only lead her to the end of the staircase(loneliness) and she would encounter hope and happiness at the end of her journey.




Explanation of Poem

The young lonely girl was climbing the staircase of loneliness in her life. Unknown to her that it would drive her to a new bright and cheerful place. She was hastening in her companionless journey where she was secluded and lost in isolation. She wanted to cut down the time of her journey in turn she wanted to undergo lesser pain. She admits that because of her own mistakes and because of choices she made she had reached this point in her life. The girl was struggling and fighting with her inner self and the people around her to get her sanity back and to revoke the errors she committed.

The lonely girl was voicing for herself. Among all the odds, the lonely girl was struggling to get out of her creepy loneliness. In the end, she reached the termination point of her dark loneliness where she encountered bright rays of hope, happiness, and a new beginning. The termination of her eerie loneliness indicates the beginning of a bright new chapter in her life. In the last line, she proclaimed that she had run over her pitch dark loneliness and embraced a beautiful fresh start.

Above is a collection of my piece of Poems On Loneliness. I hope that it would have resonated with you. Loneliness as we all know is a part and parcel of life. We cannot skip it but we can handle it. Everybody must know the art of tackling loneliness. The hope of Happiness is the ultimate weapon we all should have against loneliness. 

This is how I express loneliness in young girls through my poems. I suppose I have done my part with utmost sincerity of conveying loneliness through my poems with the perspective of young lonely girls. Kindly enlighten me of your recommendations if you find any to improve my work. Do tell me how do you find this piece and does it resonate with you? Kindly share this with all the lonely souls you know. 


Thank You.



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